Soft and Dirty- OPI Planks A Lot & OPI Steady As She Rose

Good Morning!

Gosh, I hate how the weekend is so slow getting here, then POOF! gone like the wind. This week is my first week back to art classes so that should be fun. I don’t start tutoring again till later in the month, but this week I teach my toddler classes and sub in a kindergarten class. I love the kindergarteners… they just think you’re SO COOL no matter who you are. Gotta love the ego boost 😉

Today I have two polishes that are really pretty, but a little unique because they have a grey tinge to them. Pirates of the Caribbean polishes have been out for a while but I never picked them up… until they were on clearance at Ulta. Who can pass up clearance nail polish!? Not this girl. The two colors I grabbed were Planks A Lot and Steady As She Rose. I really wanted Mermaid’s Tears, too, but I figured I have enough teals/turquoises. If I get back up there and it’s still on clearance I’ll probably pick it up though. I love the dirty (aka grey) quality to these so much so I think I’d really like Mermaid’s Tears.

Planks A Lot (purple) and Steady As She Rose (pink)

Planks A Lot and Steady As She Rose, again

Same order as above, only the top 2 have OPI Super Bass Shatter on top and the bottom 2 have OPI Save Me on top. I thought these polishes worked really well with the Nicki Minaj glitter and shatter top coat.

Steady As She Rose:

In low light

Flash bleaches this out some, but even in reality it IS very light


Steady As She Rose is a very very light pink with lavender undertones. Also, it has a grey quality that makes it unlike  other pale pink polishes. I think this dirtiness gives it a bit of an edge and keeps it far away enough from “pink” that I can see myself wearing this. In low light, you can mistake a bottle of this for greige, but it definitely has a pink hue to it.


Great formula. This is slightly thin but nothing problematic. I think in the future I’m going to skip formula info because honestly unless it’s awful…. whether it’s a little thin or not doesn’t really matter. The formula is non-problematic. 🙂 It’s opaque in about 2 thick or 3 medium coats.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank you:

Yes, Please! I like the greyed out quality of this pink. Like I said in the title, it’s soft and a little dirty and I really like that combination.

Planks A Lot:

Mattified using Essie Matte About You top coat

This is probably my favorite way to wear this polish.


Planks A Lot is a slightly greyish purple. It’s lavender with a little grit to it. 🙂



Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please. I love to wear this polish matte, I think it looks like lavender frosted glass and I love it! Also, like I said about Steady as She Rose- the soft and dirty quality of this color is what catches and keeps my interest. I’m not big on pastels but these are just slightly different enough that I like em. 🙂

How do you feel about pastels? Are you a fan of the new Zoya Feel collection? Let me know how you rock your pastels 🙂


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