True Blood Nails (and a little about our National Parks)

Good Morning Polished People!

Today is the beginning of my birthday weekend and I am hoping to go check out Fort Vancouver in Washington State. My husband has Fridays off and he said he’d go with me. It’s supposed to rain but luckily for me- I don’t melt! 😉 I have this National Parks Passport (check my twitter for a pic) where you visit the parks, they have special stickers with pictures of the park on them, and then at each visitor center there is a cancellation stamp (just like a real passport) for you to stamp with the date and location. It may sound dorky to you but I LOVE it. 😀 I had a tiny one and upgraded last year (or the year before? Gosh, I don’t remember.) to a giant one. I drive back to Montana every year to visit my Grandma and on the way we drove through Yellowstone National Park about a billion times when I was young, we even snowmobiled through the entire park (literally through herds of buffalo) one winter. Maybe because I did that a lot as a child/teen/young adult I just really love visiting the national parks. I’ve seen Crater Lake, Yellowstone, Glacier, Mt. Rushmore, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the Redwoods in California, the Oregon Caves and plenty others that are either less well-known or are escaping my memory. It’s fun hiking and checking out the scenic areas and I just like driving through them looking for bears, etc. I mostly spot rocks that APPEAR to be bears, but whatever… it’s still fun. I totally encourage you to check out your nearest national park. This has been a public service announcement 😉 Jk.

Anyway, today’s nails reminded me of True Blood. I watched the first and maybe second season of that show and liked it until they started messing with all the characters. I feel like the characters were on a certain path and then all of the sudden they just had them doing things that seemed way out of character. I found myself saying/thinking things like “___ would NEVER do that!!!” and it irritated me to the point that I stopped watching. Regardless of that fun fact, here are my nails today:

True Blood Nails:

What’s Up With These Nails:

  1. Base coat up.
  2. Apply ChG Lubu Heels to opacity (2-3 coats).
  3. Apply one more thick coat of Lubu Heels.
  4. Immediately apply a thick coat of OPI Big Apple Red to the bottom (cuticle end) half of your nail.
  5. Quickly use a needle or pin to smear the two colors together.
  6. Apply your favorite top coat to smooth out the finished product!

Here are some bonus nails that I tried that didn’t turn out as well as I’d imagined. I still liked them though in their own way. They’re very subtle so you’ll need to click to enlarge if you really want to check them out. Here they are:

These nails were done in the same way as above but I used Big Apple Red for the main color and OPI Kennebunk-Port as the 2nd color. I wanted the two reds to contrast a little more, and they were a LITTLE better in real life, but didn’t have quite the punch I wanted from them. So they got replaced with the Lubu Heels/ Big Apple Red nails. Get your business done, nails, or you get deleted!!! 😉

I hope some of you love road trips and national parks as much as I do. I don’t know what it is about them…. it’s just like you’re on vacation, discovering things and you really feel the history… it’s hard to explain but I love it. 🙂 Also- let me know how you like my vampy (har har.. VAMP-y… True Blood… get it???) nails. Till next time, thanks for reading and Happy Polishing !!! 😀

8 thoughts on “True Blood Nails (and a little about our National Parks)

  1. I have never been to any national parks. I don’t think I’m really a person who appreciates “nature” lol I know how that sounds but I really haven’t been exposed to that at all. Having said that, I would definitely like to see all of these majestic places sometime in my life.

    I’m so happy for you that you’re going to get to do stuff you enjoy so much for your birthday. When is it exactly?

    • I’m not REALLY into camping and stuff although I kinda like it, and I def don’t camp where there are bears or other scary wildlife but I just love checking out natural phenomena like Old Faithful, the mud pots, amazing human creations like mt Rushmore.. All that kind of stuff. I think once you see some you wanna see more. I’m just a big site seer. 🙂

      We unfortunately didn’t get to go to the Fort today cuz my husband didn’t feel very good but he did take me shopping and I got the new iPhone which I’m super excited about. It’s awesome. 🙂 We’ll have to go another day. We’d go tomorrow except that I have to work. :-/ My actual birthday is the 23rd- Monday. 🙂

    • Ugh I typed up a reply to you and somehow wp ate it! (or I did something weird which is obviously more likely, haha) Anyway- I just love sight seeing so I’m into the parks. It’s just awesome because there are all these awesome natural phenomena (old faithful, the different rock formations, etc) and amazing human creations like Mt Rushmore and then you can see what people used to use and live in (like the forts) and all kinds of stuff. It’s just cool. 🙂

      We ended up not being able to go to the fort today because my husband wasn’t feeling very good, but he did take me shopping and also got me a new iPhone. It’s awesome! I’ve been playing with it all day/night. 😀 My actual birthday is Monday the 23rd but we did most of our celebrating tonight. I got a ton of good presents. 🙂

    • Haha thank you! My birthday weekend is halfway over. My actual birthday is Monday so I think I can stretch it out to about Tuesday but then it’s ova. 😉 Actually, I didn’t get to go to Ft. Vancouver so I bet I can capitalize on that and go Friday “for my birthday” plus, all national parks are free next week, so BONUS! 😀

  2. omg I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend! I feel behind on your posts lol. Sorry! I really like the way your “True Blood” nails turned out! I only watched the first season of it and didn’t even read the books it was based on…but enjoyed it, nonetheless! 😀

    • Thanks! I did! 🙂 I always fall behind on reading blogs… I kinda like reading every other day or so and just really reading em for a while. Idk why. Haha. I think that makes me a bad follower. O.o I didn’t read the books either (I love reading but get so tired of humungo long series with 8 billion books in them) but I liked the first season too. If you ever watch the rest you’ll have to see if you feel like the characters get way off course. Thanks for all the comments!! 🙂

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