Nail Polish Decal for Mommy’s Mani Monday

Hey There Polished People! 

Sorry I party pooped on Stamping Saturday. Madeline was sick and I didn’t do it ahead of time so you know… Life. You can click this button though to see everyone else’s and add your own mani- 

Anyway, on to today’s mani as part of Mommy’s Mani Monday. The prompt for this week was “floral” and since I was pressed for time as explained above, I decided that I better just do an accent nail. Let’s see em then I’ll tell you what I used. 

Mommy’s Mani Monday Floral Nails



I loooove neons, but I HATE neons because they just don’t photograph well. I have to be really picky with the white balance/exposure and then they still only turn out so-so. Whatever, neon polish, you’re kind of a beautiful jerk. The polish used here was ChG Pool Party over a white base, except on the accen nail I just left it white and then did the nail polish decal method to color in the floral stamp. What is the nail polish decal method

  1. Pick up a desired image off your stamping plate on your stamper (I used a 600 series BM plate) but do not place it on the nail. 
  2. Give the image a second to dry, then apply clear non-fast-dry polish over the whole image, being careful not to smear it. Allow that layer to dry, then apply a second layer of clear. 
  3. When step 2 is dry, use a tiny brush or dotting tool to cover whatever areas you want with whatever colors you want. Use a dabbing motion instead of strokes to avoid smearing. Make sure to fill in the whole area w color, unlike me this time. :-/
  4. Allow the color to dry for a few minutes (leave it tacky) and then depending on whether you have a traditional hard stamper (ie: Konad) or a squishy one (ie: Winstonia XL) you will do one of two methods. 
  5. If you have a hard stamper you will need to use tweezers to pick the image up off the stamper, flip it over and place it on your nail. Once it’s on your nail, press it down gently with your fingers. If you have a squishy stamper, it’s especially easy, you just line up the image and press it down on your nail like you would a regular stamped image.  
  6. Clean the excess decal off of your cuticle and skin w a brush dipped in acetone, q-tips, whatever. 
  7. Apply a good layer of Seche Vite, being careful not to smear the image and ta-daaaa! You’re done. πŸ™‚ 

The decal method is a little time consuming but I think it turns out really neat. I hope you all like them! You can check out the collage on my Instagram account later today and you can follow the hashtag there to see everyone’s individual floral manis. There is one in particular that I am absolutely going to copy at some point. 

I hope you liked these nails today! Let me know what you think. As always thank you all for reading and commenting. Till next time- Happy Polishing!! 

7 thoughts on “Nail Polish Decal for Mommy’s Mani Monday

  1. i’ve tried that method before and I loved it.. the only thing is that you need to have a lot of time off and too much patience to do all the fingers.. lol so doing only one accent nail is wiser.

    • I know right??? It takes so long. And I messed up the first one so I actually did it twice. I’m not sure if I’m up for a whole mani. But it does look really cool so…

      • i love watching tv and doing my nails at the same time.. last time i tried this method.. the whole mani lasted 3 episodes of “one three hill” so.. almost 2 hours for 4 accent nails.. hmmm..

  2. “Whatever, neon polish, you’re kind of a beautiful jerk” LOL.
    Time consuming – maybe. Awesome-looking? Definitely.

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