Beyonce Kitty Kat Nails

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

I wanted to use my stamp to do some animal print nails, and then when I was Googling Beyonce I noticed that my nails matched her makeup, jewelry and nails in the music video for Kitty Kat:

Now, her makeup and everything is a bit much, but mannnn… Beyonce has to be the prettiest woman ever!  Seriously, have you ever seen her ugly? Me, neither! She’s the perfect woman, I hope she’s just as nice in personality as she is in appearance, cuz if not THAT would be a huge disappointment. I bet she is. 🙂 I could watch her performance of Love on Top on the VMAs overandoverandoverandover, she’s just so good! Anyway, enough of my girlcrush… let’s get to my nails.

For these nails I used:

  • Essie Feed Me base coat
  • OPI Skull and Glossbones
  • BM 221 stamping plate
  • Konad special polish in black
  • Copper Migi nail art pen
  • OPI clear top coat (or other basic, non-fast-drying topcoat, clear polish)
  • Seche Vite dry fast top coat
  • Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat

Steps for these nails:

  1. Apply your base coat and allow to dry slightly.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Skull and Glossbones.
  3. Apply one coat of SV, and one coat of SHMS (or 2 coats of SV),allow to dry/harden ~10 minutes (TIP: Whenever you stamp your nails, you want several coats of tc so that if you mess up on your stamping, you have a couple chances to remove it and re-stamp. The topcoat allows you to use a cotton ball soaked in remover to gently remove the stamped design without disturbing your Skull and Glossbones base color).

    Skull and Glossbones with SV

  4. Using the stamper and the black Konad polish, stamp the animal print design onto all nails. If you mess up, just gently swipe a nail polish remover-soaked cotton ball across the nail and it will remove the stamped design but not your nail polish. You have about 2 mess-ups if you’re really gentle with the cotton ball before you’ll need to repaint your entire nail start to finish. (If you do not have a stamp, you can use a black nail pen to make irregularly shaped dots on your nails and it will turn out just as well as the stamp. It will just take a little more time and a little more patience, but you can do it!)

    Skull and Glossbones with the animal print stamped over it

    This stamp looks cute by itself but it's missing just a little something...

  5. Allow your stamped design to dry thoroughly.
  6. Carefully apply one coat of the OPI or other basic top coat. Only swipe the brush over each portion of your nail once. Make sure to use the 3 stroke application method (or 2 or 1 stroke if that’s all you need, depending on your nail width) and allow it to dry for a minute or two. If you spend too much time on any one part of your nail, you run the risk of  smearing your design.. and we don’t want that. 😉
  7. Once the regular top coat is dry, apply one coat of SV and one coat of SHMS like in step 3.
  8. Once the SHMS is totally dry, use your nail pen to carefully fill in the animal print spots. If you mess up, you can remove them a time or two thanks to the 2 layers of topcoat.
  9. When the spots are completely dry (the nail art pen dots smear easily so be careful) you can apply one careful coat of OPI like in step 6, then either SHMS or SV or both. I like both 🙂

The shimmery copper inside the animal print on the Skull and Glossbones base is just perfect 🙂

I loved these nails and thought they were so cute!! My friend came over and I showed her how to do her nails exactly like this and they turned out perfect, too! They were so cute. She was cold before we got the fire going so she had my snuggie on, and it just so happened that my snuggie is animal print… so her nails matched her snuggie!! It was SO FUNNY! I posted a picture of them on Twitter  but I’ll do a quick post after this and post a couple more pics. It was hilarious!!

The other thing that was so funny was that we went to go look at bridesmaid dresses for her wedding and when I picked her up and she hopped in my truck she took one look at me and said “ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?!” and of course I had no clue what she was talking about so I was like “huh?” Well, as it turned out, she was wearing the exact same shirt as me (a diagonal print grey and black lace dolman sleeve top) and took it off just litterally 10 minutes before I got there cuz she wanted to wear something warmer. I guess it was a very matchy matchy night! Haha.

Try these nails out and let me know how it works!! Thanks for reading! 😀

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