Essie Feed Me Review

Contrary to popular belief,  base coat is NOT an optional part of your nail polishing regimen. You need a base coat for several reasons. A good base coat:

  • Helps prevent chipping and peeling nail polish
  • Prevents nail stains
  • Provides a smooth base onto which to apply your nail color
  • Can help improve the strength and health of your nails

I have used SH Hard As Nails (loved it), Ulta base coat (liked it), OPI clear nail polish/base coat (ehhh..) and now I’m using Essie Feed Me. I decided to use this base coat because with all my polishing, removing, filing, repeating I figured I should use something a little more hydrating. I went to the store looking for Sally Hansen Quencher, which is what Rie at Nails and Noms always seems to use, but I couldn’t find it so I tried this Essie product. 🙂


So far I like this product because:

  • It does not interfere with my nail polish adhering to my nail
  • It dries fast
  • It’s diminishing the dry spots on my nails from applying and removing so much glitter polish
  • It seems to be working, although I’ve only been using it for about 2 weeks

I do not like this product because:

  • It costs about $8 as compared to SH Hard As Nails’ $4 price tag. However, if this continues to work well, I will continue buying it. 8 bucks isn’t that bad. I’m only kidding about not liking it.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You.

So far this is a Yes, Please! I don’t see it working any crazy miracles, but it does seem to be hydrating my nails better than Hard As Nails. I don’t need anything too miraculous though, because honestly, I have mostly healthy nails naturally.  Essie Feed Me does NOT seem to be doing any harm or doing anything less than Hard As Nails was doing. I like it a lot and plan on continuing to use it. Since I’ve only been using it for a little over 2 weeks (as of now: 12.19.2011), I’ll update this post in a few weeks with more reliable and longer-lasting results. 🙂

12.31.2011 Update: When I filed my nails down 2 days ago I noticed that my nails are SUPER hard and tough. Even after filing them down which usually leaves me with shorter slightly softer nails, my little short nails are super hard. I think this base coat is making a difference. I’ll keep up on the updates. 🙂

What do you use as a base coat? Have you always used a base coat or were you a rebel as a teen and skipped that step?

4 thoughts on “Essie Feed Me Review

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    • Yes I sure am! Although I use it sporadically. I mostly use it when I notice my nails are getting particularly beat up from swatching, glitter, etc and it seems to help restore them a bit. I don’t use it enough to say it if makes me nails grow faster or if its some sort of miracle base coat but its definitely good, doesn’t cause any problems and I think it does help them some. 🙂 Thanks for asking!! What base coat do you use?

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