Stamping Saturday- Nubs, nubs, nubs nubs-nubs-NUBS!

Hey There Polished People!

As you know if you follow my blog, I’ve been experimenting with my nail shape recently. I think it’s safe to say I’m mostly done experimenting and have decided that I’m a square. 😉 Or rather my favorite nail shape is square, but the former statement also mostly applies. The awkward thing is that I’ve done some future nail posts with my previous nail shapes so it’s gonna get a little weird here for a while. Sorry about that. Since we are gearing up to do this bi-monthly nail challenge with my blogger friends, I tried to get ahead a little, and when the baby sleeps, mama likes to paint her nails!! So… My nails are going to change almost day to day on here for the next few weeks. I’m definitely going back to square though, as mentioned above, so for now they’re little nubbins. So, for today’s stamped look, behold the nubbins!!

These nails were super easy and quick. I used my favorite basecoat- SH Hard As Nails, painted a couple/few coats of OPI Love. Angel. Music. Baby., waited for it to dry (no topcoat for this satin polish!) and then stamped with Konad Black polish using BM204. Easy as can be! And quick!

Check out all the other stamped manis by clicking the button below!

I hope you like my stamped look today and don’t mind the nubs too much. I certainly don’t. There’s something really nice about extra-short nails. I wouldn’t mind them at all if I wasn’t in transition and could make them legitimately square. As always, thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!

11 thoughts on “Stamping Saturday- Nubs, nubs, nubs nubs-nubs-NUBS!

  1. Aw…I’m disappointed that you’re not sticking with the shark teeth! 😉
    I don’t mind the nubs! And I love this mani! Just clean & eye-catching. Kinda reminds me of New Orleans. 😉

    • I see that now that you mention it. I can’t believe Daniel, Mr New Orleans Saints himself didn’t say that! And yeah- I had to give up the shark nails 😉 I had tended to my bonsai garden enough and no longer needed the fingertip rakes.

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