Stamping Saturday- Happy Memorial Day!

Hey There Polished People!

Here we are with the billionth installment of Stamping Saturday! Jk on the “billionth” part but it has been going on for a while. That’s partially why we decided to open it up to others outside of The Lacquer Ring. So- if you have a stamped mani you want to share, make sure you add it to the linkup at the bottom of this page or the bottom of any of the other ladies’ posts. I may be a little slow on the linking up this week because when this goes live I’ll be camping. Memorial Day is often known for camping and cookouts, but it’s really a day to honor those we’ve lost while in the armed forces, and for my family we also spend time remembering our other family members that have passed as well. I don’t mean to get too somber here, as that’s usually not my style, but it’s important that we remember the purpose of this holiday, and then pour out some liquor for the homies who didn’t make it, so to speak, then enjoy our family and, at the risk of sounding cheesy, our freedom.
For today’s stamped look, I suppose I technically followed the prompt because it is stamped, but I feel a little cheatish because I only stamped three nails (including the elusive thumb, which is the same as my index finger in case you’re wondering). Anyway, here they are!
Memorial Day Stamped Skittles

To get these nails I started with a white base, then used tape and Essie Jelly Apple and Revlon Royal for the chevron/herringbone-y middle and pinky nails. For the majestic eagle I made a kinda camo-inspired red and blue background just using a nail art brush and those same two jelly polishes. I then stamped the white with one of the BM holiday collection plates which I’m sure was intended for the 4th of July. What can I say, I’m a rebel. The flag stamp is also from that same plate (BM H25, FYI) and I used a navy blue Ulta polish (Moody Blues?) and OPI Big Apple Red on the stamp, then scraped diagonally so as not to mix the colors and it was super easy to get the two colors. Anyway, after all that was done, I slapped on some Seche and called it macaroni, not unlike Yankee Doodle, which coincidentally is also quite patriotic.

And for the more polite, such as myself:

What are you all doing for the long weekend if you live in the US? If you don’t live here- you probably have 40 times more vacation days than us anyway so- I hope you’re working Monday! Ha. 😉 Seriously though- thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!

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11 thoughts on “Stamping Saturday- Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Very Memorialtastic!

    I particularly like the eagle over the red and blue ‘camo’ background, it looks awesome. And I gotta say, I’d give a good number of french silk pies to see a video demo of this mythical ‘angled scraping’ you used on the flag stamping to get the two colors to not mix. That looks great and I have yet to attempt this without getting a purple flag.


  2. Very patriotic.
    I wish the people of my country could feel the same pride of being born in such a great country like mine.

    But we have a long story of “belonging” to other countries, so I think that maybe this can change.

    Oth, i do have to work tomorrow.. But i still have more than 30 days of vacation waiting to be taken so LOL.

  3. Super patriotic…so not me lol, but it is very well done. I hope you are enjoying your camping and I hope Madeline doesn’t get eaten by a bear cause she’s so squishy.

  4. …My goodness gracious, Nicole, nice nails. o_o

    I’m Canadian, yet I still really like this! And that Fluttershy pic, like…. I squeed. ^^ But yes, this is a terrific manicure, so neat, so patriotic, and so polished, no pun intended. Hats off~

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