Hunger Games- Luxe and Lush and Electrify (the glitters!!!)

Hey Everyone,

I decided to do a double post today because, well… why not?! We’ve been working through the Hunger Games/ Colours from the Capitol polishes for a few days now so it’s time to put them to rest. Today I’ve got Luxe and Lush from District 1 (luxury) and Electrify from District 5 (power). District 5 is where Foxface was from… the girl who looked like a fox and basically stayed hidden as her strategy which got her quite far. She was only finally taken down due to an accident. Anyway, let’s look at the polishes…



Electrify is about 75% gold glitter and 25% red glitter in a clear base. The colors together just make me think “brassy.” I wore this polish for a couple of days even though I experienced my first bout of shrinkage (I’m guessing it happened since I didn’t wrap my tips AT ALL, cuz I didn’t think I’d be actually wearing it) so you can see I have what looks like some hellacious tip were. Anyway, I like this polish just fine, but it doesn’t do a LOT for me. I got lots of compliments on it at the doctor’s office (the emergency doctor’s office trip was why I ended up wearing it even though it didn’t look all that great) and at work, but it just seems too similar to OPI Gift of Gold, but without that magical quality of just having the tiniest bit of red glitter mixed in as a surprise. Nothing wrong with this color, very sparkly, just doesn’t rock my socks off like some glitters (okay, most glitters) do.

Formula/ Application:

The glitter in Electrify is pretty dense so you don’t need a million coats, but you do need 3 to get it as opaque as my nails are. What I LOVED about this glitter was that since it’s all the same size and shape it dried super smooth which I really enjoyed. 🙂

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

This doesn’t exactly wow me, like I said above, but it’s a nice formula and a lot of other people seemed to like it. For me, it’s a quiet yes, please. If you love gold, you’ll probably REALLY love this.


Luxe and Lush-

Luxe and Lush over ChG I Have A Secret Peri-Wink-Le

Luxe and Lush over OPI Grape, Set, Match


Luxe and Lush is a very interesting flaky top coat. The flakes are more like shards of reflective, opalescent glitter instead of that usual super-thin color shifting flake material we’ve seen.  They are in a clear base. When you see the flakes in the bottle they look like a light periwinkle color, but on the nail in low light (as I showed you above with Grape, Set, Match) they have more of a traditional flake appearance. I think what most sets them apart from the other flakies we have seen is the size of the flakes, and how reflective they are.

Formula/ Application:

Since the flakes are so large and thick the application takes a little finesse. I used more of a dabbing method than a regular polishing method because when I drug the brush across my nail it would take off quite a few of the flakes. Also, the clear base dries really quickly so you have to work fast. With a little practice and a little patience it’s easy to get nice, mostly even coverage.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Due to the original (in my opinion) formulation of this flaky top coat, this is a Yes, Please! for me. Now, if I’m being honest I can’t exactly decide if I think this is all that wonderful, or if I mostly like it cuz it’s different. For some reason it looks too chunky for me, and nothing has ever looked too chunky for me. Something about it makes me think “juvenile” and I can’t really put my finger on why. I guess I like the subtlety of the more traditional flakies and this is missing that component. Also, it ate top coat like crazy so even after a few coats, the next day my nails were dull so maybe that turned me off (easy resolution: put on more top coat, genius!!). I still think it’s pretty cool and I’m sure most people find this to be absolutely fantastic, so I still recommend that you all go check it out.

Okay, weigh in on these two glitters!! Do you find them fab or forgettable? Do you think I’m nuts for my lackluster review of Luxe and Lush? Let me have it in the comments below! 🙂 As always, thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!!!

6 thoughts on “Hunger Games- Luxe and Lush and Electrify (the glitters!!!)

  1. hmmm…honestly I agree with you on both. The gold and red glitter looks very pretty, but it just doesnt wow me. The luxe and lush….although I LOVE flakies, there was something about these flakies that turned me off. I think they are bit too chunky. Id rather the thinner flakies that sort of flatten against the nail. Cult Nails is coming out with a similar chunky flakie and Im just not wild about it. HOWEVER they are also coming out with another more “tradional” flakie similar to Unicorn Puke and I am going to stock the hell up on those, I cant wait for her new collection to come out!

    • Oh I know! Me too!! I love Cult Nails. 🙂 About these polishes- yeah I’m just kinda torn. I definitely like that L&L is different but it’s just so foil-y on your nail that it just doesn’t do much for me. Points for being different tho! 🙂 And Electrify is just… glitter. Like there’s just nothing special. It’s fine. Thanks for always reading and commenting!!

  2. Electrify measures a 10 on my “Meh” scale. I wish I hadn’t purchased it…I just got so overwhelmed by finally getting my hands on this collection. I definitely like Luxe and Lush. It’s so unique in my collection. I have 2 flaky topcoats but this is different…not smooth and huge chunks. It looks great on the color you used.

    • Thanks! Yeah it’s cool cuz it’s so different but idk.. I expected to be much more ecstatic about it. Oh well, it’s cool. 🙂 And I completely agree about Electrify- there’s nothing wrong with it but there’s nothing really right either. I thought about layering it over Riveting but… Riveting is pretty by itself. We’ll see. :-/

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