China Glaze Hologlam Sci-Fly By

Hey There Polished People!

I have been doing some fun nail art lately, but then last time I shared that wonderful polish that is Mystic Glacier by Ninja Polish so now I guess I’m on a swatching kick again. Not to worry, because I have more nail art coming up, but there are a couple polishes (all blue, interestingly enough) that I’d like to share with you first. The first one that I want to share belongs to the China Glaze Hologlam collection. There was a little controversy with this collection because the holographic effect was said to be pretty weak, but actually now that I’ve seen more pictures and tried this one myself, I think they’re ok. Not blow-your-mind holographic like the Jade ones, or even some of the Layla ones, but they’re definitely “good.” Let’s just see the pics and then I’ll share my complete review.

China Glaze Sci-Fly By

ChGHoloGlamSciFlyBy (2)





China Glaze Sci-Fly By is a light blue linear holographic polish. As you can see in these direct sunlight photos, the linear holographic effect is quite strong in the sunlight. I actually love how this looks in bright sun, but indoors it’s kind of just a frosty blue metallic. This indoor/outdoor discrepancy is common for holographic polishes, but it’s still kind of a downside to this, and all, holographic polishes.

Formula/ Application:

Yikes, watch the dragging on this one. If you so much as touch a spot that you’ve already painted even just a second later, you’re going to drag the polish right off that section. Now, to be fair, I did these nails while on vacation at my Grandma’s halfway across the US so the humidity was different from at home and stuff, but still, it was kind of ridiculous. I am a patient person and I found myself getting frustrated and wondering if I was going to be able to make these look good or if I was going to just have to take it off and throw the bottle away. After the first 2 coats dragged a lot, the third went on fine and as you can see I ended up with a nice smooth finish, but just be prepared to put on your patient panties for the first coat or two.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

I’m up in the air about ChG Sci-Fly By. A lot of people are all cuckoo for coco puffs over holographic polishes, but I’m honestly not one of them. I like them just fine when the formula is good and they do look pretty cool in the sun, but I kind of have a hard time deciding what to do with them without hiding the holographic finish, and I find the formula on so many to be inconvenient at best. Also, the frosty metal look indoors just does nothing for me and I like my nails to look good everywhere, not just outside. That being said, this blue is really pretty and I felt like it made my skin look really nice, and the polish photographed well so there’s nothing “wrong” with it, just nothing that spectacularly “right” either. So if you’re a lover of holos- Yes, Please. If you’re kinda whatever about them- you’ll probably live without this.

Are you crazy for holos? Are you hard to impress like myself? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, just out of curiosity- how much are you willing to work to make a polish look good? Are you mostly willing to dab, or fish or re-coat nails to make them look good or does dragging and evasive glitter send you reaching for remover and your nearest trusty creme formula? Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€

26 thoughts on “China Glaze Hologlam Sci-Fly By

  1. meeeh.. i’m not into holos, i guess because i can’t find them in Panama and the one i bought last year from the bohemian luster collection was so disappointing. I mean, the formula was OK on that one, but the color and the holographic effect didn’t fill my expectations. 😦

    the humidity shouldn’t be a problem for the polish, IMO, i mean, the humidity here is (drumrolls please) 99% ALL THE YEAR.. i have like an afro all the year.. and my hair is asian-straight LOL.

    i didn’t like the polish this polish, for me is NO!

    • Yeah I mostly agree w you on the holos. I actually don’t know about the bohemian luster polishes, but just in general a good holographic polish is hard to find. And I’m just not usually THAT blown away by them.

    • Thanks! Yeah it’s so annoying when polishes are so difficult, but I’m glad at least that it worked out at the end. I suppose w these metallic-ish polishes you just have to be extra patient. πŸ™‚

  2. This colour is nice and looks great on you!
    I’ve seen another CG holo before and, depsite it was particular, it wasn’t strongly holo… it looks like a problem of this CG line.
    I’m quite curious about holos but I’m not really excited to get them.
    Have a wonderful day!!!

    • Thanks, I felt the same. This one looks nice and is cool enough but I’m not too worried about getting my hands on more. Thanks for weighing in! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m one of those gaga for holos people I admit so I ADORE this blue *steals and walks off*
    With my holo, I had to wait for each coat to dry. It didn’t bug me as I was watching tv at the time so I was occupied and every ad break painted on my new coat.
    If I’m NOT watching tv or reading, I have no patience to make a colour work to be honest.

    • I think you have a point there about having something to do while you wait- I think since I was at my grandma’s just waiting for it to dry enough to stop dragging it seemed more annoying. If I’d been tweeting in between or watching a good show maybe I wouldn’t have noticed as much. Do you have any good holos in SA? Maybe from Tip Top?

  4. I’m…semi-patient. I’ll definitely dab, but I have to draw the line at fishing (ahem, drugstore glitters). Unless I’m doing some kind of fancy gradient/effect, I will usually do a max of two coats (plus base & top). You have answered a question I had about how to make my CG holo work better – three coats, not just two! I had the dragging, and I thought slapping on a third coat would just make it worse. Thanks for your very helpful post!

    • You’re welcome! I hope it actually turns out to be helpful. Sometimes no matter what I do I just can’t get stuff to work. However with this polish, at least for me, I found the third cost to be key. Good luck and thanks for reading!! πŸ™‚

  5. I pretty much took back my words of initial disappointment after I swatched the polishes I picked up from this collection. While the holo isn’t as in yo face like other polishes, I kind of like the subtle holo effect. I don’t think I’m getting tired of holos, but they are so common now that they aren’t these mythical beauties anymore. I can safely say that I can ignore a lot of other holo polishes just because I probably already have similar colors and I don’t want to pay premium holo prices. That’s just how I roll. Having said that, I think this one is very pretty and I might end up getting it!

    • Yeah I was actually quite impressed with this polish, I guess because my expectations were so low! Haha. I think my main problem with the holographic craze is just how everyone’s like “holo whore” and stuff and idk it just rubs me the wrong way. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you ended up with this one. :p I’ll trade you it for one of your Tinkerbell polishes! πŸ˜‰

  6. You know how I feel about holos, so I’m part of that group that was let down with how weak the CG holos are. I do think your photos show more of the holo than a lot of other swatches I’ve seen before. My first holos were the Color Club Halo Hues so it’s kind of hard to like a holo with less holo effect than those. I’m a holo snob now…. πŸ˜› As for working for a polish to look good I will work hard for glitters cause you have to most of the time. But if its just a really crappy formula on a cream then I won’t wear it again.

    • My first holographic polish was my Layla flash black which has a pretty good effect, so I tend to be let down by most holos, too, however I just don’t know what to do with them really so I really don’t have that many. Plus, with special polishes like holos and duochrome/multichrome polishes I feel like a lot of the swatches are unreliable, not necessarily because of anyone’s fault but just do to the vast differences between lighting levels, camera settings, etc. I just use sunlight and my iPhone, no flash of course, and this one turned out pretty good for me! πŸ™‚

  7. ooooo this is so pretty!!!!! I own three Jade Holos and one Glitter gal I dont have any other brands but this one is gorgeous oh wait I have that soft linear holo I just got from Darling Diva I almost forgot about.

  8. Well, I agree that this is kind of nicer than expected based on the initial disappointment from this collection. For me personally, though, I don’t *need* it.
    I do love the holographic polishes, BUT: I can’t quite seem to get them to work for me. I find them all super-sheer! I tried Layla Flash Black and Avon Starlight and ended up taking both off immediately after three coats because they were too sheer for my taste. I recently tried that Nfu Oh silver, too. I first tried putting it over a base coat and color…it did NOT like that. I took it off and re-did those nails without base coat. That worked better, but it was still a bit patchy, and then it chipped immediately due to the lack of base coat. Maybe I need one of those aqua bases? I don’t know, holos, I want to love you, LET ME LOVE YOU!!!
    In general, I think I’m pretty lazy about my polishes. I figure taking the time to do my nails is about the extent of the time that I want to spend, so if it doesn’t go perfectly as planned, I get annoyed. I think dragging is my biggest grievance…I am still pissed at Essie Penny Talk.

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