Sally Hansen Salon Effects French Tip Nail Polish Strips

Hey There Polished People!

Most of you have probably been by my side for my nail strip adventures. I have tried Kiss Nail Dress strips (stickers), Jamberry Nail Strips (stickers) and now finally Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (real nail polish strips, aptly named). I did NOT like the Kiss strips, I liked the Jamberry strips just fine but didn’t absolutely fall head-over-heels for them so I wasn’t expecting much from these either. I was curious to try them so when I got them for review I was really happy to have them. Read on to see the strips and see what I thought of these.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects French Tip Nail Polish Strips in “Pink Macaroon”

SallyHansen Salon Effects French Mani Pink Macaroon (2)



SallyHansen Salon Effects French Mani Pink Macaroon


This is kind of funky because I'm holding my Eos lip balm, but it's a little better lighting than the other pics so I wanted to share it.

This is kind of funky because I’m holding my Eos lip balm, but it’s a little better lighting than the other pics so I wanted to share it.


First off, I want to say I’m really sorry for the terrible lighting here. I wore these for like 6 days and they were a busy 6 days where I just never seemed to get outside to get a good picture. Please forgive me.


The Pink Macaroon Nail Polish Strips are pink glittery, sparkly tips with a clear strip that goes over the top of them. I chose to layer my tips and clear strips over a sheer nude color just to camouflage some discoloration.

Formula/ Application:

These Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips go on really easily. You just wipe your nails clean with nail polish remover (or paint them first in my case :p) then pick the french mani tip that fits your nail width, peel off a plastic protective layer, remove the strip from its backing and slap it down on the nail. I used my other hand to kind of pinch off the excess, then file in a downward motion to remove every little bit of excess that I couldn’t pinch off. You repeat that step with the clear over-coat of “polish” (the clear strip) and when it’s all on your nail, if you want you can run your acetone-dipped clean-up brush around your cuticles to perfectly melt your strip down to your nails for a seamless look. You don’t need any topcoat, once your strips are down, you’re good to go. No dry time, professional appearance, super shiny- they look excellent. They do take a little time since you’re basically applying two strips to each nail, but I still thought it was worth it. I found them easier to apply than the Jamberry strips.

Wear Time and Removal:

The wear time was great!! I wore these for 6 days and the only wear I had was a little chip on my thumb. What I liked best about these strips was that they wear like nail polish! They may chip like regular nail polish, although not as quickly as regular nail polish, but none of mine peeled up at all! Even after I scrubbed tar off my car (see picture below) and used lighter fluid to clean the tar off my hands and nails, my nails still looked perfect. The pictures you see above are AFTER I cleaned up the tar. Granted this picture below is the other hand but you’ll just have to trust me that both hands were in the same bad shape.

Don't ever get tar on your car, or this will be your fate as well!!!

Don’t ever get tar on your car, or this will be your fate as well!!!

The removal of these strips was the best and easiest of them all! I just used regular nail polish and cotton balls to remove the strips. The glitter was, well, glitter-like so I ended up using the foil method and they all came off no-problemo! 🙂 AND NO DAMAGE!! Jamberry strips didn’t damage my nails either, but the Sally Hansen strips came off much more easily and more quickly.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please!!! WOW!! A nail polish strip I actually like!!! I don’t see myself using these a LOT since they can be as much as $9.99 a pack, but I would definitely use them again if there was a special design that I wanted and quite honestly I LOVED this french tip set so much I could even see myself wearing these again like during vacation (since the wear time is so good) or for a special occasion. If you are looking to try some nail strips, I would definitely recommend this brand. If the price is a bit much for you (each set really only provides one full manicure) keep an eye out for when they go on clearance. I see them on clearance pretty regularly at Ulta, Rite Aid and also at Marshalls for about 5 bucks. Between the ease of application, super easy removal and the cute designs I am really, honestly a fan of these! Stay tuned in the future for reviews of the other sets I received.

Seriously, how shocked are you all that I actually LIKED NAIL STRIPS!?!??! Haha. Seriously though, these were great! Have you tried the Sally Hansen strips before and was your experience like my own? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

**Products in this post were provided for review. For more information or to have me review your product, please see my disclosure tab.**


32 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Salon Effects French Tip Nail Polish Strips

  1. Dahling, I have 2 words for you: disposable gloves! Not only will they keep your hands clean so you don’t have clean up nightmares (i.e. tar baby!) you’ll also lessen the chances of absorbing chemicals while cleaning stuff. The Dollar Tree often carries the Playtex gloves & those can be good for many wearings before chucking them.

    Your nails are looking good! <4

    • Aghhh I know. I need to wear gloves. I just hate them. I even opted for slightly blistery hands this weekend while helping my brother demolish his shop walls because I didn’t want to wear gloves when using the crowbar. :-/ There is no excuse for me.

  2. I like these! I have only really used nail polish strips on my toes because they last forever. I just can’t deal with having the same poilish on my hands for that long. I’m glad you had a better experience with these–SH makes the best polish strips in my opinion.

    • Yes I totally agree. If you want strips- go for good ol Sally. 🙂 I thought about putting them on my feet (some of the other designs) but my toe nails are so tiny I think I’d have a hard time getting it to even stick to such a small area!

      • They do stick! I have small toenails too…well, actually not that small but they did stick well. I had a terrible experience with the Ulta brand strips so I will only use SH polish strips if I am going to use strips.

  3. I didn’t know that Sally Hansen has French tip strips, so, now I do! Out of the strips I’ve tried, the Sally Hansen ones have been my favorite. They work like they’re supposed to and remove without any issues. I agree that the price of them can get up there, but they’re OK for every once in a while. 😉 Glad that you found ones that you liked!

    • Thanks, me too! 🙂 These were really great. I was sincerely impressed. And surprised cuz I’d kinda written strips off. I wanted to try some of the other designs I got while I was at the beach but I was just too busy and tired at night to do them. I’ll have to try them another time.

  4. I love the Sally Hansen strips! So far, I have NEVER paid full price for them. I found two designs last season at Target (Plaid about you and All-a-flutter, I think?) and I paid less than three bucks each on clearance! They lasted just fine in my plastic storage box w/my other nail polishes because they are in an air-tight package. This year, I have gotten a little crazy though lol! I bought two of the twin packs on ebay (wild child/kitty kitty and fly with me/girl flower) for less than seven bucks! I found another single packs on ebay for four bucks and another four at Walgreens clearance for less that three bucks for all four (the nice lady at the counter gave me some coupons). I couldn’t pass it up! They aren’t the cutest designs but they last forever! Check out the clearance sections at Walgreens, Rite aid, and Target, you never know what you might find!

  5. I use to love the SH ones until I found out they test on animals. ..I know not everyone cares about that stuff but I think it’s pointless to test make up on animals, not to mention cruel. was such a disappointment.

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