Zoya Summer 2013 Pixie Dust Collection- The Matte Sparkle Polishes

Hey There Polished People!

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the Zoya Summer 2013 Pixie Dust collection and are ready to see the next and final three. The next three are more like the original Pixie Dust polishes that were first released by Zoya. They have the Matte Sparkle finish which looks like bits of glitter in a sugar-like textured polish. Let’s see the last three that I was given for review to show you.

Zoya Stevie

Zoya Stevie (direct lighting)

Stevie (direct lighting)

Zoya Stevie (indirect lighting)

Stevie (indirect lighting)

Ahhh Stevie is so pretty!! This Matte Sparkle finish Pixie Dust is a lovely lavender color with lots of silver sparkle. In the bottle you can see all the silver sparkle particles and luckily it comes right out onto the nail. I loved this color. It’s vibrant enough for summer, but so soft and pretty, I think this will be a major favorite from this collection. The first coat was SHEER so I was a little worried but after the third it was great but I added a fourth just to make sure I didn’t have any uneven parts. I really love this color and finish. I did not use base coat or top coat in this picture.

Zoya Miranda

Miranda (direct light)

Miranda (direct light)

Miranda (indirect light)

Miranda (indirect light)

Miranda is a pretty fuchsia pink Matte Sparkle Pixie Dust. There are lots of bright pink sparkle in here and you can see on the direct lighting pic just how much it really sparkles! That little sparkle mark on my pinkie was not added in editing. That’s real. πŸ™‚ It was opaque in three coats and I did use base coat with this color. Anyone who loves pink (Cynthia??) will love this color.

Zoya Liberty

Liberty (direct lighting)

Liberty (direct lighting)

Liberty (indirect lighting)

Liberty (indirect lighting)

Here's a terrible out-of-focus shot that shows the sparkle a little bit. This is indicative of all the polishes, not just this one.

Here’s a terrible out-of-focus shot that shows the sparkle a little bit. This is indicative of all the polishes, not just this one.

Liberty is a super pretty blue with a little hint of turquoise Pixie Dust polish. The Matte Sparkle finish is beautiful and it just really catches your eye. This is one of the polishes that I’ve heard people talking about a lot. Many people are wondering if this is similar to OPI Get Your Number but the answer is no. I mean, yes, they are both blue, but they are very different. You’ll see the difference in my comparison post which I’ll be typing up after this one. Liberty is one of my favorites out of this collection. What you see here is three coats with base coat and no top coat. Make sure not to skip the base coat with this polish, because it seems to be prone to staining as many vibrant blues are.


The formula on all the Zoya Matte Sparkle Pixie Dusts is good. I found Stevie to be a teeny bit thin, so I used 4 very thin coats in case the formula was fickle and refused to dry like the OPI Liquid Sands but guess what?? It wasn’t!! The more I used these the more I grew to appreciate how unfickle they are and how quickly they dry. Also, the Pixie Dust formula is much finer than the OPI Liquid Sand formula and I really appreciated that because it never snags on anything or feels too rough. That being said, it definitely looks textured and looks very sparkly and pretty on the nail.


I think these Pixie Dust polishes wear just as well as any polish without topcoat. I wore Liberty for a few days each and at the end I maybe had one tiny chip on my index finger on my right hand but that was about it. I also have my nails quite long right now, so if they were shorter and therefore less flexible the polish may have lasted longer. I definitely don’t see a problem with the wear.


I anticipated that these would be a little difficult to remove. The OPI Liquid Sands are a little difficult to remove and sometimes I use the foil method, but these Zoya Pixie Dusts didn’t require that at all. The removal is a little more difficult than a shimmer polish, but much easier than a glitter. Not problematic at all!

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

YES, PLEASE!!! I LOVE THESE!! Oh my goodness, I thought these were so pretty and they looked so awesome in the sunlight we’ve been lucky enough to have lately! I really can’t say enough good stuff about these. I also want to add that I really appreciate how Zoya is 5 free and more safe than regular nail polish for my nails and my health especially since I’m pregnant. As far as I’m concerned Zoya really hit it out of the park with these. I’m a big fan. If I hadn’t got these for review I would definitely have needed to find Stevie and Liberty out of these three and Solange and Beatrix out of the previous three. Again, thanks to Zoya for putting me on their PR list! πŸ™‚

Now that you’ve seen them all, which are the ones you can’t live without ??? Do you prefer the Matte Sparkle finish or the Matte Foil Twinkle finish? I think I am still a marginally bigger fan of the Matte Sparkle, but man, I really love Solange and Beatrix with the Matte Foil Twinkle finish, too. Help me decide. πŸ˜‰ As always, thanks for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!!!

**Products in this post were provided for honest review**

22 thoughts on “Zoya Summer 2013 Pixie Dust Collection- The Matte Sparkle Polishes

  1. I think I definitely prefer the matte sparkle. These colors are great and just what I needed after the underwhelming and tame colors from the first PixieDust Collection. I actually prefer the chunkiness of the Mariah Carey Liquid Sands but these are beautiful too. The new Liquid Sands are much finer which was a disappointment of sorts. I can’t wait to get my Liquid Sands! πŸ™‚

    • Did you mean liquid sands or pixie dusts…? I’m assuming PD since you won those (lucky dog) and you already have 4 billion (aka all, right?) LSs. Comparing the two blue textured polishes that I have- LS vs PD I kinda like the PDs better. I like the holo glitter in Get Your Number but I really do like the somewhat smoother formula for the pixies. That being said, I love love love my Get Your Number so I guess I like them for different things. πŸ˜‰

    • Wow aren’t you just a fickle pickle!! I don’t blame you though. I think I kinda like the regular sparkle ones better although the foil is super cool in it’s own way too. πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t like the Sparkle more than the Twinkle and visa versa. I have favs from each one.
    I LOVE Liberty and that to me is the stunner of the show but Stevie is also quite pretty.
    Loving your longer length.
    I know most people will wear them alone as you did but was wondering if one could do nailart on them (like candy stripes I guess?) In other words: what else can we do with pixiedust?

    • Oooh I’m so glad you asked!! I am planning on trying some stuff out with them when I’m done with all my swatch swatch swatching!! I gotta finish the stunning and irresistible collections too. Then I’ll be trying some fun stuff. πŸ˜‰ Oh and about the length- I just cut them!! Haha. They’ll grow back fast though, I’m sure.

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  4. I like Stevie. It seems to look the most “flocked” to me, if that makes sense. Like the texture really stands out. I didn’t realize that Miranda is so “berry”…kinda cool! And Liberty was my pick as my favorite when I first saw these, and I think that’s still true.
    I want to say I like the Matte Foil Twinkle finish better, yet I think I like the Matte Sparkle finish polishes better. Conundrum! πŸ˜‰

    • I totally get what you mean. The light purple color like really works well w the matte sparkle finish. I think darker colors lose some of their depth for whatever reason. Cynthia is probably going to really love Stevie when she gets her winnings. πŸ™‚

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  6. Love. End of. Mind you I am a sparkle ADDICT my boyf calls me the magpie…anything that sparkles…matte or shiny…I do like the matte sparkle…:)

  7. oohhhh this is so fun! I love pinks and purples. The blue kind of reminds me of Absolutely Alice by OPI because although its not a textured polish it tends to be textury. love all three really, gorgeous!

    • Thanks! Yeah you know I kinda do see the similarities between this and Absolutely Alice, just w the different blue tones and stuff like that. I just love that purple… πŸ™‚

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