Zoya Stunning Collection Swatches and Review

Hey There Polished People!!

Let’s keep this swatch-a-thon rolling!!  I recently shared with you that I was recently added to Zoya‘s PR list and received the Summer 2013 Pixie Dust collection, which you saw here and here, and today I have the Stunning Collection (also provided for review) to share with you. Let’s just get to it, as this is gonna be a looooong polishy post! 🙂 For each polish I’ll show you a picture of the polish in direct sunlight, then indirect sunlight, followed by a description. Then I’ll go over the formula, wear,  and yes please/no thank you rating at the bottom. 🙂

Zoya Darci

Zoya Darci (2)

Zoya DarciDarci is one of my favorite colors of polish. Maybe it’s my number one favorite color- YELLOW!!! HELLO YELLOW! It’s so pretty!!! Maybe I just love it because good yellows are so dang tough to find and I just love me a bad boy, but whatever the reason… I love yellow polish. Was the formula on this polish terrible?? NO!!! WOWWWW!!! It was actually quite awesome! What you see here is four thin coats. I know, four is kind of a lot, but for a yellow to be non-streaky and opaque with any single digit number of thin coats is pretty impressive to me. This color is like the perfect daffodil or taxi yellow. Bright and eye-catching, summery and fun… I know my friend Ami is really going to want to get this polish.

Zoya Thandie

Zoya Thandie

Zoya Thandie (2)Thandie is a peachy orange polish and you know me and oranges!! If yellow is my first love, orange has got to be my second. A good orange polish is kinda hard to find as well. The formula is usually pretty opaque but the staining can be atrocious!! OPI A Roll In The Hague is such a beautiful color but dang… hope you like to look like you just bathed in the blood of Oompa Loompas. This orange left me with no staining, was as opaque as you see here in three coats and I just loved it. Now, I say “as opaque as you see here” because with all these polishes, take a good look at my free edge. Do you see a little VNL?? I felt like I could see VNL no matter what even though the polish itself looked opaque. I don’t know if it’s because my nails are really long in these pictures (I’ve since hacked em… ahhhh :)) and the light is like shining through the long free edge or if it’s just me or what. Help me out and take a look. It didn’t look like traditional VNL though so it didn’t really bug me, but I still felt like I could see it a little. Weigh in in the comments below, please. 🙂

Zoya Micky

Zoya Micky (2)

Zoya MickyMicky? It should be called Minnie!! Don’t you think?? I know Mickey Mouse and this color, Micky, are spelled differently but that was my first thought. Anyway, Micky is a pretty, BRIGHT pink, but not a neon color. I guess it’s like “hot” pink. What you see here is three coats, and topcoat, of course. For a pink, I really like this color, but as you may know, pink isn’t my numero uno.

Zoya Yana

Zoya Yana (2)

Zoya YanaYana is the second pink in this collection. SECOND PINK?!?! WHY!?!?! You know me and pinks… Anyway, Yana is a darker pink than Micky, more of a fuchsia color. It’s really pretty, so if you like pink you’re probably thrilled! I wish they’d included a pretty purple in this collection instead of a second pink, but for what it is, this is quite lovely. This color reminds me of those bleeding heart, flowering hanging basket plants that are particularly popular around Mother’s Day… I think they’re actually fuchsias, so wouldn’t that just be fitting? If you’re looking for a gift for your mom, you could get here one of those hanging baskets, then give her this nail polish, too, and her nails could match her flowers! 😉 What you see here is three coats and top coat.

Zoya Rocky

Zoya Rocky (2)

Zoya RockyRocky looked, in the bottle, to be a kind of dusty blue, but on the nail it looks more like a straight sky blue polish. It’s quite vibrant though, so maybe sky blue makes it sound too soft, anyway, let’s call it a bright sky blue. 😉 I like this color, but it kind of reminds me of the 70s era blue porcelain toilet, tub and vanity that came with the house that my brother recently bought. If they get any chips, they can use this to re-paint them!! Just kidding, I wouldn’t give up my polish for toilet-painting!! And- he’s tearing them out, thank goodness.

Zoya Josie

Zoya Josie

Zoya Josie (2)Josie, much like Rocky looked kinda dusty in the bottle to me, but on the nail it’s a nice medium green color. It reminds me of fresh cut grass and also Essie Mojito Madness and Ulta The Jungle Look. I will try to do a comparison post in the near future to figure out if I’m right or not. I really like this color whether I have dupes or not. It’s my third favorite out of this collection. 🙂


All of the polishes had a good formula. The polish was smooth, applied nicely, and reached opacity for the most part in three coats, with the exception of Darci which took four. I still am unsure of the VNL issue, so maybe now that I have short nails I’ll try one of these out again and see if it makes a difference. I haven’t seen any VNL in any other swatches so I think it was just me. Whatever it was, the look of it didn’t bug me so that’s good. I’m weird about long nails so I think it was just me thinking I could see it.


The wear on the polishes I wore for more than a day (Darci and Josie) was fantastic!! I wore those two for like three or four days (maybe 5 on my right, non-swatching hand) and I don’t think I even had any tip wear. Woo hoo! 🙂

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

As a whole I give the Zoya Stunning collection a Yes, Please!! 😀 The colors aren’t exactly ground-breaking, but they aren’t exactly our traditional spring pastels, and the formula is good, wear is excellent so there’s just not a dang thing wrong with these! I can see myself using them a lot in the future. My favorites out of this collection are Darci and Thandie mostly in a tie for first and second place, then Josie. The order for the rest of the polishes is probably Rocky followed by Micky and then Yana just due to personal preference.

Do weigh in on the VNL issue, but also what is your favorite color? Do you have Zoyas and do you find their wear time to be average or above, or maybe even below average? Let me know what you think in the comments below! Thank you all for reading and commenting, and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

***Products in this post were provided for honest review. See my disclosure tab at the top of the page for more information or if you’d like me to review some of your products.***

23 thoughts on “Zoya Stunning Collection Swatches and Review

  1. Congrats again on getting these for review!
    “Maybe I just love it because good yellows are so dang tough to find and I just love me a bad boy…” Hahaha! Well, whatever the reason, I really like Darci on you! I would expect at least three coats for a yellow. Four is bordering into “ain’t nobody got time for dat!” territory, buuuttt I’ll let it slide because it looks so nice.
    “…hope you like to look like you just bathed in the blood of Oompa Loompas.” Hahahaha. Some self-tanners have this effect, also.
    I think you want it to be called “Minnie” after your Minnie, not Disney’s Minnie. 😉 Besides, that Minnie’s got her own thing going with OPI. 😉
    Your idea for the flower basket & polish is so cute! Is that what your mama is getting, haha? I’m willing to bet Leeloo is going to be ungrateful and not go shopping yet again, so I’ll just have to do it for her, yet again. 😉
    I don’t really think any of our polishes should be volunteered for toilet painting…we love them too much!
    I thought you would like Josie when I saw it, IDK why, but I think your top three choices are very fitting! 🙂
    I’m commenting more on your amusing comments than the polish! I agree with you all-around. I like the collection…maybe not ground-breaking, but it’s nice, it’s cheery, it’s bright, it’s fun! I get where you’re coming from on the VNL thing, too. I don’t think it’s actually there…I think it’s just the light under your longer-than-usual nail length. I feel like I see what you’re talking about, but am also probably forcing myself to see it.
    I have had nothing but good experiences with Zoya. I have noticed that they usually require three coats, but I’ve also noticed that they wear exceptionally well, too. I actually don’t think I have any straight creams from Zoya …theyre all sparkly/shimmery!

    • Yeah you know, I’ve noticed that they seem to wear extra well too! That’s nice. They say they’re the only nail polish specially made for natural nails so maybe whatever is special about their formula really works. 🙂 It’s funny you say that you’re just commenting about my comments and not the nails because I always think about all us crazy nail ladies and really now that I’ve gotten to know you all a little I really could care less about nail talk for the most part, I really just enjoy our chatting and everything! 😀

  2. These are very pretty. I agree with you that there is nothing “groundbreaking” about this collection, but I think that yellow just makes this whole collection a winner. I share your love for yellow polish and I already swatched mine and do think it’s gorgeous. I found it maybe a little streaky so maybe I will try 4 thin coats the way you did to see if that makes a difference. I’ve been a Zoya fan for a while now and do think they have great polishes. The only thing I don’t like is that they always seem to have a lot of foil-y, metallic polishes which I kind of hate. So I’m not a fan of the other part of the collection. I just think metallic polishes look really horrible on me, and I tend to hate the finish overall. Anywho, this collection gets two thumbs up!

    • I agree! The yellow really sells it for me. And the other half of the collection (irresistible) is pretty and all but I agree w you, it’s not my favorite. I’m wearing the orange on one hand and the green on the other and although the orange is bright and pretty and the green is pretty too, the only super winner for me out of this other collection is Tinsley, kinda a light berry color with gold shimmer. It’s really pretty, but the rest are okay, some (the icy blue) is downright snooze-worthy.

  3. I totally agree about it being so hard to find yellow polishes! What’s up with that? I never really tried to until I needed a yellow for a nail art theme I was doing, and I only found like 4 yellow polishes after trips to multiple stores.

    • I guess it’s just not a mainstream color. And even when you can find them, good luck finding a decent formula! I love L’Oreal Tweet Me (the color, anyway) but the formula is horrific. It never even hardened all the way, it was sooo annoying!

  4. Warning, slightly gross reference:

    It is nice to see a yellow polish that goes on nicely and does not make it look like I have a fungal infection.


    Anyway I have not tried Zoya before, so I can’t speak to wear. I only really get VNL when I wear my fake-nails, but I figure that is small price to pay to be able to wear pastels that won’t work on my stained, natural nails. Even then it isn’t too bad.

  5. Hey dearie! Sorry I haven’t been around as of late! Kind of disappeared from the Internet. Finally getting back on the broomstick though xD

    CONGRATULATIONS! Zoya realized what your followers have known all along, hmm? That’s AWESOME! I’m so happy for you, and you deserve it xD

    These colors are actually rather adorable! Normally I don’t go for cremes but these look so happy and bright. Oddly, when I read ‘Mickey’ I thought if the Toni Basil song before I did of the Mouse. And funnily enough, I imagined a boxer when I read Rocky. Which just leads to all sorts of fun mental imagery ^.^

    • I have been a little inconsistent as well, I have so much catching up to do with all my favorite blogs!! Let the comment bombing beginnnnnnnn!!! Ha. Thanks about the Zoya news, I’m pretty hyped and still am a little in disbelief! I totally thought of the boxing movie when I saw the name Rocky… in fact that’s all I still think of! 😉 I do like these colors though- you’re right.. they’re “happy.” 🙂

      • Are you like me and take all the pictures for the posts and just never get around to writing the posts? I got a card full of four (soon to be five!) manicures. Blogger is going to think I’ve lost my mind when I put them all up.

        Disbelief? Whap that stuff with a whale, you deserve it 😀 I might even be swayed to track down a bottle of Zoya with all your reviews xD (Not that I have anything against them of course. Just haven’t chose any of their colors yet.)

        Hehehe, what’s funny is I saw Rocky II day before yesterday xD Mr. Stallone didn’t do those boxing shots any injustice, though I feel bad that his legs looked better in them than mine would *HA!*

        Warm weather is a prime season for happy colors, so they fit right in the season too xD

        • Oh my gosh, I have some nails in my folder from like MONTHS ago!!! Haha. Sometimes I just do some design and maybe I don’t love it, or maybe I have other things to do or whatever so I save it for a while. Usually I don’t save them longer than a week or so, but occasionally one gets waylaid for longer. 😉 Thanks so much for all the nice compliments, really appreciate it and am feeling quite accomplished w that PR hookup. 😉

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