OPI Not Like The Movies (Review)

Some nail polishes are attention-getters because they’re bright. Some get attention because they’re sparkly. OPI Not Like The Movies (from the Katy Perry collection) gets attention cuz it works for its money! 😉 People will stare wondering, “What color is that? Grey? Green? Purple? Silver??” You’re guaranteed to get comments when you wear this polish!

Not Like the Movies is a silvery duo-chrome that shifts between silver/grey and green and purple. Sometimes it’s an army green color, in low light it often looks gun-metal grey, and outside it’s a quite bright purple fading into tree green when the light hits it. The best place to see this polish is in natural light, it looks beautiful! I was having coffee with my friend today, and we were sitting outside and the first thing she noticed were my nails. And honestly, I was a little distracted staring at them as well! They look metallic enough that you could nearly see yourself in them, plus with the duo-chrome effect they’re totally awesome. Also, there is silver micro-glitter that I can not pick up with my camera, and it just adds a little extra something to these nails…. and the something is definitely good!

Pictures can not capture the true effect of this polish, but notice how the thumb is green and purple, the index finger is green, and the bottom fingers shimmer between gunmetal grey and purple.

Not Like the Movies wears well and goes on smoothly. However, due to the high-shine, mirror-like reflective quality of the polish, you do have to be a little careful of brushstrokes. If you keep the brush at about a 45 degree angle, you’ll be just fine. Plus, OPI has such an excellent self-leveling quality, and a good top coat hides a multitude of sins so you don’t have to worry TOO much. This polish is opaque in 2 coats, but I always wear 3 (at least), so that’s what you’re seeing in these photos.

In this photo, inside my house where the lighting is somewhat low, you can see how the polish appears army green.

Here you can see mostly a gun-metal grey color, with a hint of purple maybe on my pinky.

In brighter light you can see some green on the top fingers, grey as you go down and some purple on my pinky.

In this picture you can see a lot of purple 🙂

I wish the pictures did it justice, but you really need movement to experience the stunning effect of this nail polish. Not Like The Movies is awesome and would be a great addition to your Fall wardrobe.

Yes, please or No, thank you

Yes, please!! I love the multi-color effect and the ability for it to change dramatically in different environments. This is bound to be one of my go-to polishes throughout the Fall and Winter months. Also- I think it would look awesome under black shatter or the new dark purple shatter coming out with the OPI Nicki Minaj collection (which, as a side note, is VERY disappointing with the exception of the dark purple shatter). I love this color and I’m sure you will, too.

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