Zoya Liberty v OPI Get Your Number Comparison

Hey There Polished People!

I don’t know how it’s been in your neck of the woods, but around here it’s been niiiiiice outside! Saturday and Sunday were both in the mid-high 80s! I got a little sun, we had my in-laws over for an early Mother’s Day celebration on Saturday, and then Sunday I went out to breakfast with my parents and brother and sister-in-law and then hung out at my brother’s new house for a bit. It was a nice weekend, but I have to say- I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow! Haha. I don’t work so that’s what I plan on doing. 🙂 And maybe a little sunbathing as well- with sunblock of course! 😉 Anyway, as promised I have the comparison post today for the two blue textured polishes I own- OPI Get Your Number which I purchased myself a while ago, and Zoya Liberty which I recently received for review. Who will win the Liquid Sand vs Pixie Dust battle??? Read on to find out! 🙂

OPI Get Your Number v Zoya Liberty

OPI on my index and ring finger, Zoya on my middle finger and pinkie. Direct sunlight.

OPI on my index and ring fingers; Zoya on my middle finger and pinkie. Direct sunlight.

OPI on my index and ring fingers, Zoya on my middle and pinkie. Indirect light.

OPI on my index and ring fingers; Zoya on my middle and pinkie. Indirect light.

Are They Dupes?

As you can clearly see, the answer is no! 🙂 I thought they’d be close when I just thought about it in my head, but once I properly compared them it was clear I was going to be wrong. Get Your Number and Liberty are not dupes.


  • Similar blue color.
  • Matte Sparkle and Liquid Sand are both textured and matte.
  • Good formula, although I think the Zoya formula was a little quicker to dry for me.


  • OPI has holographic glitter mixed in with the matte blue glitter.
  • Zoya texture is much finer looking and feeling than OPI.
  • The Zoya blue is marginally brighter.
  • Zoya is much easier to remove, although OPI isn’t TERRIBLY bad.

Is One Better Than The Other?

Well in short- no, haha. I like the OPI because of it’s diversity of glitter, but I like the Zoya formula marginally better and I like the bright color. If I could only buy one… I might buy the OPI only because it’s got that holographic glitter that I really love, but I will probably wear the Zoya more just because it’s brighter, dries quicker and comes off more easily.

Time for you to weigh in! Do you have a preference between these two? Do you have them both and do you notice any other similarities or differences? Let me know in the comments below. I have the Zoya Stunning and Irresistible collections left to swatch and then I’ll be doing some nail art. If you’re a nail art gal, hold on for just a little longer. 😉 As always, thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

**Zoya Liberty was provided for review; OPI Get Your Number was purchased by me.**

31 thoughts on “Zoya Liberty v OPI Get Your Number Comparison

  1. I’m favoring Zoya Pixie Dust especially the purple you wore a little while ago. Every time I pick up a magazine I’m reminded of that beautiful purple pixie dust polish. Anyway, I do like the matte finer textured polish over the bigger glittered polishes.

  2. In this instance the OPI is a clear visual winner for me but I do love the finer pixie dust in some of the other colours. My bank balance thinks that I should hate them both and move to a cave… hmm…

  3. Both is sooo pretty, I only own GYN and for sure the drying time is looooong :/ Even of that I think that one layer with GYN on top of L and adding some top coat would look stunning 🙂

    • That’s an interesting idea… I wonder how OPI and Zoya would work with each other. I’ll never forget, the first time I used my OPI GYN I applied a thick layer of base coat (just cuz my base coat was low and getting thick) and my polish NEVER dried. It was like an hour later and I just pulled it off with a cotton ball, hardly needed any remover. Now I’m really careful to use thin coats of everything and it does dry but it’s still slow for me!

      • I know that feeling, first time using it I’ve heard that it would dry super fast, and sure, the surface dried in a few minutes but the rest… two hours later I still could scrape it off with my thumb nail. I’ve tried two more off OPI’s sand lacquers and think that WWIT? dries a little bit faster than the others but to be sure I use to paint with them when I know I just will be infront of the tv with a cup of tea all day (:

  4. Ooh the weather has been nice where I am too! I didn’t get to enjoy it as much though 😦 Hopefully soon…
    Great comparison! I still need to pick up some textured polishes!

    • Sometimes that happens to me too- the weather is so nice but on those days I’m so busy!! How rude! Haha. Hopefully it stays nice for you and you can get out there and enjoy it sometime this week. 🙂

  5. It was apparently crazy-hot here last week (like mid-90s), but it’s cooled down again to mid-70s. Although I think it’s supposed to get hot again this weekend, wah. I did just about nothing this weekend except catch up on lost sleep from my trip and do a suitcase full of laundry.
    I can’t decide, hahaha. I want to say Zoya Liberty b/c I think it is my favorite of the new Zoyas, but I know that I have gravitated toward the texture poishes with larger chunks of glitter in them. As such, I think I need to try out one of my finer grit ones before deciding. 😉

    • Yes I think so. 🙂 I like the texture of the OPI but I really surprisingly enjoyed the finer texture too. Agh traveling can be fun (did you have fun even though it was a business trip?) but there is so much to do before and after. I leave on vacation here in a month and do you think we have even reserved our cabins for the way there? No. I have got to get moving on that.

      • Oh, God, no. No, it was not fun. I was in a dangerous city; the first hotel was a fleabag and I got in trouble for moving because it cost the company $; I was doing a trade show by myself, which is literally impossible to do; I was jet-lagged and couldn’t sleep the first two nights (I slept like 3 and 2 hours, respectively); I visited a customer on Friday and like self-destructed because he was good-looking, which threw me off (hahaha) and because I was so exhausted; it was just all bad. But, yes, I hate all the prep…it basically ruined the weekend before because that’s all I had time to do and then I was too tired to really do anything last weekend. The good news is that I don’t have any East coast travel scheduled for the rest of the year and the trips I do have are fairly nearby, which makes travel much, much easier.
        Get going on that vacation planning, girl! 😉

        • Oh yes now I remember reading about the flea bag motel on twitter. And that is hilarious about your hunky customer!! He must have been super cute to make you lose your cool! Did you give him your number? I guess that’d be inappropriate so I suppose not. Anyway- I’m glad you’re home and I get Leeloo and your brother are happy too. 🙂

  6. I DO have a preference – thank you for asking! 😉 I like the OPI one better – just prefer the deeper color. They’re both pretty cool though!

  7. I like “Get Your Number” better. Both are pretty, but I the holo glitter gives it more dimension than “Liberty”. Both are still surprisingly impressive for matte finishes.

  8. Mmm for me, I like both. The OPI shines more which I love but I love the colour of the Zoya.
    Looking forward to the nail art *claps excitedly* 😀
    Weather this side is up and down, warm then cold and rainy. Been very humid lately which sucks as it works on my hayfever so I’m sniffing and sneezing and blinking all the time (dry eyes). URG ja but the days the sun says hi is nice

    • I’m looking forward to some nail art too. 🙂 Our weather seems pretty similar right now. Daniel’s allergies are all acting up and it’s kinda muggy out there. We’ve had a lot of sunshine tho, thank goodness and I think *fingers crossed* it’s supposed to stay that way for a little while. 🙂

  9. Welp, you already know that I like the OPI better precisely because of the chunky holo glitter. Both are pretty but if I had to choose only one, I would go with the OPI. I should swatch mine since my winnings just came in yesterday! 😀

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