Dark Shadows (yes, like the Johnny Depp movie!!) Nail Polish Collection Preview

Good Morning Polished People!!

I finally saw The Hunger Games recently (I know, I know it took me sooooo long!!!) and I absolutely loved it. I’m not much of a movie person but I really love reading a book and then watching the movie based on it. I’ve done that with several Nicholas Sparks books (and can’t WAIT for The Lucky One!!), the Twilight books of course, Charlie St. Cloud, The Time Traveler’s Wife and lots of others and usually I enjoy the movie enough, but I always think it completely pales in comparison to the book. The Hunger Games was the first movie based on a book that I actually REALLY liked!!! I thought it was awesome. Of course it leaves some things out (cuz it was only 2.5 hours long, and not full of internal monologues, thank God) but as a movie I think it’s fully intact! I liked it, I thought it did a GREAT job casting. I love Katniss in the movie- she’s pretty but not TOO pretty, and not frail looking at all. I absolutely hated how Kristin Stewart as Bella in the Twilight movies was even more frail and helpless than I imagined her to be in the books. I’m kinda into girl power anyway but mannnn that irritated the crap outta me! Anyway, I loved the movie… Peeta didn’t impress me at the beginning (if Ryan from “Dream A Little Dream of Polish” sees this she’s gonna FLIP) but by the end I loved him. I was disappointed at how little Gale was in the movie cuz he’s sooo cute but oh well. The movie was about Katniss, which I appreciated.

Soooo…. while I was at the theater I saw the previews for a potentially funny and interesting new Johnny Depp vampire movie called “Dark Shadows.” It just so happens that Orly is releasing a 4 polish set in collaboration with the movie! The movie comes out May 11th I believe, so the polishes should be out in the beginning of May at least but likely at the end of April. The collection consists of Mysterious Curse, a duochrome-y looking purple; Buried Alive, a shimmery copper; Decades of Dysfunction, a pastel pink or possibly lavender; and finally Grave Mistake, a dark brick red.

I’m excited for the purple (as long as it’s not a dupe for OPI Not Like The Movies and various other go-to duochromes out there) and I love copper so I think that could be pretty awesome. I think the red might be cool if it’s kinda dirty and (sorry to be gross, but) kinda like dried blood which would be fitting.  The pink… ehhh idk. It might be cool but from the promo pic it just looks… well… pink. If you love pinks you’ll probably be into though. I’m just not.

What I want to know from you is: Did you see and what did you think about The Hunger Games? How did they compare to the book for you? Also- what do you think of this new collection? Will you be stalking your beauty suppliers to grab it or will you wait and see what everyone else says before running out to get it? Till next time, Happy Polishing!! 😀


11 thoughts on “Dark Shadows (yes, like the Johnny Depp movie!!) Nail Polish Collection Preview

  1. Yup Peeta is my new boyfriend, I really like the movie as well. Just felt it was too short, I wouldn’t have minded if they added an extra half hour to it and showed some more of the cave scenes between Katniss and Peeta and more of Cinna and his assistants (did they even have the assistants in the movie?). I thought they did an excellent job in casting Cinna, Lenny Kravitz nailed it. Anyways, I like the looks of this new collection, I think I may have to get the full set.

    • Correction: The guy who played Peeta is my new boyfriend… He’s only 19… So yeah way to young for me but I think he’s an exception 🙂

      • Haha ok, exception granted! I agree that the movie could have included a little more (cave scene, more on Katniss/Gale, etc) but I still think it was a great adaptation. I was just so pleased with how un-cheesy it was. I guess I’m comparing it to Twilight which is cheesy to the point it’s kinda embarrassing to watch it with someone who doesn’t already love the books and this one is just a legit good movie so it seems SUPER good in comparison. 🙂

    • I just love color shifting polishes so I hope this one is good. 🙂 The others might be cool, might be nothing special but I’m mostly excited about “the one” haha. Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  2. omg I loved reading this post!! lol. I absolutely agreed with just about everything you said haha. I read The Hunger Games and then watched the movie also and I loved them! I think this is my favorite movie based off a book. I think it helped that the author helped write the screen-play for the movie, so it still stayed pretty true to the book 🙂 Ugh, and about how Kristen Stuart played Bella…I did, and still don’t, like that she plays her. The character that I though while I read The Twilight series, is not played well by Kristen :/ Sigh, disappointing.

    These nail polish colors look great though! I’m so excited that you found my blog and twitter so I could discover your blog! I love what I see! ❤

    • Awww thank you so much! I found your nails on Beautylish and followed them to your blog. I’m glad I found it too cuz your nails are great! 🙂

      Ugh just thinking about the Twilight movies kinda irritates me cuz they just made Bella so weak and dopey. I mean, I know she’s clumsy and all that but in the movie she just mopes around like she wants to kill herself! It’s so annoying. Oof- don’t get me started again! 😉 I really don’t watch movies unless I read the book first (I’m not that much of a movie person) so I guess when they’re kinda sucky it’s extra disappointing. But when they’re good- I’m extra hyped!! 😉 Like HG!!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

      PS: I got all your comments, they were just awaiting moderation. 🙂 I just posted this first one since it was the one you were trying to remember anyway. 🙂 Thanks again! 😉

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