Yellow and Grey Boxy Nails

Hey There Polished People!

Today’s is gonna be ranty post. I’ll try to keep it short. As you may or may not know, I’m pregnant and ever since I told Cynthia (from Of Life and Lacquer) and whenever I rant about something she calls me Pregozilla!! Haha. So, just consider this straight from Pregozilla, although I can almost guarantee many of you will feel my pain and know it’s not just because of the bun in the oven (what a weird saying!).

So… due to the little jellybean on its way, I needed to get a new car. I have driven a Ford Ranger 4×4 since high school and needless to say, it’s not the most baby-friendly vehicle. So we just sold my truck and started looking for a new car. We wanted a Ford Escape and the more we looked around the more we thought it would be perfect and that we could get it for the price we wanted. We went to several dealerships and asked them if the Escape we looked at there could be in our price range. Well, of COURSE they said “yes” and at two dealerships we entered into negotiations. The first dealership (which will be getting a “patronize at your own risk” Yelp/Google/etc rating) kept messing with the monthly payment instead of the price and tried to convince us we were getting it at such a great price. Little did they know I already knew exactly what my payment would be at any price point at different interest rates (and we already knew our interest rate because we got pre-approved at our credit union) so when they told me for instance that using their financing and getting half a percentage lower rate was going to make nearly 30 dollars in our payment, I knew that in fact it make like 2 dollars difference and I told them so. Also, their “final offer” when you punch in the numbers was valuing the car at more than the sticker price!! They must have thought we were idiots. It was really frustrating, they tried to tell us our credit union was garbage (last time I checked they sell cars, not give financial advice) and just overall treated us like we were stupid and didn’t know how the numbers added up. Of course we did, so we walked. Then they kept calling me so I told them what a jerk one of the guys was and that we would probably never be coming back. They seemed to care, but who knows.

The second dealership we visited was even worst than the first. This dealership will be getting the most scathing Yelp/Google/etc reviews I can possibly type up and still remain dignified. The price they were asking was a little over our price range again, and we asked if they’d come down to our price and of course they said yes, but when we sat down, AGAIN they only wanted to change the terms of our financing, not the price!! We finally told them that the car wasn’t in our price range and started to get ready to leave and the guy accused us of wanting to get something for nothing and of trying to just “win.” Whatever that means. The guy was SO INSULTING and absolutely rude that I almost cried. I didn’t, and was very proud of that, but it was close. I don’t know why they have to act like that. You ask them a question and are completely straight forward about your financing (we have our own, not using yours) and they say they can work with you and then beat you up when you tell them that clearly the car is not in your price range and you don’t want to waste anyone’s time so thank you for the info. It was absolutely infuriating. I will NEVER go back to that dealership. I told the guy, WE WILL NOT BE BACK and a different guy chased us out like, “What can I do to make this work?” and I was like, “Treat your customers properly. I don’t come here to spend THOUSANDS of dollars and be treated like I’m trying to swindle someone when we are NOTHING but upfront.” It was just so absolutely insulting I can not even explain it to you.

At the third dealership, the salespeople were very nice, were not at all “high-pressure”, didn’t hassle us about using their financing and we ended up with a nicer car than at dealership #1, a newer car (but less options, which is ok cuz they were things we don’t need like leather seats) than at dealership #2 (same make and model at all three) and at the exact price we wanted. It was a full thousand less than dealership #2, and between $800 (last offer when they called and apologized) and $1500 (“negotiated” rate at the dealership) less than dealership #1. I am so happy with my new car! I LOVE IT!! I posted a pic on Twitter if you would like to see it. 🙂

Whew!!! That was rantalicious!!! Ready to see the nails for today??

Yellow and Grey Boxy Nails





How To Get These Nails:

  1. Basecoat.
  2. Paint your nails with 2 coats of Nina Ultra Pro French White.
  3. Apply a coat of Jessica Brilliance and allow your nails to dry thoroughly.
  4. When your nails are completely dry, use striping tape to tape off the lines between the boxes.
  5. Paint each box on each nail a different color. Here are the colors I used: SC Unicorn (light yellow. This polish is crap, find a different yellow), SC Ardoise (dark grey), Essence Little Miss Sunrise (darker yellow), SH Eel Skin (light grey). I used the polish brushes to fill the boxes and it was HARD. I would use a little paint brush in the future.
  6. Remove the striping tape and use your clean up brush dipped in acetone to clean up the lines, if necessary.
  7. Give your nails a few minutes to dry (no streaking!), then apply a final coat of Jessica Brilliance.
  8. Show your friends!!

I actually did these nails after seeing some nails by Awesomebrush on Instagram. Hers were so awesome! They were grey and yellow and just perfect. See her awesome nails here. Mine… mehhhh. They didn’t turn out how I wanted them to, but they looked okay for what they were. I still want to try to recreate her nails better, but for now I guess these are it. :-/

Grey and yellow are a somewhat surprisingly pretty color combination (when done right). What other colors do you particularly love together? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also, let me know if you have experienced the same car-buying frustration as we did. It was an AWFUL experience. As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀 

31 thoughts on “Yellow and Grey Boxy Nails

  1. You see this is why I walk everywhere! I’m sometimes glad we don’t have our own car because you get some sales people who just don’t GET what you want!
    Fav color combos: pink and orange!!! And that’s the only one I can think of.
    Your mani: I like it! I also like unicorn in it and gives it a good softness.

    • Ooh orange and pink. That’s a good one. I might steak your style and do something with those colors next. I’m over winter and rain, I’m ready for summer! And summer colors! 🙂

  2. I don’t think that you were at all Pregozilla! Your experience was just that, your experience and as consumers we all should read these types of comments, not all are happy-go-lucky bragging times. I have had my share of bad automobile purchases and trials. In the end, I ‘m glad that you finally found the car that will fit your new family. Thanks for sharing.

    • Haha, thanks! I recently wrote some reviews for the good dealership and I’m still contemplating on whether I do or do not want to write the bad ones. I feel like I should, but it will be hard to keep it short and concise. :-/

  3. So I am officially traumatized after reading about your dealership experience. I am actually gearing up to buy a car since my current car is like an explosion waiting to happen. The first car I ever bought was a complete rip off since I knew absolutely nothing about cars and they totally swindled me. Now I feel like I’m at their mercy because my credit is in the shits after all my hospital and medical bills from the Great Depression of 2011/2012. LOL Look at me, I’m a financial event. Anyway, I don’t know how that’s going to work out but I’m saving up for a sizeable down payment so I don’t get taken up the ass with a financial cactus….I’m totally NOT looking forward to it and I hope that my car makes it until I have saved up enough money. That’s one of my major stressors right now. I wish I had been there with you because I would have torn those assholes a new one…I am so not kidding. If someone treated me like that, I probably would have spit in their faces. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. LOL But, I’m glad that the third place was much better and that you got the car you wanted–and it’s awesome. Your post was definitely not pregozilla because you were totally justified–hell, I think you were way too calm. hahaha

    So about the nails: I would have never thought to combine those colors, but they freaking work! I love how they look. Good show!

    • Oh good heavens you twisted twisted soul!!! Up the ass with a financial cactus! Yikes! I’ll say no thank you to every part of that experience, but seriously that’s what they try to do!!! I recommend going to a credit union and getting preapproved and then sticking to your guns at a dealership or buying from a private party. The dealership financing is RIDICULOUS! When you’re ready you just holler and we’ll figure out the number. Let Nicole help you. 😉 I’ll take you with us next time and you can lay the smack down when they get so awful. I was pretty ready w the comebacks but then I also try to be polite when they clearly don’t deserve it so I don’t say ALL that they deserve. In like your style better :p Sorry about the second-hand traumatization. Thanks about the nails!!

  4. Oh my goodness…that is absolutely ridiculous! The first two dealership stories make my heart race in frustration for you!!! Ugh! Customer service is a big thing for me and I just hate it when people treat others like crap. Not cool!
    I am SO glad it worked out with the third dealership! So happy for you and your new car 😀
    I’m really loving your manicure! Looks awesome ❤

    • Thanks!! Yeah customer service really appalls me sometimes cuz I’ve had several jobs where that’s a big deal and I just don’t understand how people can be so rude, especially AT WORK! Whatever tho, I’m super happy with my new car and I guess all’s well that ends well… as long as those dirt bags didn’t end up w my money! 😉

  5. That’s terrible! I know my credit union has a car buying service where they haggle the price for you and will even deliver the car to your door! My family just bought a new car and that was what we did. We emailed the types of cars we were interested in and after a few back and forth emails they had found one that we liked and they drive it right to my house. It’s like a dream come true! So easy and the price was honest and not bad at all!!!

    • Wow that sounds great!! Our CU had a car broker that they work w and they do pretty much the same thing except no one drives it to your door!! I don’t think so at least! Haha. That’s awesome! We were going to use that guy but then we ended up finding some on our own and found “the one” before we even had time to email him. 🙂

  6. I think you have every right to be pregozilla, don’t let anyone try and tame the inner rant. Car sales are just the worst – I don’t understand where their culture came from but I think there should be a movement for reform. In the mean time, I love your nails! This design would totally work in aquas, turquoise for that poolside mosaic feel… I think we all could do with some poolside resting. Goodluck with the rest of your pregnancy 🙂

    • Thanks so much! Turquoise shades would be really pretty and you’re absolutely correct, a nice sunbathing session and some poolside resting sounds just about right. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. awww I didnt know you were pregnant! congrats! Anyways, We had a similar issue when we bought our car about two years ago, we went to trade in our altima and knew what camry we wanted, what year, what color, interior, everything 4cyl. etc. We knew what we wanted to pay and what we wanted to get the Altima for. The first dealership kept trying to give us pennies on the Altima and wouldn’t find the green camry color we wanted, so when we said we were walking after much screaming also over proice, they didnt even care… the second dealership was amazing, found the car for us, super nice, etc. People jsut suck! Definetly not a preggozilla moment, just an i dont feel like getting ‘rammed up the ass with a financial cactus’ type of moment… lmao Cynthia.. jeez lol

    Anyways love the nails as always love this color combo!

    • Cynthia always knows just how to say something, doesn’t she? Haha. Yeah buying a car can just be the worst! And I don’t quite understand how the exact make and model and year and trim style can vary by like 3-5 thousand at different dealerships. It really makes it necessary to do your research and exercise a little patience. The good thing is that in the end we both got our cars, thank goodness for that!! Haha. And thanks for the congratulations (even tho you had a spacey moment and DID know! :p)! 🙂

  8. I am glad that you found a car that will work for you in all aspects now!
    Prepare for my scary car-shopping experience:
    Last summer, my transmission died and I was debating buying a new car instead of having the transmission rebuilt. My brief car shopping experience was exactly as lame as I thought it would be. At the first dealership, I said I wanted to look at a Chevy Equinox and a Kia Sorrento. The sales guy (complete with cheesy accent and too much cologne – like the car saleman on Futurama) takes me to a GMC Terrain, which, of course, just happens to be out of gas, so let’s go try out the fully-loaded one next to it. I said no, I’m not driving this one, because if I buy this car, I’m buying the base model, and somehow another base model was magically available. Then I looked at the Chevy Equinox. Again, the models were all blocked in on the lot, so we go to the one that is available to drive, and, oh, look at that, no gas. How convenient, seeing as you want to sell me the GMC. Then we went over to Kias and he shows me a Kia Sportage, which wasn’t the model I asked about, and eventually the Sorrento. I ended up liking the Terrain the best (pat yourself on the back, sales guy), but I didn’t like the aesthetics of it.
    The second dealership I tried was Mitsubishi…they were OUT. I went out there and they had barely any models. They couldn’t find keys for the Outlander Sport and they had to jump the battery on the Outlander. The guy didn’t even talk to me about the car while I drove it and didn’t even have a business card when I asked him for one. He just said they’d probably be on sale and he could probably make me a deal over the weekend.
    After that, I went over to Mazda. They showed me the new CX-5 and stupid, stupid, Lesley drove the PIMPED OUT TO THE MAXIMUM one (why, when I refused to do this at the other dealership, I don’t know) and fell in love. I don’t even have power locks or windows, so this thing seemed like driving a spaceship and it was kind of nice to dream about. I went in to “get his card” and that was interesting. They quoted me and it was WAY too much (it was like a $30K car…talked about rammed up the ass with a financial cactus, LOL…but that’s my own damn fault for having expensive taste and also for dreaming) and they kept being like, “What can I do to make you drive it off tonight?” and I’m like, I don’t know, I haven’t done my research! It was so awkward…literally every guy in the place was trying to sell me the car and I just kept being like, “I’m sorry, I can’t.”
    As it turned out, I was borrowing the work truck while I was deciding, and I ended up crashing it into the side of a coffee shop (OK, it wasn’t quite that dramatic …it has a really long bed and I wasn’t used to it and didn’t clear the building while turning) because I was so strung out about possibly losing my job at the time, so I took that as a sign to just fix my car. It’s a REALLY good thing I did…I wouldn’t have been able to afford the payments now.
    Man, last year sucked hardcore.
    Anyway, so I’m still in my Jeep from 1999, and still haven’t paid off my transmission repair, LOL!
    So, nails! I don’t hate the colors together, although they are unconventional, but I don’t love them, either. I do like the graphic element of them because I think they’re eye-catching (I feel like I say that all the time!).

    • First off I love your nails critique- “I don’t really hate them, but I don’t love them either… This is how I always feel about your nails!!” Hahaha. It’s ok tho, I think it’s quite evident that the nail blog is like the false front of this underground business we call gossiping and chatting. :p

      I don’t know what makes salesmen think you’re going to come in for say a 19k car and they’re gonna talk you into buying a 30k car??? They are so stupid and the sad thing is- that probably works on some poor soul who doesn’t think it through and then has payments out their ears and eventually has the thing repo’d or has to sell it back to the dealership and STILL owes money on it! It’s horrible. Idk how much your transmission cost but I’m guessing that was a better bet than a brand new 30k car. Anything where you have to rely on someone else for info and to not financial cactus you (in Cynthia’s words) is stressful and not fun at all! Glad I’m done for what will probably be like 10 years!! Haha.

      • No no no no no! I meant I always say I like it when they look graphic because it’s eye-catching, even if I don’t particuarly like the design, NOT that I am always wishy-washy on your nails!!! Pfffttt, you know that’s not true! 😉
        Transmission was like $2600. DEFINITELY cheaper than the car, hahaha. It’s just that my car is old and I wasn’t sure if it was worth paying that expense for it. As it turned out, it totally was, because there is no way I could afford a car payment right now.

  9. I just want to say I think you’re awesome. Not only for doing everything nail-rifficly, but for going to your CU, getting your price and KNOWING beforehand the difference between ‘adjusting’ your monthly payments and actually changing the final price. You’re a smart, savvy lady and I applaud you! And WAY TO GO not giving in to stupid, hassling sales people! I don’t mind sales people who still respect their customers and respond to intelligent, informed people with intelligent, informed answers. Plus, you’re pregnant. So that adds like 150 bonus points for not giving in. I have zero ability to make important negotiations work when I’m preggo, I get SO emotional.

    Love your rants, love your nails. Stay amazing.

    • Haha you are too sweet!! I have to say though, I did feel really good about being so prepared for the dealerships and even though they were total jerks I didn’t feel taken advantage of or anything because I understood exactly what should be and that what they were saying was incorrect. Thank goodness for that! They could really take someone for a bunch of money that they don’t have!!! I understand they have a job to do, but lying and trying to confuse or trick people doesn’t need to be part of that job. My mood swings have just recently set in which leave me a little drained but thankfully I had the car situation done by this point. Phewwwww 🙂 Thanks so much!!

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