Sexy Sailor in The City Nails

Hey There Polished People!

I don’t know about other cities around the US but here, when the sailors come in for “Fleet Week,” it’s a bit of a big deal. People go downtown to the big festival/carnival with the intention of meeting sailors. I mean, I get people are all excited about a “man in uniform” and all that but I find it a little creepy. I mean, these guys are just off their boats for a short time, and these ladies get dressed up in their Saturday Skankiest (not to be confused with their Sunday Best which they presumably wear to church the next day with the same hair and makeup from the night before) and flock downtown to see them. Do they think they’re really going to strike up this relationship on the ferris wheel like a scene out of a Nicholas Sparks book? I’m thinking no. Although- I suppose it could happen. Let me know if that’s worked out for you. πŸ˜‰ Today I have some quick stamped nails that I did over my ChG Sexy In The City nails from my last post. As you may remember, I wasn’t in love with that polish, but it looked pretty good underneath a white stamp. However, my stamping was exceptionally sloppy so that’s unfortunate. Are you ready to see what I’m talking about?

Sexy Sailor In The City Nails



SexyInTheCityWCheeky36 (2)

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with 2-3 coats of ChG Sexy In The City.
  3. Apply a coat of Jessica Brilliance and allow your nails to dry thoroughly.
  4. When your nails are completely dry, use CH36 and Konad Special White polish to stamp on the anchor design. Please check your stamped image on the stamper better than I did and don’t smear and smudge your design like I did. I guess I was in a big fat hurry or something. 😦
  5. To avoid smearing these further, I applied a quick coat of OPI clear base and topcoat, followed by a coat of my fast drying Jessica Brilliance. I find that the quick dry polishes tend to smear designs more, so I went with a safer initial topcoat and finished it up with the fast dry.

Does your city have a Fleet Week or something similar? Have you ever went downtown and tried to catch yourself a sexy sailor? For some reason I’m thinking that Amanda from Mae’s Beauty is married to Β a sailor, but now that I’m saying that (and I’m dead tired as I write this) I’m wondering if I’m correct. She’ll have to set us straight in the comments below. πŸ˜‰ As always, thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€


27 thoughts on “Sexy Sailor in The City Nails

    • Thanks! Me too. My parents always called me a fish because I liked swimming so much. I still do, we just have a tiny pool and I love swimming around in circles in it in the summer, or just floating, all by my lonesome. πŸ˜‰

  1. Nope, no fleet week here, but we do get the Spring Breakers. I am really appalled at the whole idea of skanks going out to meet sailors. My Daddy and both my brothers were career Navy seamen and my daughter is currently serving her second term. I guess I am glad they never mentioned that aspect of their jobs.

    • I feel bad for all the sailors! I’m sure the vast majority of them are like “oh boyyyy” *eye roll* when they see some of these women. It’s ridiculous. Oh well, I’m sure they get a kick out of it at times, too. πŸ™‚

  2. lol Saturday Skankiest! That’s hilarious! Yea, there’s a fleet week in San Francisco, but I’ve never been to it.
    I am loving this mani! The blue is gorgeous and the anchors are so cute! πŸ˜€

    • Haha yeah I can’t say I’ve ever been right in the middle of it, but we have our rose festival during that time and I’ve been there to see all the prowlers. πŸ˜‰ Thanks about the nails! πŸ™‚

  3. I completely disagree with this post. You know I love me some semen. I mean, seamen. I think. Anyway, I think this mani is super cute and you kind of pushed me to bust out my stamps today. I’m really sick right now so let’s attribute this comment to the fever. There was a really funny Sex And The City episode about fleet week and OMG, I love the sailor that was with Carrie. I love the way that episode closed: “If Louis was right, and you only get one great love, New York may just be mine. And I can’t have nobody talking shit about my boyfriend.” PS. I’m going to file your nails.

    • Oh goodness… This comment was just too much! Hahaha. And yes- please do come file my nails, about twice w week preferably, because they’re growing like weeds these days and I hardly can keep them short!! I swear I hacked them down super short last week and here I am tonight w nails so long I basically have zero cleanup even from wrapping my tips. Talk about being whiny but seriously- why can’t they chill a little and stay shortish?!

  4. We don’t have fleet week but because we live on the coast, we have like festivals here (we call them a fees [not said like payment fees]) like the patat (sweet potato) festival (? I don’t get that one), the crayfish festival, Lagoon festival, blah blah. Anyway and then there’s bands performing, vendors with food, whores.. Oh sorry I mean young ladies looking for sailors lol.

    Ok the stamping IS wonky, I won’t lie, BUT the idea is kwaai and they’re not all wonky. The nails that have good stamps on it, I really like

  5. bahaha ‘Saturday skankiest’ love it! and I am not married to a sailor, no. He was in the army, but close- Armed Forces nonetheless πŸ™‚ Thanks for the shout out lol I am in love with this blue, I have it as well but it stains the hell out of my nails even with a base, does it do that to you? 😦

    • Oh shoot! Army, not Navy. Well at least now we have some mystery of how you picked him up. ;p Jk of course. And about the staining, I don’t think I had any. If I did it was just a little around the cuticles. I wonder what makes some people get staining and some not? I use SH Hard As Nails so maybe that’s for the difference. I won’t be using this much anyway, but if I do I’ll see if different base coats make any difference.

      • I dont know maybe its the same reason that we got from OPI that every polish is different… lol! Yes he is in the Army. πŸ™‚ Actually we met here in Jersey he worked for my familys business so we knew each other then and talked but I was seeing someone at the time. He joined the ARmy, went to Iraq the first time and we sent letters etc, and when he got back we started dating and were married by his second tour 😦 (boo to second tour not to we were married lol) And we have been married ever since itll be 9 years the end of this month.

        • Oh shoot… Idk why I had the navy stuck in my head! Sorry about that! πŸ™‚ that’s pretty cute how you guys met and got together. I was laughing at your explanation of the frowny face cuz I was kinda thinking “we got married :(” uhhh why’s she so sad about that?? And oh man don’t even remind me about OPI’s “it’s like your own custom polish!” comment. I haven’t even been able to post that yet just cuz I don’t even know what I’m going to say and also when I used that polish last, I did an ugly ugly thing w it so I actually removed it w/o photographing.

          • Hahaha yea i definitely felt it needed explanation because as i was reading it i was like this looks like im sad we got married hahaha ! Eell try something else with the opi so we can see your custom polish lol

  6. Saturday Skankiest/Sunday Best…AH-HAHAHAHA!!!
    I do not think this Fleet Week idea is a promising idea AT ALL. For a one night stand – yes. For a relationship – no.
    Oh, and since you asked, it did not work out for me. πŸ˜‰ My boyfriend from college randomly joined the Navy when we graduated and I couldn’t hang. I did not, however, entice him with my Saturday Skankiest at Fleet Week, so that could have been the problem. πŸ˜‰
    Me likey the anchor stamp!!! I like it with this polish, but I almost want to see it in some super-cute nautical-themed mani!

  7. Ok. So I tried the strip mess to no avail. I keep my toes a constant change but I am LOVING your post. Questions though- where are you getting your stamps at? What other tools would be necessary to have? I have two kids(under 2) so I need some very cute quick ideas.

    • Thanks so much! πŸ™‚ I bought most of my stamping supplies online via amazon or BundleMonster’s website. Besides the stamping plates themselves, you will need a scraper (I prefer the metal kind, some people prefer plastic, they’re a few bucks on amazon and I recommend the konad brand), a silicon ended stamper (I like the double ended konad stamper, also a few bucks on amazon), and some polish suitable for stamping. You can buy a few konad special polishes made just for stamping but the newer formulas aren’t all they used to be, so I would probably start off w a few dark shades of Sally Hansen Insta Dri from the drugstore. Stamping isn’t quite as quick as you’d think (unless you just do an accent nail which is a good quick option) so when you first start out give yourself a little time to play around and get the hang of things. Once you have it down its *usually* fairly quick. Good luck and let me know if that answered your question sufficiently! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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