Zoya Awaken and Monet Swatches and Review

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Hey There Polished People!

Each season when the new nail polish collections come out, it seems they all have a few common threads. Fall brings vampy shades, oranges, some shimmer or metallics. Winter brings glitters, reds, and other holiday-appropriate shades. Spring brings us pastels and some medium-bright colors, and then summer usually brings neons and other bright shades. I think summer is usually my favorite because I like BRIGHT colors, but I also enjoy some lovely colorful cremes in the springtime. Well, here we are in the spring season and Zoya has brought us the Awaken and Monet collection. The collection itself is called Awaken and is made up of some pastels and a few shimmers (some would say they’re metallic). Monet is an addition to the collection and it is an iridescent glitter topper. Let’s have a look!


Dot is a super pale pink creme. The formula is really sheer so it took 4 coats for what you see here. I dislike VNL so I will likely not be using this again. The color is cute, but nothing special enough to warrant the trouble it takes to get this completely opaque. The accent nail in all of my pictures will be the featured color with 2 coats of Monet on top. I’ll address Monet’s formula at the end.


Cole is a soft orange creme and the formula was MUCH better than Dot. What you see is my standard three coats, but I’m sure you could get away with two. I like this polish a lot and although it’s not all that unique it’s nice and if you don’t have a similar color in your collection, I would recommend it. Also- it’s named Cole, which was my childhood nickname so of course, ya gotta love that! 😉


Here is where we get into the shimmers/metallics. I don’t really know what makes one thing a shimmer and what makes another a metallic but in my own head polishes that look like the Essie Mirror Metallics with shimmer that matches the color of the base and makes it look like molten metal are metallics. Polishes with shimmer that is a different color than the base automatically qualify it as a shimmer but I’m no expert so if you know differently, please let me know. So, Hudson is a shimmery, cool pastel purple polish. It’s really pretty and has no problems getting opaque. Again, not the most unique shade, but very pretty.


Dillon is a shimmery seafoam green polish. No problems with application and actually this was one of my favorites of the collection and probably one of my favorite bases for Monet. I thought Monet looked mermaid-esque over Dillon and Rebel, which is up next.


Rebel is a shimmery Cinderella blue polish. This is the type of color that I’m never really drawn to, but that I think looks nice on me, especially in the summer when I’m tan. Formula was good, and like I mentioned above, I liked Monet with it.


Brooklyn is a soft gold metallic polish. It looks like plastic that is supposed to look like gold, and I am not a fan. The formula is brushstrokey, the color is gross in my opinion, I just don’t like it. And I HATE Monet over it. It made the polish look all sunken in and weird. Even my husband who couldn’t care less about nail polish was like, “That’s gross.” If you had the Midas touch, but instead of being King Midas you were, like, Dirty Derelict Drunken Bum Midas then this is what stuff would turn into when you touched it. I guess you could say this polish is not for me.


Monet is an iridescent glitter topper. I don’t think you could ever get this to be opaque, and what you see on each accent nail is two dabbed, swiped, fished-out coats. The base is SO thick that it’s really quite a miracle to get any glitter at the base of your nail, and once you’re done getting even a minimal amount of glitter on your nail your polish is so thick that it takes half a week for it to dry completely. I love this in the bottle, kinda hate it on the nail. Even when I added thinner it was still a chunkalunk. :-/

Yes, Please! Or No, Thank You
This collection is hit and miss. I like Hudson, Cole, Dillon and Rebel but could go my whole life without seeing the other three and be quite happy. I would pick ‘n’ choose from this collection. These polishes can be found on Zoya.com and retailers that carry Zoya. Awaken retails for $9 each, Monet is $10.

Do you look forward to a particular season of nail polish collections? Do you have a favorite from this collection? Let me know what you think in the comments below. As always, thank you all so much for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!

14 thoughts on “Zoya Awaken and Monet Swatches and Review

  1. Pastels are always a hit for me, as well as neons. Falls colours I have a harder time with but I’m getting into those vampy sexy shades.
    I like all the colours here. Dot is a disappointment though with 4 coats. Cole, Rebel and Hudson I liked on you as well.
    And I know the gold is a no no but I like the colour. I don’t know why. Unfriend me lmao! It looks cheap and tacky but the colour itself I like

  2. Brilliant how you did Monet as an accent on all of the colors!
    I like Cole on you. My friend just had a baby about a month ago named Cole and they are having a party for him this weekend. I’d love to give this to her, but I know she’ll never wear it. Lost opportunity!
    Freaking dying at your Brooklyn review, particularly the Dirty Derelict Drunken Bum Midas. It deserves it, though. Even Daniel knows it’s bad…that’s BAD.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked how I used Monet on each one, and I’m especially glad you enjoyed the anti-king Midas. 😉 It is truly gross. Points to anyone who can make it look good. I’ll tell ya what- that person ain’t me!! That’s too bad your friend wouldn’t be that into the Cole polish. I am always giving my sister in law nail polish and she always likes it and is happy to get it, but I know she’s not THAT into it so sometimes I wonder if she’s like “oh look! ANOTHER nail polish, AGAIN!” Haha. Oh well. ;p

  3. Nice swatches. Your picks were my picks for the collection.

    DDDBM looked just as brushstrokey in every other review I’ve seen, though some didn’t have the Mixing Balls to call it like it is. Too bad about Monet, though. So pretty in the bottle but I’ve had similar experiences with other iridescent glitter toppers. They all end up a wee bit on the chunkers side and do strange divot-ish things to some polishes when you get a decent amount of glitter on the nail.

    Still! A few good’uns in the mix, eh?

    • Yeah definitely still some good ones so that’s nice. Plus, some people are into that gold color (including one of my friends) so hey- to each their own! However, that doesn’t mean I have to say it’s good. Plus,I mean, formula issues are universal. I don’t really get why people say something is good when it’s not. I mean you don’t have to be quite so hyperbolic but I see a lot of bloggers forgetting that people buy polishes based on blog reviews. I certainly don’t want to steer someone to a polish that is a turd nugget to work with. Now, if I say the formula is difficult or whatever and people still buy it at least they know it’s going to take a little finesse. I definitely buy known-crappy polishes, but then I’m prepared for them!! 🙂

  4. As much as I LOVE a good gold nail polish, I don’t think that Zoya delivered.. >< Dillon and Rebel are the stars here, IMO. I adore a good creme pastel polish. I play guitar, so my fingernails are basically as short as possible, but yours are the perfect length, not too long, not too short, and a good nail polish looks astounding when the nails' length are great, so hats off, Cole. ^^ Anyway.. yeah, this collection IS hit and miss, but at least there aren't any of those outrageous polishes. x.x To be perfectly honest, I've never used a Zoya nail polish, but now I totally want to. 🙂

    • You know what is a GREAT gold!?? The matte gold from the Gwen Steffani/OPI collection- L.A.M.B. That’s an excellent gold. I have it and am going to swatch/review it but had to do the Zoyas first since their PR and all. Have you tried that one?

  5. I, on the other hand, love the dot and would take the trouble to make it look as it does. It is so delicate and pretty and looks amazing with the sparkles on the ring finger. A winner in my book for sure!!! I would do this in a heartbeat!

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