Stamping Saturday- Negative Space Mani

Hey There Polished People!

How are you all this weekend?? I hope everyone is doing well. I feel like, at least here in the Pacific Northwest, spring had been peeking around the clouds and is on it’s way! We haven’t even had much rain all winter long so that’s been nice. I know we are going to have a drought this summer though so that part isn’t so nice. We’ll see what happens in the next few months- “April showers bring May flowers” and all.

Negative space manis aren’t exactly anything new, but they seem to be in the news lately. Fellow The Lacquer Ring member, Amy, was helping out backstage at NYFW last week, working for Cirque and she wore this negative space mani. I had previously thought I hated negative space manis, but when I saw hers it made me reconsider. I decided to try my own, so let’s see it!

Negative Space Stamped Mani


To get these nails I first painted my nails with 2 coats of base coat. I used one cost of a generic strengthening base coat that I got at Sally’s, and then the second coat is OPI natural nail base coat. Next I free handed some chevron tips with FP Black Expressionism and coated it all with SV. At this point it looked like this-

These were too plain. So I added a Bundle Monster stamp using Konad black. After that was dry, I coated it all with a final coat of Seche Vite and ta daaa. Done.

I actually kinda like these!!! I think covering my white nail tips made the difference. I hate when you can see the tips of someone’s nail through their polish, and I also don’t like it with negative space manis even though I know that’s the whole point.

How do you like these nails? Are you a lover or a hater of negative space manis? Have you given them a try? Post your negative space manis on my Facebook page for us all to see. Don’t forget to click on the button below to see everyone else’s Stamping Saturday manis, and click the link to add your own. As always, thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!

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13 thoughts on “Stamping Saturday- Negative Space Mani

  1. I’m glad I could inspire you! I think yours is sooooooo much better than mine. I love the addition of the stamp. Can I be inspired by your inspiration of me? Is that a thing?

  2. Those chevron tips were freehand? Say whaaa?
    I think you may be on to something with covering the free edge in negative space nail art. I think I agree, although I hadn’t thought about it before!
    I am so scared for summer…

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