Zoya Brigitte and ChG Your Present Required

Hey There Polished People!

Today I have another post “from the archives” when I was going through my weird “try every nail shape” phase a few weeks ago. You know what they say- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Well I broke that rule twice. First- my square nails were really just fine and dandy. Sure, maybe my fingers are a little chunky for square nails, but who cares, my fingers are what they are. A different nail shape is going to hide their chunkiness about as much as wearing black is going to hide mine! :p I am what I am. šŸ™‚ So I fixed that thing that wasn’t broke. Then I had perfectly nicely shaped oval nails and I went and “fixed” those by attempting to make them pointy and ended up with the godforsaken monstrosities you see here. Lord help me change my fickle ways!!! Anyway, now that I’ve clearly sold you on how lovely my nails are gonna be, put on your brave panties and have a look anyway-

Zoya Brigitte with ChG Your Present Required

Do I love this combination? Nah. But I think it’s ok. The freaky craptastic shape of my nails is what catches my attention so that precisely, my friends, is why I went back to square. That and I tried to put in my contact with the shark tooth nails and ended up in the ER. A quick note on Your Present Required: although it’s not the most inventive combination of glitters, it’s pretty and the formula is fantastic. Plenty of glitter comes out, no fishing is required and the base isn’t thick enough to give you bubbles. China Glaze, my love, please come back to me. Come out with more of these nice glitters and less of the chalky neon turd muffins you have been spewing out lately.

What do you think of these polishes together? Remember the China Glaze that came out with I’m Not Lion and the rest of the Safari collection? Ahhhh those were the days. As always, thank you all so much for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!


19 thoughts on “Zoya Brigitte and ChG Your Present Required

  1. The combo isn’t bad, honestly. And the shape isn’t bad either. Honestly.

    I think we’ve all gone through different nail shapes trying to get our less than perfect digits to look like… I dunno, Work/Play/Polish or the Polished Perfectionist? One of those ridiculously perfect nails that have the drool-worthy pictures even when they’re posting their naked plates. That glorious C-curve! Those immaculately strait nail walls! The Length! DEAR SWEET MONKEY LOVE THE LENGTH!!!


    Anyway, I was just going to say that my particular favorite (besides the shark nails, of course) nail shape for you is the rounded shape with just a bit of free edge you’ve been sporting recently. But whatever shape you chose, loving the nails you’ve got is the most empowering thing you could probably manage. Second best is having us, your loyal readers, love ’em. And I would fall into camp #2 for you.

    • First- wheewww, have a glass of wine or a tranquilizer! I feel like you went all Billy Eichner on me there for a second!! šŸ˜‰ Those perfect nailed biotches! JUST KIDDING!! Oh my gosh I’m so kidding, I love them and their wonderful nails. Haha.

      Seriously though, thanks for the compliment. I’m glad you fall in group 2, but I’m sorry to disappoint you by not sporting the shark nails. ;p Maybe they’ll reappear at some point. Next April?? Haha! In the meantime I’ll leave the carrying-on of that trend to you. šŸ™‚

  2. Nicole. I was previously unaware that you went…pointy. *skeptically side eyes* I will forgive you because “chalky neon turd muffins” made me laugh.
    I was with Cynthia when she hauled the entire ChG holiday collection and this was the only one I really had my eye on. I remember one of the Halloween glitters similar to this one (in its mix, anyway) being pretty good, though.
    The On Safari days were TOTALLY “the days,” hahaha.

  3. Personally, I really like this nail shape on you. Ahh…yes, I did haul this whole collection at the polish warehouse. I haven’t been back since the last time Lesley and I attacked the place. I did go to their sister store a couple of weeks ago cause it’s close and the guy keeps telling me to go to the warehouse. I told him I would if he drove me there. hahaha Instead, he gave me a bunch of freebies.

    • Hey that worked out!!! Freeeeeebies!!! I really didn’t like these nails. I think anything but square is just so weird for me that I can’t even seem to paint them without them looking weird. Also- with pointy/rounded/nonsquare nails there is a LOT of free edge to wrap and that shtuff gets messy!

  4. I just read a post from cynthia and i mentioned how much i suffer every time i see a blogger experimenting with this shape.. Please show me someone that can pull this shape, cause i havent seen anyone yet.
    I love your square nails!

    Regsrdimg the color combo, i love ir.

  5. I have been quite torn about the Surprise glitters. I am not a HUGE glitter wearer so even though they are cute ( I love round glitter) I am not sure if I must have them.
    I’ve noticed you’re also a big fan of the On Safari collection. I was recently sent Mahogany Magic in error and I can’t decide if I like it or not. And if not, if anyone would want it if I include it in my giveaway. Anyway….
    I like the combination you have here, even if the lovely nail shape doesn’t quite do it for me šŸ˜›

    • Isn’t mahogany magic from the Hunger Games collex? That was not a bad collection either actually. Not quite as beautiful in my opinion as OS, but still excellent quality. Thanks so much for the compliment and looking past the ghastly shape. I’m back to square these days. šŸ™‚ I think I’ll stay. šŸ˜‰

    • Oh and- I always thought mahogany magic looked like a turd. I have an extra bottle that I got for review and never used and I don’t even know who would want it. It’s a special shade. :p

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