Neon and Glitter Color Blocked Nails

Hey There Polished People!

As you may have noticed it seems that my latest nail obsessions are gradients, neons and needle drags. Well today I have something that combines two of those things- it’s a neon gradient! And just because I didn’t feel like that was enough, I color blocked it with some neutral glitter polish. Have a peek and let me know what you think!

Neon and Glitter Color Blocked Nails

ImNotLionGlowstickKiwiCooladeOrangeKnockout (3)


ImNotLionGlowstickKiwiCooladeOrangeKnockout (2)

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails white with NUP French White.
  3. Use a makeup sponge and ChG Orange Knockout, Orly Glowstick and ChG Kiwi Coolada to make a neon gradient on your nails.
  4. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow your nails to dry completely.
  5. When your nails are dry, cut pieces of tape that fit down the middle of your nails, leaving a little exposed on the sides. Place the tape on each nail.
  6. Use ChG I’m Not Lion and paint the exposed sides of each nail. Remove the tape after you paint each nail.
  7. Add a final healthy layer of Seche Vite and see your nails sparkle and burn your retinas out in the sun. 🙂

These nails were a lot better in my head than they were in execution, plus the neon makes me camera go nutso, so I am not completely satisfied with these, but overall I guess I like them. I mean, really, how could I hate anything neon? 🙂 I hope you all like these a little at least! 😉 As always, thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

28 thoughts on “Neon and Glitter Color Blocked Nails

    • Yeah I kinda agree w you. I think it was better in theory than in practice. I just wanted something different than the typical black-sided color blocking. Thanks about the gradient tho! 🙂

  1. i love when it’s summer in europe\the US.. all the bloggers doing these amazing neon manicures.. because i love in the country of eternal sunshine i always wear neons, sometimes i feel alone 😦

      • you don’t want endless summer.. it is too humid, too hot.. and you never know when it’s going to rain.. and when it rains hell it rains like it’s never going to end..!!

        when i went to chicago to lollapalooza and they have to close the park on saturday i was all like.. bitch please.. come to panama and then we talk about a storm LOL.

        BUT on the positive hand, neons are accepted all year long. YAY for neon!

        • That’s an excellent point. The constant heat and especially humidity would get to me eventually. I love heat when I can be out sunbathing and swimming and stuff but I get like ANGRY hot when it’s so hot and I have to work or attempt to look nice and can’t stop sweating. It’s terrible. But- I get sick of the cold rain here too so…. Guess I’m hard to please! ;p

  2. Holy BRIGHT and LOUD! Summer nails fo’ so’! I don’t dislike them, but could see this idea working well with other color combinations, as well.
    I think I may make August “summer neon manicure” month. :p I have some bright stuff I haven’t worn because I think, “Oh, it’s so bright, I need to wear that in the summer,” and I consider summer June, July, and August, sooo…I’d better get crack-a-lackin’! 😉

    • Haha bright and loud is my middle name!! Did I ever tell you I have lime green walls in the living room? And an orange kitchen, and a blue bathroom? And you’ve seen the baby room colors. My color choices nearly gives my poor dad epilepsy as he is a big fan of white walls. :p I’m realizing now that writing it all down like that makes my house sound like a clown house… Which it’s not, at least not cuz of the colors. 😉 I think these nails would look good in neutral/natural colors w the neutral-ish glitter on the sides. Maybe in the fall. 🙂

        • Oh yeah I do. It’s funny though because even tho he hated the green, now he’s acting like he liked that but this is just too much. :p Psshhh I see what he’s trying to do! I told him to wear his sunglasses when he comes over!

    • Thank you so much!! Sorry I was so slow to respond to these comments. In case you miss my other reply- I don’t do nails professionally. Thanks for the compliment though! And thanks for reading and commenting!!

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