Snake-skin Nailssssssss

When I was checking out a different beauty/nails blog “Blah Blue Blog” (which is definitely not blah!) I came across this post about people using actual snake-skin to apply to their nails as nail art. Now, I guess this doesn’t hurt the snake, since they shed it off and people can presumably pick it up and do whatever they want with it, but personally that sounds gross. What I did think was cool was the idea of snake-skin printed nails. I found a stamp that had a snake-skin-ish print and used my favorite duo-chrome polish as the base and here is what I ended up with:

You really need to click on and enlarge all these photos because it's hard to capture the duo-chrome qualities on film (at least for me!). This picture shows the purple sheen of this polish and also how parts are greenish and gun-metal grey.

In this pic, my top 3 fingers look purple and my pinky looks kinda green.

Holding my hand at this angle and taking the pic in low light shows some of the green in this polish.

Another example of how green this polish can be.

This polish is so hard to capture on film but I tried shifting my hands to get at least a little taste of each color that shows behind my snake-skin pattern. In sunlight green, purple and the gun-metal color really show up and the green and purple are much brighter than they show here. I thought this polish made a good choice for the background of my snake-skin, but it’s also lovely by itself. The name of this polish is OPI Not Like The Movies and it’s from the Katy Perry collection just FYI.

I wore these nails for 4 days (practically FOREVER for me) and I swear I have no edge wear! It’s a nail polish miracle!! I even wore it to the Bridal Show this weekend (my brother’s getting married; I went with my future sister-in-law) where we were touching a bunch of stuff, gathering papers, etc and I wore it to my husband’s basketball game and out to the bar afterwards and it’s incredible but I seriously have NO sign of wear. It’s amazing. I even scratched a smiley face in the ice on my husband’s window with my nails (shame on me, nails are not tools!) and… nothing. I’m telling you, my SV/SHMS top coat combo is like nail armor! 🙂

I hope you like these! Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Snake-skin Nailssssssss

    • Thanks! I really liked it… I wore these nails forever and even my dentist noticed and commented on them. 🙂 I got this stamping plate on Amazon in the Bundle Monster 25 pc set. It’s plate BM 212 in case you can get it separately. 😀

    • Hey Mary,
      I totally agree, this polish looks great under a stamp like your zebra nails or my snakeskin nails. Some polishes are just made for layering in some way. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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