China Glaze Highlight of My Summer Swatch and Review

Hey There Polished People!

Today I have a quick swatch to share with you. My love of neons is no secret, so when I heard that the China Glaze On The Shore collection of neons was so incredibly crappy I was soooo disappointed!! China Glaze has kind of been hitting a rough spot lately if you ask me. Although I have to say, despite some bad reviews, I found the Hologlam collection to be really nice. Anyway- even though I was heartbroken, there was one color that just called to me so much that I had to get it even though I KNEW it was going to be the bane of my existence. That polish is/was:

China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer


Highlight Of My Summer over white, with Seche Vite on top.


HighlightOfMySummerChG (2)


First off- sorry about the white paint in my cuticles. I painted the white wall of the baby room and really didn’t notice how gross my hands still were until I am here posting this picture. Sorrysorrysorrysorry.


Highlight Of My Summer is a neon minty green color. What initially drew me to this color was that this polish reminds me of a green version of Flip Flop Fantasy which is one of my all-time favorites. It’s almost pastel, except that it’s NOT and instead its retina-searingly bright. I LOVE this color.


China Glaze made a mistake when they named this. I think what they meant to call it was “Lowlight Of My Summer” cuz you’d have an easier time getting some liquid Mylanta to look even and lovely on your nails. The formula is just what everyone said- uneven, chalky, terrible. You MUST wear white undies with this or you will regret the day you were born. Even with a nice clean white canvas to work with, I think I applied 3, maybe even 4, coats to get it to look nice and even. If I could find a dupe for Highlight Of My Summer and get my hands on it, I would give this to my worst enemy because without lots of practice, polish undies, and an excellent quality topcoat (Seche Vite), you’re never gonna get this to look nice. If you try this polish and don’t arm yourself with ample patience, may God have mercy on your soul.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

I can’t recommend this to you all. I am still kinda happy I bought it because I do love the color, but I would hate to be like “Oh you haaaave to get this” and then you firebomb my house after your first attempt to use it. I’m having a baby in a couple of months, ain’t nobody got time fo’ that! If you get this, just make sure to use a white base coat, have patience and be prepared to apply several coats. The color is great… but that’s all it has going for it. It’s kind of like that Aaryn girl on Big Brother! Pretty on the outside, but pretty much rotten and irredeemable on the inside. No, Thank You.

Have you purchased any polishes from this collection? Do you find the formula problematic? Let me know how you like this and if you watch Big Brother in the comments below. As always, thank you all very much for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

33 thoughts on “China Glaze Highlight of My Summer Swatch and Review

  1. i get so sad when i read these kind of reviews on polishes i really like the color. it breaks my heart.

    applying 7 coats (base coat + white + minty green + top coat) ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

  2. I stayed far away from this collection, because every review was so bad. I wanted this color too, but I’m just not going to baby a polish like this! So if you find a dupe (mainstream or indie), please let me know!!

  3. Haha I feel like this is how I feel about any polish even resembling pastel or neon – patience is your best friend when working with these formulas. The color does look wonderfully fun though, so good on you for dealing with it!!

  4. Of course, Lesley had to get this color despite my warnings, but I did also enable her to get it at the same time because I told her that if she didn’t get it, then she would always be wondering about it. I guess it’s a good think that she lives kinda of far so she can’t fire bomb my place although she might want to after meeting my brother….but that’s another story for another time. hahaha You had me cracking up right now with this review. I’m not happy that you found the formula just as craptastic as I did, but I’m relieved because for a while I thought it was just me. I can’t understand, for the life of me, how some people made these work without some major effort–they must have so magical polishing skills….that’s my only explanation.

  5. OMG. This is HILARIOUS.
    Firstly: This was also the only color I wanted out of this collection. Since I heard it was crap, and I knew I wouldn’t find it around me, I figured I could let it pass. Then I saw it on my journey to the polish Mecca, waffled, was convinced as Cynthia described above, and grabbed it.
    Secondly: I bought this color THE DAY BEFORE you posted this. I laughed so hard. I read this to my non nail-polish friend, explaining that I just bought it, and she was also laughing.
    Thirdly: I will not try this unless: 1. I have plenty of time and 2. I buy that Nina white for undies. The white I have now will NOT be OK for this manicure.
    Thanks for the post, oh, man, it was funny. 😀

    • Glad you found it funny! Sometimes I type something up and I’m like oh goodness, how crazy will people think I am?! Too bad for you/good thing for me- you already know how crazy so I guess we’re good! I just was so conflicted and appalled by this polish I had to go nuts w the post. You don’t expect me to hold back, do you? 😉

  6. I ordered this polish along with the flip flop fantasy polish because I saw it used in countless nail-tutorials and I LOVED the color. I just painted my nails with the flip flop fantasy color and was honestly wondering if it was even nail polish. I really thought I got ripped off because it applied streaky, needed multiple coats and looked like matte acrylic paint. I’m still REALLY in love with the colors but to anybody still wanting to buy this color GET A SECHE VITE TOP COAT. It’s a miracle and it’ll fix almost any lumpiness! I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the formula was terrible 🙂

    • That is interesting that you found Flip Flop Fantasy color also, because at the time I got my FFF (a year or two ago?) the formula was good. I use mine pretty frequently and never have problems. However, if they revamped it (aka made it SUCK!!) to repromote it with the newer neons that’s really unfortunate because it WAS good. 😦 Seche does help though so thank goodness for that! Thanks for the info for everyone!

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