Zoya Magical Pixies

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Hey There Polished People!

When I first saw the press release for the Zoya Magical Pixies I was super hyped about them. I really have never had a bad thing to say about Zoya’s Pixie Dust formula and with the added holographic particles and hex glitter I was thinking these were going to be (in Oprah’s voice, of course) magniiiiificent!!! Then I saw the review on All Lacquered Up, which to me is one of the “holy grail” type nail blogs and she wasn’t a big fan! I was crushed. And then some of my blogger friends were saying how they didn’t have them yet but after seeing those swatches they didn’t like them and I was worried that I wouldn’t like them either. 😦 I don’t like glitter polishes that have the “taco glitter” and are rough feeling, and I can’t stand when my nails snag my hair and stuff. Well, I got them last week, have wear tested them and swatched em and I’m ready to give you my results. Are you ready? Here we go!

Zoya Vega

Vega is a light blue Magical Pixie Dust. The small holographic particles and large holo hexes really make these polishes sparkle!! This polish makes me think of Cinderella.

Zoya Lux

Lux is my favorite of the bunch. This soft pink with all the holographic sparkle is just to die for. And I’m not even a pink fan!!! I just love the subtle color juxtaposed with the flashy finish.

Zoya Cosmo

Cosmo is my least favorite out of the bunch, but it’s still fantastic. Since it’s silver it’s the perfect go-to super sparkler for your nails. Forget regular glitter… This is the new eye catcher. 😉 Johnny Weir should have worn this during him and Tara Lipinski’s skating commentary for the Olympics. Can I just tell you how much I love those two?? Johnny Weir is like THE most fabulous dresser and I just think him and Tara Lipinski are too adorable together!!

All three polishes have the same formula and the formula is great!! I applied two medium/thick coats to each nail, no base and no top coat. The polish is a little thick due to its textured nature, but it wasn’t problematic at all. Also, I didn’t find it all that much rougher in texture than the regular pixies. The large holographic hexes didn’t stand up and snag anything, they are sparse enough that they just add some sparkle and don’t hang off the end of the nail or anything. I don’t know why people are hating them- I actually LOVED them!! And so did my friend Amy from The Fancy Side. We were both emailing our pictures to our super exclusive group of snarky blogger friends and were like, “Those other people are crazy!!! These are awesome!”

I wore these nails for a few days and my right hand started chipping after the third day, but that’s average or even above average considering there was no top coat and no wrapped tips. I really hope Zoya keeps up with these and makes some more vibrant colors, but I also hope they make a nude because I would love LOVE LOVE that. Nails like Britney Spears’ 2000 VMA performance outfit? Yes please!! (Please tell me I am not the only one who obsessed over that outfit?! Someone… Anyone??? The nude, sparkly pants and top!)

Yes, Please or No, Thank You

Yes, please! I think these are just beautiful. Not too textured like some think, just sparkly and soooo pretty. If you hate diamonds and sparkles and sunshine and puppies and happiness maybe this isn’t for you, but otherwise- I think you should give them a try! 🙂 They’re available now where Zoya is sold and also on Zoya.com

What do you think of these? Are they too chunky looking for you? Where would you wear these? As always thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!

16 thoughts on “Zoya Magical Pixies

  1. These are all gorgeous and I’m glad to hear you ended up liking them! I totally agree that the blue one is like Cinderella! And I ALSO totally agree with you that a Britney Spears inspired nude sparkly would be AMAZING!

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! I’m excited to do some nail art with these. Zoya has a good light blue that “should” look fantastic paired w our Cinderella blue. 😉

  2. Firstly that Britney nude outfit has been a fav for me FOREVER. Same in Toxic where she jewelled her whole body! Gorgeous!
    I love all three of these and to me they are perfect for weddings (bride and company). I think Zoya did a great job with them!

  3. Oh, Nicole…I miss your blog posts. Oprah voice…Johnny Weir…super exclusive group of snarky blogger friends…Britney Spears’ VMA outfit…if you hate diamonds and sparkles and sunshine and puppies and happiness…oh, the LOLZ!
    I ended up liking Lux the best, which is funny because it’s the one I thought I would like the least. I would be all over a nude or, possibly even better, a rose gold like Amy said.

    • That’s exactly what I thought… That I wouldn’t like Lux cuz I’m not that big on pink but ooh I love it. 🙂 I’m glad someone likes all my stupid little rambly side comments!! 😉

    • They’re awesome. I really love them. I’m about tired of the textures so I’m glad some companies are doing a little something to shake it up (besides crinkle chromes!!!).

  4. I think Zoya’s been the bees knees as far as the textured trend goes, but I was vaguely worried this gorgeous looking collection would be the downfall. So glad to hear this is not the case!

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