New Zoya Magical Pixies for Summer 2014

Hey There Polished People!

I have another press release for you all from Zoya!!! Remember when the first set of Magical Pixies came out and I said I hoped they came out with more of them in brighter colors?? Well, I wasn’t the only one who wanted that and Zoya delivered! Here’s the new Magical Pixies for Summer 2014

(click image to enlarge)

Yayyy!!! I can hardly wait to try these. I know gold lovers everywhere (like V from For The Love Of Nail Art) will be thrilled to see Bar. I’m personally looking forward to Arlo. That bright purple!! These are up on for preorder NOW and will begin shipping next month along with the Tickled and Bubbly collections.

Are you going to be ordering these or buying them in-store? If I wasn’t fortunate enough to get press samples, I think I would be picking up the purple, Arlo, for sure, and possibly Ginni IF she’s BRIGHT pink, which I’m really hoping for. I think Bar will be really pretty too but I’m not sure I love gold enough to buy it. We’ll see when I get em! Thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!!


6 thoughts on “New Zoya Magical Pixies for Summer 2014

  1. JY! I cannot wait to see the gold. In fact, dare I say, all three of these colours are looking STUNNING and I’m sure they’re 100% going to deliver! They’re such princess colours

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