Collage Nails- Nail Fail!!

Oh my goodness!!! I’m teaching some art classes at the Community Center here in town. I teach 3 on Tuesdays and I just started teaching one on Saturdays. The Saturday class is a mixed media/collage class and amidst looking at all kinds of collages, creating some of my own, and thinking of lessons to do with the kids, I got inspired to do a collage on my nails. I had seen this collage that was all cool colors with an accent of one warm color and I thought, “Hey! That’d be cute!” My favorite color is orange so I thought I might do a cool color scheme with orange as the warm accent. I got out all my favorite blue/green polishes, an orange and an orange shimmery microglitter….

… and set out to paint a collage (although not exactly mixed media) on my nails. Here is how it turned out (please brace yourself!!! I will not be held responsible for any sudden blindness or projectile vomiting)…


Oh my! I like to tell myself if I just had stopped with the cool scheme and left out the orange it’d be better…. but the truth is… it’s still a monstrosity of a mani.

Hahaha… seriously though… the hideousness of this mani will haunt my dreams forever. If you know what movie that’s (sorta) from, bonus points for you!!  :)Next time I wanna make a collage, I think I’ll just stick to my art supplies! You’re welcome.

Have your ever created a monster mani? (and I DON’T mean a cute one for Halloween!) Let me know and share in my shame! Haha. 😉

3 thoughts on “Collage Nails- Nail Fail!!

  1. I think your manicure is very artistic and different. No one else with have exactly the same design as yours, for sure, so that’s pretty cool!

    You must have had a LOT of patience to do that, so I commend you on your hard work! GREAT JOB!

    • Oh gosh, thanks. 🙂 I just am really NOT a “fine artiste” (said with a fancy schmancy accent ;)) and these new classes I’m teaching were making me feel really insecure so I did a bunch of experimenting with different collages and then wanted to try it out on my nails. You’re definitely right though that it is one of a kind. 🙂 And when you’re trying out nail looks, they can’t all be major winners, y’know, so I figured I might as well show that, haha.

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