Stamping Saturday- Gradient Love Birds

Hey There Polished People!

It’s stamping Saaaaaaaaaturdaaaay!!! (Oprah voice) Today I’m going to my cousin’s baby shower so I wanted to do something babyish. They aren’t finding out the gender of the baby, so I couldn’t really go all pink or all blue, so I decided to try gradient stamping and do pink to blue. Also, I ended up not doing anything too babyish and went with love birds instead. 🙂 It’s a coed shower so most likely no one will even notice my nails, but oh well… I’ll know they’re cute! 😉 Let’s see em!

Gradient Love Bird Nails

How To Get These Nails
•Paint your nails white. I used Nina Ultra Pro French White
•Top with SV and allow your nails to dry thoroughly.
•When your nails are dry, apply Konad Special Pink to the bottom half of the stamp on BM H17 and SH Insta Dri Brisk Blue to the top half.
•Quickly scrape the excess off several times, moving the scraper up and down on the image to mix the colors a little. It’s ok to be sloppy, just make sure your final scrape is clean.
•At this point your colors should be a little smeared and gradient-like, so pick up that image with the stamper and quickly place on your nail.
•Apply your topcoat and repeat on all of your nails.
•Impress yo’ friends.

Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s awesome stamped nails using the button below!!

Have you tried gradient stamping? If you have any tips for me, leave em in the comments below! As always thank you all so much for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!

24 thoughts on “Stamping Saturday- Gradient Love Birds

    • Whoa whoa whoa… You don’t like hearts?? I didn’t know that! I am a bird hater like Cynthia but I love this stamp, too. I like cartoons of birds just fine. 😉 Thank you!

    • Thank you!!!! When you did your gradient stamping it reminded me that I should work on that a little. This wasn’t probably the best stamp design to use, but I liked that the birds would be a different color, theoretically. 😉

  1. These are adorable Nails for any occasion. I still haven’t tried a stamping gradient; only just managing to master straight forward stamping. Yours is stunning though ❤

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I still have some work to do with the gradient but it’s the best I’ve done so far. I started out using a cheeky plate design, and it drove me INSANE, so I took out my trusty bundle monsters and ended up with this. 🙂

  2. LOVE these!! Not to babyish at all, in fact I would rock these little birds!! Great idea to use both pink and blue. If you have a moment I would be a very happy blogger if you would link this up to my weekly beauty party. Please and Thank You
    confessions of the perfect mom

    • Thank you for the compliment and the invitation. I’m afraid I do not have time this week but I will check out your blog and maybe I can participate in something in the future. 🙂

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