Just a Little Update

Hey There Polished People!!

Wow, first off I want to say thank you so much to those of you still reading this little blog of mine. I’m completely shocked and appreciative that I’m even still getting any views at all. So thank you all for that.

My daughter is now ONE!! Seriously. Wasn’t she just born? She’s great. She’s hilarious, ridiculous and busy busy busy. Gone are the days she will sit in my lap at her daddy’s basketball games. She has to be running all over the place, and guess who has to be right on her heels! But in all seriousness, she’s so much fun. She does the weirdest, funniest things… It’s just too much to even share.

Beside the baby (toddler? No, let’s stick with baby) keeping me busy, I’ve also been working on an Etsy shop with my sister-in-law. That has been really fun for me, I make all kinds of cute stuff for teens/kids/adults and am going to focus on more kids’ stuff for spring. My sister-in-law makes household items that are really cool and we sell those, too. The shop only started in October but it’s been really fun and is actually what brought me back to blogging. (You can find the shop here, it’s called FauxFarmhouse.) We got the absolute sweetest feedback from someone who I made some snowflake garlands for and it just reminded me how much I really loved interacting with everyone who came across my blog. I also really enjoyed seeing everyone else’s nail art, and honestly I also just like writing. Whether it’s a little quip here and there in an article about nail art, or a list, or a poem… I just like writing, whether it’s good bad or ugly. 😉 Or sarcastic… Always sarcastic.

So, I’m sorry I’ve been the invisible woman on the blog, I still am somewhat active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and I hope to be around a little more. I painted my nails for a post on Friday with my ladies from The Lacquer Ring, and I have decided to just jump back in. My photos may not be stellar, the posts may be a little shorter than usual but if I can even post a little sporadically maybe the law of momentum will just swing me right back into the full-on nail obsession again. 😉 I can hope right? 🙂

Thank you all very much, again, and I hope to see more of you all soon!! Till next time- HAPPY POLISHING!!

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