Stamped Shamrock Nails for Mommy’s Mani Monday Linkup

Hey There Polished People!

Today is my first participation in a nail linkup called Mommy’s Mani Monday. It’s a group of nail ladies who are also parents and we all do themed manis every other Monday. Today’s theme is “seasonal” so I’m sharing a St. Patrick’s Day mani that I did using a Delush polish that I received from Mae of Mae’s Beauty and my recently acquired (Re: won!!! Whoop whoop!) Bundle Monster Secret Garden stamping plate collection. 

First, let’s have a moment of appreciation for:

Delush Green With Ivy

This polish is so pretty (this is three thinnish coats) even Madeline tried to snatch it up. This next picture is perfectly representative of what it’s like trying to do something when you have a one-year-old:

See her in the back, like, “Ooooh preeeetty!” 

So after she went down for a snooze, I finally had a chance to admire my nails. I tried to show Bubba, but he was unimpressed. 

Are you ready to see my final mani?

Shamrock Stamped Nails

These were so cute and easy. I just used Essie Good As Gold to stamp these cute shamrocks over my Green With Ivy nails. The Bundle Monster Secret Garden plates are so fun. I actually didn’t use them in what I think is the best way. Personally, I love that with these buffet style plates you can stamp nails that match as in they have the same print, but that don’t match as in they’re not all copies of each other. I didn’t make the most out of the “buffet” style with this mani, but I will in the future, I promise. 🙂 

You can search #MommysManiMonday on Instagram to see everyone else’s nails from today or follow @MommysManiMondayGroup to see the weekly collage.  Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, too! 

Let me know what you think of these nails in the comments below. As always thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing! 

8 thoughts on “Stamped Shamrock Nails for Mommy’s Mani Monday Linkup

  1. I love these! If just photographing your mani can’t go uninterrupted I can’t image how you handle it when your nails are wet. I have a hard enough time with just Margo…I’m clearly only on furbaby level and not human baby.

  2. These are awesome! That Delush is so pretty (Madeline thinks so, even if Bubba doesn’t…we now know who has the better taste here) and I LLOOVVEE the stamping over it. Wowza!

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