Zoya Spring 2015 Delight Collection

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Hey There Polished People!

Oh my gosh… Have you guys seen Married At First Sight? Among all of the many junky shows I like to watch (Celebrity Apprentice, The Bachelor, and more!) I also got hooked on Married At First Sight. It’s just crazy, and now we are watching The First Year and can I just tell anyone else who watches- if I have to hear Jason whine about “the academy” one more time I swear I am going to drown myself. Jason and Courtney better never have a baby. And Jamie and Doug…. Uff da (excuse my Norwegian-ness). Jamie has so many issues and that poor Doug. And Jamie went from being absolutely repulsed by Doug to wanting to have babies like YESTERDAY. Anyway… We better get on to the task at hand! The Zoya Spring 2015 collection!

Zoya Spring 2015 “Delight”


The Delight collection is 6 pretty, perfectly Spring-tastic shades, 3 of which are cremes and 3 have turquoise shimmer. Let’s look at them all up-close, shall we? First- the shimmers!!

Daisy is a pastel yellow with turquoise shimmer. Formula was pretty good, thin at first, builds nicely. The color though with the yellow and turquoise is…. Interesting. I’ll have to spend some more time with this one before I decide if it’s interesting or just odd. It’s different anyway.

Rayne is baby blue with turquoise shimmer. This is really, really pretty, but almost a little too shimmery for me. I feel like the shimmer might stand out a little better if there was a little less, but that’s being kinda nit-picky. Rayne reminds me a lot of SC Cinderella, except without the pink shimmer AND Rayne is actually opaque! Woo hoo for that!

Leslie is lavender with that same turquoise shimmer as the last two. It’s an interesting combination, I thought it was going to be more interesting that it ended up being, and just like with Rayne, I think less would have been more. Still very pretty though, and good formula.

For the first creme in this collection we have Lillian. Oh how I love this. Zoya calls this a faded aquamarine, but I see it as more blue, but whatever you want to call this pastel, it’s purdy. And such a nice formula. I would like to compare this sometime to the Jessica Gelato Mio shade that is similar- Boyz N Berry.

Eden is the pink that pink lovers dream about. It kinda skirts the line between a jewel tone and a pastel. I actually love it. Good formula, pretty color. I’m hoping to do a Valentine’s Day mani with this, because it’s perfect.

Last but not least in the least we have Tiana. Ahhhh how I love this shade. I was telling my friends from The Lacquer Ring how I anticipated this would be my favorite… But you just never know. Well, I was CORRECT! I love this creamy pastel pistachio shade so much. It’s my number one choice from this collection. Despite my slight lobster-fingers in the pic, it looks awesome in real life, excellent formula. Thank you Zoya. πŸ™‚

Overall I really love this collection! I think the shimmer is interesting, the cremes are spot-on and I love a collection that isn’t too pink-centric. You can find these on Zoya.com now for $9.00.

How do you like this collection? Which polish is your favorite? Also, as a bonus question- what’s your favorite crappy reality show? I always say there are two types of people- those who like Taco Bell and those that lie! Haha. (I know it’s terrible for you and barely qualifies as “food,” but it’s tasty!) I think the same may be true for reality tv. πŸ˜‰ As always, thank you all for reading and commenting and until next time- Happy Polishing!!


14 thoughts on “Zoya Spring 2015 Delight Collection

  1. I’m with you, Nicole! I like Tiania, the creamy pistachio color best. I’ve never tried Zoya before but this makes it tempting. Is it only sold online? Favorite crappy reality show: I guess that would be Real Housewives, but the cattiness and drunken nastiness (Brandi on RHOBH and Tamra on RHOOC) has really made it unbearable to watch anymore. :(. Bummer! It use to be a fun, guilty pleasure.

    • Ohhh Real Housewives?? I see people from those shows (I have to tell you, my phone just autocorrected to say “hoes,” must know what I’m talking about!!) on other shows and it looks kinda interesting but then they’re just SCREAMING all the time so I pass.

      Zoya is available online AND in stores. It’s a salon brand so it’s not just like at rite aid, but you can find it at some beauty supply stores (not Sally’s) and sometimes Ulta. It’s a little hard to find in some areas, but is really a nice brand and is big 5 free. It’s worth a little hunting. πŸ™‚

  2. Why, yes, I did watch Married at First Sight. I told my best friend about it and we were all in from ep. 1. I FORGOT about “The First Year,” though. Thank you, Nicole, for enabling my reality trash.
    I like the crΓ¨mes in this collection a lot. I like the idea of the turquoise shimmer, but I think it doesn’t show up on the nail as strong as it does in the bottle.

    • You are sooooo welcome! πŸ˜‰ I agree w the shimmer… I mean, it is strong, but it just doesn’t shine like I want it to. I mean, I guess it’s shimmer, not glass fleck so it is what it is. Still pretty though.

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