Stamping Saturday- Textured Stamping

Hey There Polished People!

I was talking to someone on Instagram or Twitter the other day and we were saying how we both kinda get hooked on a polish and tend to use a new one a few times in a row before shelving it and in many cases never using it again. I don’t always do that with new polishes, but it happens all the time just randomly after I use a polish. It’s like using it reminds me how much I like it (or I discover how great it is, if it’s new) and I just use it, use it, use it for several looks before shelving it for ever a while. When I did my last Textured Tuesday mani (which btw TT is dead I’m afraid, not enough people wanted to join in so I think Amy cancelled it) I used my Julie G Frosted Gumdrops polishes and I fell in love with the green one- Rock Candy- so guess what polish I’m using today?! 😉 Let’s see what I came up with.

Rock That Swirly Candy

I first painted my nails white, which I think is completely unnecessary, then painted them with two coats of Rock Candy. After my nails were completely dry, I used Konad Special black polish and Cheeky plate CH52. My husband thought they looked like turtles. Uhhmmm…

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Do you think these look like turtles?? I mean I guess they’re technically green but… I just don’t see it. 😉 Also- I’m still working toward improving my pictures. I think today’s looks a little clearer that previous pics, what do you think? As always thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!! ;

11 thoughts on “Stamping Saturday- Textured Stamping

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  2. This is a great look. How’d it hold up as far as wear time goes? Stamping on smooth polish without topcoat tends to wear away when you breathe on it and it looks like you didn’t topcoat the textured look.

    • You are correct, I did not topcoat it and yes, on smooth polish it magically disappears in 2 seconds. On the textured polish I didn’t have much trouble. It started wearing off the tips in a couple of days, but I kept touching them so it may have lasted a little longer had I left them alone. I thought it worked just fine without topcoat 🙂

  3. I totally thought you stamped with brown! I was all thinking what a great idea that is and how boring me would use black. So I guess you’re boring too… 😛 It’s making me crave those dove chocolates with the mint swirled in it. My point is, I like it 😀

    • Yes I am boring too. Haha. I tend to try weird color combos but then I always see like Cynthia just stamping white over blue and it looks sooo good so I’m trying to use black and white more than trying to do something weird. 🙂 And I have no idea what Dove chocolates you are talking about but now I want some. They sound delicious!

  4. I feel like “Rock That Swirly Candy” needs to be a catchy song title. 😉
    I *guess* I can see where turtles came from, but I wouldn’t have come to that conclusion on my own.
    Now I would also like some Dove mint chocolate because I love mint chocolate and yet somehow do not know these exist.

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