New Nail Shape!

Hey There Polished People!

I just have a quick post for you today, as I haven’t had time to paint my nails. As you know I had square nails and recently went oval. After seeing a bunch of different shapes on other people, I kinda wanted to try something new before I settle on a shape. I sometimes use craft scissors to cut tape for nail art, so I thought to myself, if I buff my nails down super thin, I bet I could use craft scissors to cut my free edge in a super unique shape. If people can do stilletto nails and the horrid duck feet nails, why not try a non-traditional shape myself?? Let’s have a peek, shall we?

My New Shark Tooth Nail Shape

I LOVE them!! They’re a little awkward because they’re sharp so I’ll have to be careful when changing Madeline’s diaper and when I’m like in the shower and stuff, but I think they’re sooo cool! I haven’t really seen anyone with this shape, and I love that. However, if you want to try it, I suppose that’d be ok 😉
I bet they’ll look even better later today when I paint them! They’re also good because I can use them to rake the potting soil in my indoor plants, and I can even comb my dog’s hair a little with them. Also, when I bake a potato I can use my nails to poke holes in it instead is dirtying up a fork. And when I frost a cake I can use them to make that line-y design on the sides. Oh my gosh AND I can maybe even use them to stab and pick up the green olive in my next Bloody Mary! Mm that’s making my mouth water right now! These nails are not only beautiful but are also going to be sooo helpful. So much better than boring old smooth-edged shapes!!

Which nail shape do you like best on me- square, oval or shark tooth? Do you think you’ll try the shark tooth edge yourself? What other fun uses could I use these new nails for? Let me know in the comments below. As always, thank you all so much for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!

31 thoughts on “New Nail Shape!

    • Believe it. Poke poke!! Oh I just thought of another use- I can pretend I got attacked by feral cats just by itching my arms! And I can pretty much never wear nylons. Score!!

    • They’re just so useful!!! Why are you laughing?? You’re bullying me. I’m going to write my next post about mean people like you who pick on people who just want to be themselves, such as myself w my raggedy jaggedy nails. No h8.

  1. EeeK! Girl, I never want to shake your hand, as I may acquire a few nasty scratches on my palm. D: But anyway.. those nails DO look cool, kinda of scary, but cool. I’d be constantly worried about breaking my nails, and/or causing an injury. Kudos for creativity~ ^^

  2. I have so gotta share this on facebook and IG for a few giggles LOL. btw, using those nails on your hubby’s back is a sure fire way to NEVER get asked for a back scratch again LOL. #Winning!

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