The Lacquer Ring does Aztec Nails!!

Hey There Polished People!

I have an exciting post for you today. We usually do out Lacquer Ring posts on Thursday but some of our members had a lot going on last week, so… TUESDAY SURPRISE!! Today’s theme is Aztec and it’s Jessica’s month so we picked these in her honor. She works out in the desert a lot for her work so I think we figured Aztec was desert-y and fitting for “her” month. I’m really excited to see what everyone did. Let’s see mine- 

Aztec Make-Your-Own Decal Nails 


Are these cute or what??? Apparently modestly has no place in today’s post. I used a bunch of different polishes to do the decal using BM 406 on my middle and ring fingers, then free-handed the design on my other fingers. I just really like how these turned out and I hope you do, too. 

Let me know what you think of these in the comments below. Have you ever tried the stamper decal method? Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s Aztec nails by clicking on the button below. As always, thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 

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