Stamping Saturday-Flowers Over Glitter

Hey There Polished People!

How are you all doing? I was a big ol’ party pooper last week and skipped #stampingsaturday so this week I was determined to participate even though I’m not a big fan of my nails today. Let’s just see em and move on- 

Stamped Floral Nails

These nails are SC Petal Be The Day over NUP French White and then stamped with a Bundle Monster Secret Garden plate with Konad  Black. 

There’s kinda a lot going on here. For one, I don’t even know why manufacturers make glitter toppers in a tinted base. Is it just to suggest what they want you to layer it over? I knew this polish was going to be sheer so I tried layering it over white. Well, as you can tell, that was a mistake. It never got purple, so instead my base is just kind of a confusing off-white. Is it super light lavender? It is white with bad color adjustment? Anyway it’s not good. I think if I layered this polish over a purple, which is clearly the only way to go, it would be really pretty, but as it is- yuck. The stamp is kinda pretty though so at least there’s that. I’m really liking my Bundle Monster Secret Garden plates. 

Leave me some comments below and don’t forget to add your own stamped mani to the linkup and check out everyone else’s as they’re added by clicking the button and link below! As always thanks for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!

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4 thoughts on “Stamping Saturday-Flowers Over Glitter

  1. Aw, man! That’s a bummer. That glitter looks like it’d be a cool milky glitter…nope! They should’ve just put it in a clear base! Womp, womp.

    • Yeah exactly. Why even put it in this slightly colored base? I guess I’ll have to try it over a purple base before I get rid of it but seriously… It was so annoying.

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