Oooh Sinful Colors, You Made A Good Polish!

Hey There Polished People!

I know people love to hate reality TV but I’ve got to come clean- when I think about the shows that my husband and I actually record and take time to watch (live TV? Who’s heard of that?? :p) they are pretty much ALL reality TV shows! I watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette on my own, we watch American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor together. That’s a whole lot of reality TV. We also LOVE Modern Family and The Middle (seriously Modern Family is the show most likely to make me literally laugh out loud) and he watches a few other shows on his own and more basketball than I even thought existed on TV. Now, do I think you all really want to know my television watching schedule? No. I’m just letting you know that I like those shows so that I can complain about something. πŸ˜€ I absolutely hate on AI how the two boys who were there before last week, Lazaro and Burnell (I don’t want to have any spoilers here so I’m not going to say who, if anyone, was kicked off the week of April 1st or the week of April 8th. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m a couple of weeks behind on my DVR’d shows) keep saying they don’t know the songs they’re singing! Lazaro keeps forgetting words in every song he does and when Burnell gets a negative critique he’s like “oh I didn’t know that song.” C’mon guys… these are REGULAR songs that if you live in the US and haven’t been living under a ROCK there’s no way you haven’t encountered them at some point. Plus, I don’t even care if you haven’t heard it… you’re on a singing competition and YOU CAN’T SING WITHOUT WORDS soΒ learn them.Β Am I some great singer? No. But if I was in a nail painting competition and I didn’t know how to use a dotting tool I’d LOOK IT UP AND PRACTICE! :p Regarding these guys messing up and then giving us excuses about not knowing the songs, I gotta go all Sweet Brown on you- AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Anyway, it’s very annoying. You probably thought that little rant was, too, huh? πŸ˜‰ Let’s see today’s nails.

Sinful Colors Ardoise

SC Ardoise


SC Ardoise (2)Color:

Sinful Colors Ardoise is aptly named because Ardoise in French means “slate” (at least according to Google and “you can’t put anything on the internet that’s not true”) and this polish is a pretty, dark slate grey creme. It dries shiny but you know I love my topcoat.

Formula/ Application:

This post got the title that it did because I really am just NOT that big of a fan of Sinful Colors. I love their wide variety and easy availability. I love their price. TheyΒ came out with some rather interesting shades and glitters recently. I even love their light blue, Cinderella which is thin but does eventually build up. What I don’t love is their blog photo-stealing controversy last year. I don’t love that probably half of my SCs (granted we’re talking like 8-10, not a large number) are so thin they are almost impossible to get opaque. I don’t love never knowing what you’re gonna get when you buy a certain brand of polish. I don’t care if it only cost a nickel, I don’t wanna be spending my five cents on polish that is streaky, thin, and/or goopy yet never gets opaque (Unicorn, I’m looking at you, you fickle, terrible, uncompromising turd!). Now, that all being said- THIS POLISH’S FORMULA IS FANTASTIC!!! It could possibly be opaque in one thickish coat, but I used two, it dries quickly, goes on smooth, looks great, no complaints!!

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Is this a ground-breaking color? No. Are there plenty of dupes for this dark grey creme? Sure. Do I have one (or more) of those dupes? Actually no! So I was really happy to buy it. And for $1.99 if you need a dark, slate grey- get this one. It gets a yes, please! from me! πŸ™‚

Now that you know I loved this color, let me show you my favorite way to wear it as of right now!

SC Ardoise with SH Debu-Tint

SC Ardoise and Debutint


SC Ardoise and Debutint (2)


Ahhhhh! (angels singing) Isn’t this just so pretty?!?! I LOVE IT!! Something about the dark-but-not-black base of Ardoise and the goldy flecks of Debu-Tint… I just think it looks so pretty. If dark nails are ok at your work I even think this looks like a work appropriate mani. What do I know though? I just sub occasionally and do my nails however I want, and then work at a park during the summer. ;p I can’t really say anything else about this mani because when I look at it I just drool a little and go, “ohhhh soooooo preeeeetttttyyyyy” like a hypnotized imbecile. I also just sneezed and nearly (only NEARLY, don’t worry) peed my pants (pregnancy, maybe?) so off I go! Sorry bout the TMI! :p

Let me know how you like Ardoise and the Ardoise/Dubu-Tint combo in the comments below. I know the dark grey isn’t really that special but it just strikes me as so chic. πŸ™‚ Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€



20 thoughts on “Oooh Sinful Colors, You Made A Good Polish!

  1. I own 4 sinfuls and a mini: Athens, Mint Apple, Courtney orange, Green Ocean and the mini is a gold.
    Courtney is sheer but builds up lekker. I must say that I really do like them. I put Courtney through a lot this week and it pulled out well.
    But I understand, you want uniformity, not the what-am-i-getting- when-i-buy-this.
    Oh ja! Smaak (like) this colour. Nice for me especially since I can’t wear black
    ~Don’t forget to enjoy this day~

    • Yeah I really like this because it’s dark but not black… its kinda sophisticated looking and idk… I just really like it. I think next time I want to try a SC polish I’ll ask someone about the formula first. I was happy this one worked out tho! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, man, do I miss my dvr! Who has the time to stay up and watch prime time shows or rember what time an night of the week they come on… If I miss a show I wanted to watch (like the premier of Mad Men #ThankYouVeryMuchBette) I just find somewhere on the interwebs to stream it. And thank you for your “He’s a French model” reference. I laugh every time! “Where did you hear that?” “The Internet.” Hahaha I love it.

    And Ardoise… I bought it and I think I’d planned a mani with it and some Revlon Mylar glitters and matte tc but that was right around the breakup so I’m not sure. It looks great with Debu-Tint. And I’m right there with you, there’s just something about an almost but not quite black polish. There’s just so much more character.

    Now… I need to find a way to give myself a mani with Ballistic Bette on the loose!

    • Oh gosh that commercial with the French model kills me! Especially how he’s like all awful with the fanny pack and then he says bon jour but he’s all terrible like “bon JOR.” Some commercials are worth watching, but I still love my DVR. πŸ™‚

      I also totally agree with you about the not-quite-black polishes. If it’s blackened anything I’ll buy it! Even if you don’t have time to do your nails, I’ve been enjoying your pictures of ballistic Bette. πŸ™‚ Did you decide on a full name for her?

  3. I have Ardoise, but haven’t tried it yet. I’ll have to get it out and try it soon. I own a lot of SC’s. I must admit that it is the price that draws me in. (And the fact that I’ve been slowly spending a $100 Walgreens gc and these do give me variety while making my free money last!) Maybe I’ve been lucky with the bottles I have, but I haven’t noticed near the problems that you have with their formulas, but I can understand how that would be very annoying. I really love your Debu-tint over Ardoise. Gorgeous! I have a gold shimmer from CND I might have to try over it too πŸ™‚ My favorite SC has a rather unfortunate name, Beau Khaki. I think it’s in the same collection as Ardoise too. It’s an awful name, but I love the color. It’s a dusty, army green that I hesitated buying, but it’s become my favorite. Formula is nice and it seems to last a bit longer than the others I own. It’s a great neutral that isn’t too neutral…

    I’m also a Reality Show junkie. I watch many of the same shows as you, and also Finding Bigfoot (LOL…i know, but I love Bigfoot!) and The Amazing Race. And yes, I thought the same thing about Burnell and Lazaro on AI. How have you not heard “Let it Be”???? Craziness.

    Thanks for the swatch! πŸ™‚

    • Oh yes… the Beau Khaki… I know which one you’re talking about! I wouldn’t mind trying it mostly cuz it’s so infamous because of the name, haha. It’s weird cuz you’re right, SC has allllll these great polishes and then I buy like 10 and half of them are crappy. I clearly have bad luck. :p

      Oh my mom LOVES Amazing Race!! I like it, too, when I watch it with her but I just have so many shows to watch that I can’t add any more. With our shows and then NBA games goodness gracious we don’t even have time on the DVR to record and then watch everything! And about AI yes…. ughhhh that was so annoying to me. It was just ridiculous. Whatever. I haven’t watched the latest episodes but I saw “someone” on Leno that got the ax, so… yay for that πŸ˜€ Thanks for reading and chiming in!! πŸ˜€

  4. Love the combo! I have probably 30-40 SC’s & yeppers- you are so right. Unicorn is the biggest turd of all! Miss Cynthia over at Of Life and Lacquer said it best when she quoted Unicorn as having a “shit-tastic” formula. Teehee, that’s totally my favorite word right now. Everything’s shit-tastic, even stuff I like lmao. Other than being 3-4 coaters I do love most of the ones I own, especially the glitters. Cinderella is one of my unfortunate faves. I keep a back up bottle since I like it so much, it usually takes me (don’t laugh) 4-5 coats to achieve my desired opaqueness :/ I don’t think I have Ardoise, need to check on that- it’s sooo pretty!

    • Thanks!! Yes, Unicorn is definitely a turd and it’s so unfortunate with a name like Unicorn!! Cynthia said on twitter that I’m a lady and a poet scholar but I think we both know she is the one with a real eloquent way with words. :p

      Oh my gosh.. I can totally relate with the 8 billion coats. I have a yellow L’oreal polish called Tweet Me that is such a pretty color but you have to apply approximately 77 coats and then not touch your nails for 60 hours for it to set up and be hard and even then you could probably scrape it off if you wanted to. But it’s just the prettiest color with the slightest orangey-gold shimmer! I don’t use it cuz it’s so bad but I haven’t thrown it away cuz I think it’s so pretty.

  5. well.. SC reminds me of a brand we have hare, darosa, it is only 0.96 and its formula is shittyy when you open the bottle for the first time. after a few weeks, it becomes just perfect.
    SC is not sold in Panama at a normal price, it costs $5 each and I have 4, which dream on (purple matte) is my favorite of them all..

    regarding the tv shows, i must confess I’m a tv junkie. yes I am. i pay a service to have US internet, so I can stream everything LIVE.. lol. but right now, i’m watching that ’70’s show all over again. i love that show.. i love the middle, and modern family is the best.. i can’t decide who is my favorite character, i think it’s between manny and cam.. and phil.. and sofia vergara

    • I have Dream On too.. isn’t that a cool color? Like bright yet kinda dark… idk it’s awesome though. When I did my mani remix a while back I wanted to use it cuz that’s what I used in the original and I couldn’t find it! I don’t know where it is!! 😦

      Oh gosh… Modern Family is the best. I just love it. I’m with you… I like all the characters. Cam is just so hilarious cuz he’s a straight dude and plays the most hilarious gay guy ever!!

  6. You watch Survivor? How did I not know this? A boyfriend got me into it and I only know of a former co-worker that watches it, and since we don’t work together anymore, I don’t have anyone to discuss it with. How awkward and uncomfortable was watching the Brandon meltdown? Also, Reynold: so good-looking, but he ruins it by being such an arrogant bro.
    Why is Parks and Rec not in your line-up? That is the show that makes me laugh the most.
    I have an analagous rant for Project Runway, like when they ask them to make menswear or make clothing for “real” women. There is inevitably someone who says they don’t know how to do that. If you are in a COMPETITION and you KNOW these things are going to come up, you’d think you’d maybe look up a few things, hmmm?
    “Unicorn, I’m looking at you, you fickle, terrible, uncompromising turd!” Hahahaha. I liked Sinful Colors back in the day – I have this old rose pink with gold highlights polish that I’m pretty sure I wore to a prom that is fantastic (well, it used to be…it’s really old, so, who knows now?). Now it seems like the brand is really hit-or-miss and I’m scared to take the gamble. That said – man, this Ardoise looks FANTASTIC with the Sally Hansen. Good show!

    • I do like Parks and Rec!! It’s actually one of my favorites but I’ve kinda forgotten about it lately!! Shame on me. I don’t think I watched this season at all. I’ll have to find it on demand and watch it! Thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚ Yeah… I totally get your Project Runway analogy… people who go on these shows have to know what they’re like, and if they don’t they should be watching some old seasons and doing some research like you said!! It’s irritating when they just want to make up excuses. If you’re not good, you’re not good, you not preparing doesn’t excuse it. I don’t remember if you said you have a rite aid around you or not, but if you do you should get your sinful colors there because they have a 100% money back beauty guarantee. Idk if I’d return a 1.99 polish or not, but at least you COULD if you wanted to. I recently tries some WnW mascara (2 of them) and they sucked so bad I returned them the next day!

  7. I love your little random intros to your polish posts πŸ™‚ The gold flecks are beautiful over Ardoise! I am a fan of Sinful Colors b/c even though it chips quickly and some of the polishes take so many coats, a) I usually take my polish off on Day 2 anyway b/c I get bored of it and b) even expensive polishes can sometimes take several coats to get opaque! I just blogged about how aggravating it is to apply 1000 coats though, you might enjoy my Mellow Yellow blog:

    • I’m glad you enjoy them! Haha. I figure if I don’t interest people in the nails, maybe someone will get a kick out of my random ramblings. πŸ˜‰
      SC does chip really quick, but like you said I take my polish off really quick so I don’t care about the chipping too much. I’m actually kinda happy when I get tip wear because then I’m like “oh good, now I “HAVE” to change my nails!” πŸ™‚ And actually this weekend I wore the same nails while I was out of town Thursday through Sunday and I only have a little chip on one nails and some tip wear on my index finger. It really held up quite well!

  8. Yea, I don’t own many Sinful Colors polishes, and I still don’t like them because of the hole photo-stealing last year, but I’m glad this one worked nicely for you! Debu-Tint is such an awesome addition!

    • Thanks! Yes, that does really suck about them last year. It’s always really disappointing when businesses are fraudulent, especially when they take advantage of people like bloggers because they should know and appreciate all the free and unsolicited advertising we all do for them.

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