Zoya Naturel Satins

*Press Sample*

Hey There Polished People!

Today I have the Zoya Naturel Satins for you. These are a new take on the classic Zoya Naturel neutral shades and blur the line between a glossy finish and a matte. If these were interior paint, I suppose they’d be eggshell finish. I have six shades to share with you so let’s get busy!


A classic nude. I like this color, and I’ll comment on the formula at the bottom, as these were all the same.


Neutral super light lavender. Pretty.


Neutral rosy mauve. This is like THE most demure nail polish ever. It’s not too shiny, not too edgy and matte, not too bright (not bright at all) and also not a modern nude. I feel like this is camouflage for your nails. Is that weird?


Super soft green. I actually quite love this color. It’s probably my favorite shade out of the whole collection.


Neutral slate grey. Cool.


Neutral taupe. Whenever I think of taupe I think of my grandma. She used to wear knee-high stockings and there was a certain brand and style that she liked and we searched all over to find her those stockings. And the color always had to be just right- “taupe.” I’ve been crocheting lately and making all sorts of cool stuff (see some of it here) and I just kick myself for not picking it up before she passed away last year. She would have just got the biggest kick out of all the garlands and stuffed animals and headbands I’ve been making.

Formula and Application:
Mehhhhhhhhh. I want to preface this by saying it does not sound like I had a typical experience as several people have told me the formula was spot-on, but let me tell you frankly- these were a pain. I couldn’t get the polish to smooth out, they ended up getting kinda thick and NEVER dried all the way. I woke up with sheet marks in my nails for the first time in YEARS!! SHEET MARKS! I woke up and was like “Oh sheet!!” Har har. I’m here all week folks. Anyway- I wasn’t a fan. I like my nail polish shiny, unless it’s matte of course, in which I want it matte. This just looks like matte polish after you apply cuticle oil, or shiny polish with some sort of residue on it. Ick. Anyway, it’s not for me.

Yes, Please! Or No, Thank You
Pass. No Thank You. Sorry Zoya, love you, kiss kiss hug hug, but these aren’t for me. Looking forward to the spring collection.

Are these Zoya Naturel Satins your type of thing? If so, which is your favorite? What is your favorite finish for nail polish? Would you like to hire me as entertainment for your next wedding or bar mitzvah? (I’m even annoying myself tonight) Let me know in the comments below. As always thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!


5 thoughts on “Zoya Naturel Satins

  1. NOT impressed…Polish should be bright and crazy and feel-good…though I enjoy some of the metallic and gun-metal gray and blues and of course the all sexy BLACK…I think those “naturals” are a bore…still seeking wise instruction on how to polish a real feather on…common sense I guess and tried it myself but the base and top coats get sticky and it is hard to apply feather…HELP!!

    • I’m kinda with ya… Even the glossy ones are kinda boring, but I suppose if you need conservative shades for work, then you’d probably really LOVE them. And with the feather nail… I haven’t tried that, but I’ll do some experimenting as soon as I go get a feather. If you follow me on twitter or FB or something, send me a message there and I will tweet/whatever you back when I have a post up. Or just keep checking back here. πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah I’m not a neutral type of girls when it comes to polish I love me some colorful stuff. I just got the Delight collection today and I love those colors #saveslives. Plus the formula for some of these were thick to apply.

  3. I’m…conflicted. I would typically hate that finish, and those colors aren’t really my jam, yet…I’m still kind of intrigued by them? What is happening? Haha. My favorite is Tove…maybe I’d check that one out and see what’s up.
    Overall, I will always prefer glossy, but I’m having a moment with matte right now, haha. And, yes, I would hire you as entertainment. Would you accept payment in polish? πŸ˜‰ I think I know the answer to that!

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