Stamping Saturday- Easter Nails!

Hey There Polished People!

Since Easter is tomorrow here in the US (it’s probably Easter already for some of you who live in the future!) I thought I would do some festive nails for Stamping Saturday. I knew I wanted to use some polishes from the Jessica Gelato Mio collection that Cynthia from Of Life And Lacquer picked up for me, but I wasn’t quite sure what exactly to do, so I tried something a little different. I think it turned out pretty nice. Let’s see it!

Pastel Easter Egg Nails

How To Get These Nails
• Basecoat, then paint your nails white.
• When nails are completely dry, apply polish onto a sponge in quadrants- I used Jessica Barely Blueberry, Jessica Banana Peel, Jessica Lime Cooler and Jessica Strawberry Shake It.
• Dab the sponge on each nail, gradient-style, only instead of only moving up and down a little, also move side to side. You may need to do each nail twice, I did.
• When you’re happy with the color fading, apply topcoat and allow nails to dry thoroughly. This is how your nails should look now (pretty, huh?):

• Use stamp BM-H10 and SH Vigorous Violet to stamp the Easter egg design on each nail.
• Top with topcoat and voila! Perfect
for Easter, or any spring day. 🙂

How do you like these nails? Did you do your nails special for Easter? The gradient-like effect kinda got lost with the stamp, but ehh whatever. I almost liked these better before the stamp, but the stamp is fun and made these more Easter-like. I hope you liked em! Happy Easter!! Thank you all for reading and commenting. Till next time- Happy Polishing!

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20 thoughts on “Stamping Saturday- Easter Nails!

    • Thank you! Yours were cute! I like the tulip nails especially. I did some nails a while ago w the big bows and they are a little annoying, but they’re also pretty cool so… 😉

  1. Well weren’t you lucky to have Cynthia make this manicure possible 😉 These all work so well together and I especially love your sponging on the base color.

  2. I like the stamping color over that gradient. A quadrant gradient…gettin’ fancy, now! 😉
    I totally failed on Easter nails, lol. I wanted to, but got bogged down with chores and didn’t have time. I think I’m in one of those occasional weird nail ruts and I want to snap out of it, like, now, lol.

    • I just barely squeaked these out. I have been busy lately and it seems like I’m barely making the nail deadlines. In fact, I’m just about to do my post for TLR right now!!

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