When I Grow Up

Hey There Polished People!

How are you all doing today? Today I have my mani from today’s Mommy’s Mani Monday collage group. This Monday’s prompt was “When I Grow Up” and we were to do a mani inspired by what we wanted to be as kids, and/or what our children want to be when they grow up. Since Madeline is 18 months old and only says about 10 words, I couldn’t QUITE decipher what her 30 year plan was, so instead I did my nails based on what I wanted to be when I grew up. Let’s see if you can guess.

I Wanted To Be A… 


… Pencil!!!!

Nah, I’m just kidding, but I did want to be an elementary teacher. I even have my license and Master’s degree.  I am fortunate enough to stay home with my daughter for now, but I hope in the future I can do something with my degree. I should make some teacher-y stuff for Faux Farmhouse. That would be rather appropriate! 

For these nails I used Essence Little Miss Sunrise for the yellow, OPI Pink Friday for the pink eraser and Essie No Place Like Chrome for the metal part. I made sure to not topcoat my metallic stripe to give it a more realistic metal finish, and I added matte topcoat to the pink erasers because, well, it was the right thing to do. 😉 

How do you like my pencil nails? I know they’re not the most unique idea, but I do think they’re cute and fitting. This was a hard prompt. What do you want to be when you grow up? Check out my  Instagram account Nicole_423 for all of the other ladies’ nails. As always, thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing! 

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