Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink Swatch And Review

Hey There Polished People!

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of neons. I’m always looking for the better, brighter retina-searing shade, and pink is one color that I haven’t quite been able to find yet. I have Essie Lights, which is definitely “hot” but not quite “neon.” I also have an Elf neon pink that is just so thin and sheer that I tried it once and literally threw it away. The closest to a true neon pink that I have is ChG Flip Flop Fantasy, which I absolutely LOVE but it’s more of a coral-pink shade, and I’m looking for regular, pure PINK! I recently was in Sally’s to buy some ChG Strong Adhesion base coat for my mom when I just so happened to spot Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink. Ready to see how I liked it?

Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink

NUPPunkiPink (2)


Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink is super bright neon pink!! You’ll see that I had to take these pictures in the shade, and you can still see how bright this color is. When I photographed it in the sun, it absolutely freaked my camera out and looked almost orange so I didn’t even use those. This is a true neon polish. I layered it over my favorite white (NUP French White, which just may be the best white ever) because it was a little sheer on its own, but as you can see, over white it looks perfect.


Like I mentioned above, as with many neons, this color is going to look best layered over white. I can not recommend Nina Ultra Pro French White enough. The white is super opaque, even in one coat, the brush is wide and works PERFECTLY and I just love it. I’ll never go back to any other white. Anyway, the formula for Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink is a little sheer, but I find that to be typical of neons. In a couple/few coats the pink is opaque, and the polish glides on smooth, and I didn’t have any dragging or anything else annoying to contend with.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please! I can see myself wearing Punki Pink a lot this summer, I really loved the bright pink, the formula was good and I loved how it nearly glowed in lower light. 🙂 There was also a really interesting green neon polish with what looked like pearly or possibly holographic glitter in it next to this polish on the stand at Sally’s and I’m thinking I should get that next time I’m out that direction.

Have you found the perfect neon pink? Have you tried this brand of polish before? I haven’t tried one that I didn’t really like yet, so let me know if you’ve had the same experience. As always, thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀


34 thoughts on “Nina Ultra Pro Punki Pink Swatch And Review

  1. Stunning color! What a pop! When you use a white base coat, how do you avoid having any white peek through on the sides/base of your nails? I feel like I can always see a tiny bit of white around the edges when I use a white base coat. What’s your secrettttt? Just tons of practice?


    • I try to make the white pretty far in from my edges, cuz that happens to me sometimes, too. You really won’t notice a tiny margin of pink (or whatever color) that doesn’t have white underneath, so I just try to make sure that my white is narrower and further away from the cuticle than where I’ll want the pink to be. And I don’t wrap my tips w the white, only pink, cuz again you won’t notice that it’s slightly darker or less opaque. I hope that makes sense!

    • Is it sheer and terrible? Have you tried white undies w it? Some neons are just horrible and there’s nothing you can do about it. Although- you could try it for sponging a gradient, because I found they my super crappy chg Kiwi Coolada that is always a streaky mess on its own is GREAT in a gradient.

  2. Insta-tan? That’s a great pink but I do not like the idea of wearing white underneath–too much work for me so I guess I’m not a true neon lover. It looks great on you! I had a bunch of Nina polishes that I gave to my mom and she loves them too.

    • They’re really a pleasant surprise for me. I always overlooked them until someone mentioned that white and I tried it and loved it. I can’t believe YOU, Miss “I used the OPI Minnie Couture glitter like gleequins,” don’t have the patience to wear white under your neons! :p And what’s this about “Insta-tan”??

      • LOL…I meant that the lighting made it look like you had a tan AND neon makes you seem tan…but we both know you’re Casper white so pfft! You know, I hate the white peeking through even if it’s a tiny little bit. IT DRIVES ME BANANAS.

        • The lighting gives me corpse hands, actually, and you KNOW how I’m such a fan of that! Please, allow me to take pictures of my nails in my dark, dank bedroom with flash. This is a close second and for that, I apologize. And HEY!! I’m not so casper white anymore! I may not look Filipina (Ha!) but I’m definitely getting tan. In fact today I just sat out for a bit because I have the baby showers the next two weekends you know, and I can’t be all farmer’s tanned in my cute dresses that I bought just for those occasions! I would seriously kill to be able to wear a tank top to work. I hate wearing men’s crew neck shirts. Blech. And about the white margins around your nails- I feel ya. That’s the only problem I have with neons that need a white base (all of them). But it’s worth it to me 😉

  3. well nicole you know how much i love NEON colors… you know i would love to wear neon on my nails all year long LOL. and this pink.. it just.. stole my heart.

    if i have to recommend another pink neon, my recommendation would be: Finger Paints Warhol Wannabe

    omg. i just want to go home and do my nails.

          • hahaha LOL i’m wearing a very dark deep purple on my toenails right now, but after suggesting you warhol wannabe i was all like. next week i should use that polish on my toes..!

              • hahaha that is one of my biggest concerns when i get pregnant.. i will have to go to the salon to get my feet done.. i hate people touching my toes.

                but mostly because i cant clip my toenails like a normal person, i’ve tried and always end up making a bloody (and i don’t mean to write like an english lady, but talk about real blood coming out from my toes cause i hurted myself) mess so i have to some sort of cirque du soleil contortion to do it..
                i even wait for jorge to be outside the house to get my toenails done so i can do it without someone making fun of me and my weird routine.

                • Haha!! I don’t have a problem cutting my nails into bloody stubs or anything but I do paint them funny. For one I use dividers and Daniel DIES laughing when I put them between my toes, and then I’m all contorted and then like kinda twist my toes to get them the right way for me to paint them perfectly. Guys just don’t get it. ;p

  4. I LOVE pink (in case anyone couldn’t tell) and this is just gorgeous!!
    My favourite neon pinks are Tip Top – Sexy Bikini and Sinful Colors – Fusion Neon.
    I’ll have to hook you up! 😉

    • You like pink?? NO WAY! :p I would hope you do at least… wouldn’t THAT be ironic if you didn’t!?! Siobhan told me about a Tip Top Pink… I wonder if that’s the one… There are a lot of purdy Tip Top polishes out there! 🙂

  5. “I’m always looking for the better, brighter retina-searing shade…” I actually thought, “Will she not stop until someone literally goes blind?” Hahaha.
    Well, it looks like you found your neon pink! :p I have a Sation that was enabled by Cynthia that looks insanely bright that I need to try. Also the pink from the WnW Saved by the Bell collection, but I think the Sation is brighter.
    I have to pick up that white…the white I have kinda sucks. I’m weird about it because I think, “I have a white, I shouldn’t buy another white,” but, c’mon, spend a few dollars and buy one that works better, sheesh! :p
    The first (and last) time I tried white undies with a neon, it looked horrendous, but I think I should give it another go. That was probably about a year ago and I have slightly more skill now…only slightly. :p

    • I am just imagining you saying the whole “till someone goes blind” thing all incredulously and I actually laughed a little at work when it popped up and I saw it. I’ll stop. Well, after the next neon pink I’m gonna share- Maria told me about Warhol Wannabe by FP and it’s NICE.

      I can totally relate about not wanting to buy something else when you still have one. I am bad about that w my base coats. I swear my last bottle of base coat was like thicker than molasses and I STILL used it because it had a little left. I hate how polish bottles are not even made to use all the product. Whoever thought of that should be slapped. I even had a backup bottle but I would NOT crack it till the first was completely unusable. So I’ve been tilting and smoothing it over my nails, cuz it’s so thick it can’t even be used regularly, forEVER and just the night before last I got out my new bottle. It’s ridiculous cuz it was probably like 20 cents of product in there and honestly my time is worth more than that, but heaven forbid I replace it before I need to! Take my advice and ditch the crappy white. :p

    • Yes it is! I love it. Have you tried Finger Paints Warhol Wannabe? Maria from My Nails Diary told me about it and I think it’s just as bright w a slightly less picky formula.

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