Pink and Orange Needle Drag Nail Art

Hey There Polished People!

Now that the weather is getting NEARLY springy out here in the Pacific Northwest, meaning it doesn’t rain 100% of the time, I’ve been enjoying being outside a little chatting with my husband while he splits wood or attempting to throw the ball for Bubba and Minnie. In case you don’t know, Minnie is a roughly 8 pound Maltese/mix dog, and BubbaCharles is a 90 pound Blue Tick Coon Hound. Minnie is kind of too small to catch a ball, but Bubba is plenty big. His problem is that he just doesn’t quite know how! As evidence I bring you exhibit A:

IMG_4663What Bubba is¬†quite good at, though, is jumping through a hula hoop! I couldn’t find his old hula hoop so I went out and bought him a new sparkly gold and purple hula hoop. He loved it. I will now show you exhibits B, C and D:







It sure brings a smile to my face to see his big doggy butt jumping through the hoop, and it makes him happy, too. In closure of the Bubba segment of this post, I’ll show you exhibit E:



Ready to see my semi-Springy nails?

Pink and Orange Needle Drag Nail Art



ARollInTheHagueStrawberryMargarita (2)


How To Get These Nails:

  1. Basecoat. I used SH Hard As Nails. 
  2. Paint your nails with OPI Koala Bear-y.
  3. Apply a coat of Jessica Brilliance and allow your nails to dry.
  4. When your nails are dry and mostly hardened, you will need to do the next two steps quickly so get OPI Koala Bear-y, OPI A Roll In The Hague and a needle handy.
  5. One nail at a time, apply a thick layer of OPI Koala Bear-y, then immediately apply a stripe of OPI A Roll In The Hague down the center of the nail and immediately after that use a needle to drag from one side of the nail to the other, alternating directions with each drag.
  6. Repeat step 5 for each nail. Remember to work quickly.
  7. When you’re done with all of your nails, apply a final coat of Jessica Brilliance and ta-daa! You’re done! :)

I wish I’d used different shades for this mani. In person the effect was somewhat subtle and cool, but in pictures, as you can see, it was almost indistinguishable. When I asked people what their favorite nail color combinations were, Siobhan from For The Love Of Nail Art said that one of her favorite combos was pink and orange. I love that combo too, so that was my inspiration. Next time I will use a lighter and a darker shade of the two colors to help it show up better, but for now… ehhh it’s ok.

Do you have any pets? Do your pets do any fun tricks? Also- weigh in on the nails. Do you do much needle-dragging? As always, thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D


35 thoughts on “Pink and Orange Needle Drag Nail Art

  1. Go Bubba! Haha! My husband wants a hound dog so bad! I will have to teach it to do tricks like this if he ever gets one! =P I have a golden retriever and a chocolate lab, and they are too lazy to do anything like that. They like to go to the pond and swim, and go for walks, and they will “sit” and the lab will “dance for it (stand on her back legs for a treat)”, but that is about it!

    I love doing drag marbles if I am in a hurry because they are quick, or if I can’t figure out some other sort of nail art to do, but want more than just plain nails.

    • Oh my gosh… My husband is obsessed w hounds! You’d think he was 5 years old! Even on TV he’ll see one and he like “HOUND DOG!!!” We actually only accidentally ended up w Bubba cuz we were at the humane society looking at a different dog and he just really jumped out at us. His paperwork said he was bad and “shredded” furniture and all this business but for whatever psychotic reason we brought him home and he’s hardly ever done one bad thing!! I can probably count the number of times he’s got in trouble in the last 5-6 years on one hand. Some hounds bark a lot tho, so beware of that. They’re so cute tho w their floppy ears and everything. :) I wish Bubba liked to swim. We’ve never really given him the chance but I’m thinking “no.” Haha.

  2. I’m blown away by the fact that your grass is so green!! LoL ;) It actually looks the way it’s suppose to look in the spring! I live in KY & mine still looks dead from this winter…

    • I will pass that along to my husband! Haha. He just mowed so it looks decent but we don’t really get freezing weather here so the grass stays pretty good over the winter. We have a big ol dead spot where a wood pile was and it’s all patchy but for the most part I guess it does look pretty good! Thanks! :)

  3. Regarding your nails, it is a shame that we can’t appreciate the manicure in the pictures. I hate when it happens. I’ve tried the needle manicure before and it was beyond a disasticure, I was so pissed that I almost quit nail addiction, i was all red almost screaming: I HATE NAIL ART I EFFIN HATE THIS …. more or less like this kid i found on youtube:

    regarding dogs, you know bella la cocker, she’s the craziest dog ever. she loves fetching, sort of.. I mean, you throw the ball and then she picks it up and never give it back to you.. unless you ignore her, and then she fakes indifference and let the ball next to your feet. she also knows how to sit, high 5, stand in two feet, lie down and fake death. She also know some other stuff like, when we’re in the car and she unlocks the belt, she likes to seat shot gun and you just say bella, atras (which means go in the back) and then she goes back to the other seat while sighing (all that, she’s crazy)

    • The needle drag/marbling thing is so picky!! It really depends a lot on the polish cuz some just WONT DRAG and it’s so frustrating!!! I’ve been there! Haha.

      Awww Bella is so smart! That’s cute that she does all those tricks. Bubba just knows how to sit, speak, jump through the hula hoop and… well… That’s pretty much it. Minnie is such a spaz she can hardly sit for more than 2 seconds. :p My old dog, Brittany, also a Maltese like Minnie, could sit, stay, dance, roll over, shake, and would lay dead if you made a gun w your hand and went “bang bang you’re dead.” It was really funny. I get I could teach Minnie or Bubba if I spent the time but… ehhh. :p

  4. I didn’t know Bubba was a Blue Tick Coon! I’ve heard of the breed (my boss has a mix that is PSYCHO), but have never seen a full-bred version.
    How can Bubba not catch a ball, but jump through a hoop??? Treats, I guess, is the answer to that question.
    Leeloo has a teeny tiny ball that she stole from my friend’s Pomeranian while they were moving out that she adores, but I think she just likes that she discovered it under a piece of furniture and stole it for herself. She likes her stuffed toys a lot, too.
    I am wearing Koala Bear-y on my toes right now, but am getting a pedicure tonight. I think I’m going to go for an old staple, Revlon Plum Seduction.
    It’s a bummer that the contrast didn’t show up more, but I like the color combination (and also that it was Siobhan’s suggestion, :) ) and your needle drag looks REALLY good.

    • Thanks! Speaking of pedicures I have GOT to do my toes cuz they are on “can not see the light of day” stays right now. On each foot I have about 2 tiny toenails worth of polish on all five nails and some of which is on my big toe. It’s atrocious.
      I don’t know they Bubbs is purebred or anything since he came from the pound but that’s what they said anyway. :) I think you are correct that treats are the answer. Plus, he’s good at like doing stuff, not necessarily being left alone to follow a direction that lasts more than one second. He will occasionally get a ball, but I mean we are talking those times are few and far between.
      Minnie does actually play fetch pretty good inside w her little stuffed toys. She’ll bring em back and then growl like a mountain lion when you take em away and then wait for you to throw them again. She’s definitely possessive though because when she’s done, she just takes her toy and hides it under a bed somewhere. AND if I find a toy that she’s not even using and throw it in Bubba’s bed to keep it out of the way, she’ll go get it and hide it under the bed, like Bubba really wanted it anyway. :p I would like to see her and Leeloo play. Haha.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA it is past 3:30am here & I nearly LOLed literally at Bubba closing his eyes when catching a ball. OMW he’s too funny!
    I love his hoop jumping too.

    We have lotsa pets here, the funniest is Radox (my bff) and Tequila (our jack russel). Complete twits I swear. Tequila thinks stones are balls and Radox says the funniest krap!

    I love the nails, ESP the colour combo!!! Never tried needle dragging but you and Amanda have posted about it so best get my act together huh :P hehe!

    • Thanks! Yeah Bubba is always doing something funny! I bet w your zoo at your house you always have something cute going on w the animals! It’s a miracle you don’t post 8,000 pics a day of everyone! :) Needle dragging is cool but pack your patience because depending on the polish it’s a piece of cake or a pain in the rear!

  6. I really like how these nails turned out. I saw them on you in a picture where Minnie was photobombing so I was patiently waiting for the post. ;) Oh my gah…I never get tired of seeing Bubba pictures. It’s funny because he’s so not the kind of dog that I would normally want to get because I love shaggy dogs, but he is just so darn cute. He has sort of a Droopy Dog kind of face and he just looks so happy. Thanks for sharing him with us.

    • Thanks! And yeah- isn’t he just hilarious??! He cracks me up! I can’t believe I didn’t even want him when we saw him at the shelter, he’s just the absolute nicest, most well-behaved dog. The only thing I would happily change about him is to lessen his energy level just a tad, especially when you feed him or when he hears his leash. I could live without him stampeding whenever he hears the metal jangle.

  7. Awww! Your Bubba is adorable! And rather human. I flench when I see coming at my face too. My Moogle is an eleven pound Maltese and is the living proof that you can’t have too much cute. The thing with my baby boy is it’s not that he doesn’t think he can catch the ball, he’d just rather watch it land, go over and sniff it, then walk up to me and sit at my feet and look at me with this expectant look on his face as though he’s saying “Well? Go get it!”
    His favorite game is “let’s see if I can’t get the humans to give me their food” ^.~ His second favorite game is tug o’ war, which he’s surprisingly good at for such a little guy.

    Your purple needle dragging art was the first post I found from your blog, and was so impressed I kept looking though! I like the subtle effect here, actually. It’s there and it shows but it’s not jumping up your nose going “HEY LOOKIT ME!” I think I’m going to have to attempt this when I bring myself to remove my current manicure ^_^

    • OH my gosh.. Minnie (my little dog) is about a 8 lb maltese (possible mix) I LOVE MALTESES!!! Are you on twitter? I’ve got to follow you and then you can post dog pictures! Or instagram! :) I can’t get enough cute dogs. Never. Your dog plays fetch about as good as Bubba! :p
      That purple needle dragging I did was one of my favorites. It really just depends on the polish. If you’re talking about the light and dark purple one, which is the one Im thinking of right now, that one worked so well because one of the polishes was just a LITTLE quick drying so it dragged so nicely. This polish worked pretty well, too, tho so if it hadn’t been so subtle it would have looked pretty draggy (in a good way) too :) Thanks for the comments!

      • Unfortunately I don’t have a Twitter (*GAAAASP!*) at the moment, though I’m sorely tempted to open one up ^.^ I did make a post over at my blog the the baby though:
        He’s being a bit of a diva in that photo, it was his birthday and he had the right to be I guess ^.^
        You know I think it’s not that they -can’t- fetch rather than they think we can fetch better?

        Yes, that’s the one. With the Owl medallion. I’ve been tempted to try my bottle of Covergirl’s Grapevine with my OPI’s Ink . I have two mani’s lined up in my head for next, so I think I’ll try my hand at the needle drag as a third.

        I only speak the twuth, and it’s a pleasure :>

        • Oh my gosh you should definitely give it a try! It’s so fun! It’s really how I keep up w all my blogger friends the most. If you open an acct let me know! I’m headed to your blog now to check that post out!!

          • Heheh, no worries, phones are a pain in the tush to work with *So says the girl who spends ninty percent of her time on an iTouch*

            I’m thinking I shall open a Twitter xD If anything it would make stalking the number of my favorite celebrities who use the service much easier ;-) When I open it I’ll leave you a comment.

            The thing about cute dogs is that they know they’re cute, and the play it to the hilt. Moogle likes to engage in what I like to call “Emotional Warefare,” which I swear he could patent and sell to the highest bidder. It’s extremely effective o.o Though its worth it, he’s our little buddy. He has a habit of sitting by me when I varnish my nails and stares at me with this expression of “WHAT are you DOING?” that is so human’esque.

    • Thanks about the dog and the nails! :) Bubba is such a funny dog, especially when he’s out running around I just feel like I could take a billion pics of him…. if only he’d stay still!!!

  8. OMG your ball catching handicapped pup! Too adorable. Guess what?! Bette’s coming home with me this Friday, I’m losing my shit I’m so excited. :D

    Also, where can I get my hands on Koala Bear-y?? I’m not a big fan of pinks, but when they’re obnoxious and in your face I get sweet talked.

    • This Friday like the 5th??? I can hardly wait! I expect billions and billions of pictures on twitter and IG!

      Koala Bear-y is realy pretty and I don’t really love pinks either! I am not really sure where to get it, I know my bottle is like SUPER old. If I see it around I’ll let you know. I really never even look at pinks too much so I don’t know if I’ve seen it around or not! :-/

  9. Ohh My! this is amazing. I am a fan and I am doing this for sure.
    Thanks for the lovely tutorial.
    And yes, I had a lovely pet for 11 years, he was like our kid or more than that. He passed away few yrs back. And I can totally relate when u write about pets :)

    • Aww I’m sorry to hear about your pet. That is such a sad and tough experience when that happens. Pets are just so wonderful, I understand how some people don’t have pets cuz they can be costly and a little annoying at times, but what I can’t understand is people who choose to have pets and then don’t take care of them. It just makes me sad to even think about that.
      I’m glad you enjoyed these nails and I hope you DO give them a try! :) Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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