Cult Nails Mind Control Zebra Nails

Hey Everyone,

This afternoon I have some really cute zebra nails to show you. I know people have already seen zebra nails so they’re not exactly super-exciting anymore, but I’m not gonna lie- when I got my stamping kit the design I was most excited to try was my zebra stamp. Now, when I got it… did I rip it open and try the zebra stamp? No. Haha. My friend came over and did her toenails with the zebra stamp, and I’m just now getting around to using it. Here are the pics: (don’t forget to click on them to enlarge… these zebra stripes are a little shy on film :))

I love these nails! I like the purple and black combo and Mind Control is an awesome polish. Opaque in 2 coats, beautiful black base with purpley/fuchsia shimmer. I only wish I’d cleaned my cuticles up better before taking this pic… cuz they look like a mess! If you want to see my review on Mind Control, click here.

As a little tease, I want to tell you I have some SUPER cute nails coming up later today or tomorrow. They involve another Cult Nails polish from the Superpowers collection and they also involve my favorite animal to wear on jewelry. Anyone have a guess???

Until then, thanks for reading!


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