Glitterbomb and a Half!!! Amazing Shine Sparkling Glitter Kit Review

Good Morning Polished People!

Who loves glitter?! This girl!!! There’s almost nothing I love more than nails that scream “Look at ME!!” and glitter is just the thing to get nails noticed. The PR people over at Amazing Shine Nails were nice enough to send me not one but two of their Sparkling Glitter Kits for review.

Press Release:

Amazing Shine’s Sparkling Glitter Kit allows you to create endless designs and glitter combinations in your own home. It’s easy application makes it simple to achieve high quality results. Glitters are custom formulated and blended in the USA. Add the finishing touch by topping with our non yellowing top coat. Top Coat is also made in the USA.

I wasn’t sure what to think of them at first because they seemed to be in a color palette that’s a little different from my norm, but boy was I impressed! Let me show you what the kits are and then we’ll discuss 🙂

This kit (#633) has sparkling glitter in Blue Moon, Gold Rush and Disco Nite. All kits come with 2 cuticle sticks, a small emery board, base/top coat and a bonus sheet of nail design stickers.

Kit #632 has the emery board, cuticle sticks, base/top coat and nail decals, as well as three pots of sparkling glitter in Juicy Lemonade, Aqua, and Cotton Candy.


The colors of the glitters are just beautiful!!! Juicy Lemonade is a pretty yellow micro glitter with some gold and chartreuse mixed in. Also, it’s full of medium hex holographic glitter and medium hex yellow glitter. It’s a perfect yellow glitter! Aqua is made of the same sizes of glitter (micro and medium hex) in a beautiful deep aqua with what looks like the tiniest bit of silver mixed it. Cotton Candy is medium hex glitter with the tiniest bit of microglitter mixed in. The color of most of the glitter is this awesome pink that flashes purple and almost a little coral in some light. It’s definitely not a boring pink. Blue Moon is a periwinkle glitter that is made up of medium hex and microglitter in light blues and lavenders mixing together to make the perfect periwinkle. If you’re a fan of periwinkles you need this glitter, it’s SOOO pretty! Gold Rush is the same mixture of glitter shapes and sizes but in gold, a holo-ish glitter and a teeny bit of sea-foam and pinkish glitters. It’s hard to describe but sooo pretty! Disco Nite is by far THE BEST glitter in this kit, and quite possibly on the planet. If they make this type of glitter in other colors, I’ll buy every single one of them. Listen up when I tell you this: it’s a lavender, pink, and dark purple glitter. Not that exciting, right? WRONG. It is made up of micro glitter, huge hex glitter, bar glitter, some triangular-shaped shards of glitter, I think there is some round glitter in there and maybe even some square. It’s amazing. When I saw it up close I was like “oohhhhh!! ahhhh!!! eeeeeee!” haha. Seriously though, this is worth buying just for this glitter alone. It’s a little chunky on the nail, but a true glitter lover doesn’t mind multiple coats of topcoat to smooth it out.

How To Use:

This loose glitter is easy to use, but a little messy so it’s best if you work over some newspaper or a paper towel to keep the glitter contained. 🙂

  1. One nail at a time, apply the base/top coat where you want the glitter (whole nail, tip, chevron, etc).
  2. Quickly dip that nail in the loose glitter pot.
  3. Repeat for all nails.
  4. Shake, tap or blow the excess glitter off of your nails. I did this over the sink so I could just rinse it down. If you are just applying the glitter to the tip of a previously painted nail, you may want to use a dry makeup brush or Q tip to brush excess glitter off the parts of your nail that you do not want glittered.
  5. Apply a generous coat of the base/top coat to seal in the glitter. You may want to use more than one coat, depending on how much glitter you used and how flat it’s laying. I used a couple of coats of the base/top coat and then one coat of Seche Vite to smooth out my glitter.
  6. Ta-daaaa!!! Enjoy your lovely sparkly nails!

Looks To Try:


Blue Moon over ChG Secret Peri-Wink-Le

This was a super-easy and quick look to do. Just apply the base/top coat in a chevron pattern, dip your nails and brush off the excess once dry!

When I do these nails again I'll wait till my base color is TOTALLY dry before I do the glitter because as you can see my glitter got a little sloppy cuz it got stuck in my periwinkle polish. It still looks great tho!

Whole Nails-

This is two layers of Juicy Lemonade over bare nails. In the future I'll just do one layer of Juicy Lemonade over yellow base color because it gets really thick with two layers, and one layer still showed a little too much VNL for my liking.

This glitter was so pretty I'm sad that I made it too thick by doing two layers. I love how yellow, yet not exactly primary, this glitter is. This color reminds me of my friend Ami who looooves yellow. I wonder if she'll be into this...


This is cotton candy sprinkled over OPI Pink Friday in low light. Low light really emphasizes the different flashes of color found in this glitter.

Moon Mani-

I love this glitter! It's almost more like 3D nail art than glitter, and I love it.

You have got to see this glitter in person to see the amazing variety of glitter. This is a glitterbomb and a half.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please!!! I will be using these kits for nail tip designs for sure, and I’ll be trying some full-nail looks, too. I loved the periwinkle combination, I can’t wait to try the aqua, I want to re-do the yellow, and Disco Nite… LOVE!!! I can’t wait to sprinkle that over some purple polish so we can REALLY see the shapes of the glitter. I can’t get enough of it. If you would like to try this loose glitter kit, you can find it here for $8.49. I definitely recommend kit #633.. I can’t get over “Disco Nite” although I wish they’d spelled “night” correctly, haha.

Thanks for reading this MONSTER POST!!! Let me know what you think of these looks, and how you like using loose glitter, in the comments below. As always, thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!!

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