Near Disasticure Flowers

Hey There Polished People!

Today I have a post for you “from the archives” again. I bet you’ll all be happy when my nail shape makes sense and doesn’t keep changing every other post! I know I will! Since I’m posting a couple of times a week (usually mid week- Tuesday/Wednesday- and then of course Saturday) if I do my nails an extra time during the week, I file that picture away to use in the future when I don’t have anything ready to post. Usually this isn’t a problem because my nails always look the same- maybe a little shorter or longer but it’s not so glaringly obvious as it is when they go from round to square to oval to almond… Anyway, so today I have a fun, springy manicure that I’ve seen a lot of people do lately. I attempted to do a cute, freehand daisy design. Let’s look!
Freehand Daisy Nails

Well, I think I succeeded in mostly making them look like daisies, but cute? Ehhh maybe not. I really struggle with flowers for some reason. I think I should practice them and do several flower manis until I have it figured out. We’ll see if I do that. 😉 In case you want to recreate this look and make it actually look good, I used Ulta Cream Of The Crop for my base color, a white striper for the petals, and Essence Little Miss Sunshine for the centers. Tag me on Twitter (polishmeplease) or Instagram (nicole_423) if you do this mani. I’d like to see em!

Do you have a certain (or, in my case, multiple) nail designs that you’re just never happy with? I struggle with flowers of any sort, water marbles, and splatter manis. I just. Can’t. Do em. Let me know if I’m not the only one! And if you say water marbles are your forte… I wish the wrath of a thousand teething babies on you. And trust me… That sucks. The wrath of one is just about enough! As always, thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!

19 thoughts on “Near Disasticure Flowers

  1. As a fellow flower failer, I sympathize. But these are pretty dern good, missy. I’d retitle them “Ninja Star Daisies” if you’re thinking the ‘cute’ moniker isn’t entirely applicable.

    Tee hee. The wrath of a thousand teething babies. That there, Madame, is some fierce wrath.

    • Lol ninjja stsr..

      Well, i struggle with all kinds of nail art.. Even though i love doing my nails, my hand always shake, i cant control it.. And i hate it.

      But if i have to choose a technique, girl, that would be water marble, or any kind of marble for that matter.. I always wonder if Satan himslef discovered that technique. Gosh.

      • Hahaha yeah I have to agree!! Satan definitely came up with water marbling! 😉 My hands shake sometimes too… Especially if I haven’t eaten and drank coffee! Or the other day after I pressure washed my grandpas walkway… Oh my gosh they would NOT stay still!! Anyway, I’m with ya on the marbling!! You won’t see much of that from me!

    • I was obsessed with ninjas as a child… That explains it all!! 😉 And yes- one teething baby is QUITE enough. She seems to be teething all the time but so far… No toofers. 😉

  2. Overall this is still really neat, and I wouldn’t consider it a disaster. There is something special and unique about handpainted art that is so much nicer and more personal than a picture perfect stamped flower anyway. So take pride in that. I love the colors in this and it’s a great mani. Who is going to be looking THAT close to your flower petals anyway? It’s cute enough for me. I like it.

  3. If you hadn’t said you weren’t super-thrilled with this manicure, I wouldn’t have known, haha. Looks pretty good to me! 😉
    I feel like I have more nail art techniques that I struggle with than I am good at, hahaha. Water marbles are definitely a no. And I guess (currently) stamping (womp, womp). Maybe TLR will force us all into improving our nail art skillz. 🙂

  4. I have so much trouble with flowers! I was just trying to paint round flowers on my friend’s nails the other day and I could not do it! So embarrassing – I had to give up and slap glitter polish over everything to cover it up.

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