Spanish French Irish Nails (makes sense, right?)

Hey There Polished People!

Today is the day I reveal my big St. Patrick’s Day plans and my final SPD nails!! Are you ready for this??? On Sunday my husband and I are going to… (drum roll please!)… babysit his brother’s dog so they can go out!!! Haha! Seriously, that’s what we’re doing and I’m perfectly okay with that. Despite my husband being half Irish, we really don’t do all that much for St. Patrick’s Day. We have went out a couple of times, one time we went to a bar where my friend was working and therefore got free drinks all night and man… we were GONE. Oh my goodness… it was a fun night but uff da we paid for it. I wont go into details but trust me. You know what’s the worst part about getting really drunk? Throwing up is terrible of course, but ALLLMOST worse than that is getting the spins. You just sit or lay there and like bargain with God to please not let you puke, but yet you know you’re just gonna suffer till you do. Very unluckily for me, I am totally prone to the spins. Luckily though, before I was pregnant of course, I don’t really drink very often and I haven’t gotten TOO drunk for a couple of years probably so that’s a somewhat distant memory. Thank goodness for that!! Let’s just get to the nails!

Spanish French Irish Nails







How To Get These Nails:

  1. Basecoat.
  2. Paint your nails in a Spanish French (diagonal French tip) design with OPI Goldeneye and ChG Running In Circles. I free-handed my diagonal line, but you could certainly use tape to do yours.
  3. Apply a coat of Jessica Brilliance and allow your nails to dry thoroughly. I actually liked these nails best just with the Spanish French design. Running In Circles and Goldeneye were just made to be together, don’t you think? I loved these nails by themselves.
  4. If you want to do the stamped nails (last picture) all you need to do is use Konad special white polish and RA 116 (my ONLY St. Patrick’s Day-appropriate stamp!) to stamp the shamrock on each nail.
  5. Apply a final coat of Jessica Brilliance and call it macaroni! πŸ™‚

Which look do you like the best? I hope you all have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow and just remember- Green beer = green barf. Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€

17 thoughts on “Spanish French Irish Nails (makes sense, right?)

  1. oh gosh. i don’t drink often, but when I do. people always keep asking to me get drunk again. i become like the soul of the party.. is like a different person. i guess i’m more fun when drunk. :(.
    i loved this manicure, it is like a different st patrick’s point of view.. this is more fashion-ish, the other one is more like.. heavy duty.

    • Haha you’re the soul of the party huh?? That’s awesome. I think everyone (except those people that get all depressed or emotional when they drink) is more fun when they’re drunk. πŸ™‚ Listen to us, a couple of alcoholics! Just kidding! These were my favorite nails lately, that green and gold were just made to be together. Thanks!

  2. These are flipping awesome, I really liked them without the stamp when I first saw on Instagram and I really like them with the stamp too for St. Patty’s Day. Veeeeeerrry impressive! Your St. Patty’s day is still more interesting than mine, because at least you’ll have an additional dog. I’m just going to be home alone…watching the walking dead and girls. Ok, that’s still awesome for me, but I do that every Sunday πŸ˜› I have to wake up super early for my 8am apt monday morning so staying out late anyways wouldn’t work anyways. Ugh…there was only two times in my life that I got drunk enough to the point of vomitting. Once was actually St. Patricks day…all I remember was walking into the corner of all wall as I attempted to make it through the bathroom door in the middle of the night. In my defense, it was dark, I was drunk, and it was in a hotel room so I didn’t know the layout πŸ˜› I did get a bruise on my lip the next morning. The next was years later when I first started dating my current bf. I had just gotten over mono (yes mono >..< So pretty much since then I've never been able to really drink again. I can get as far as buzzed, but that's about it for me! Haha I shared….a lot.

    • Ooh a bruise on your lip?? Yowch! I didn’t really know lips could get bruised, but I didn’t know you thought you could magically walk through walls, either so… What a lesson for today! :p Your Sunday sounds just as good as mine. I don’t even know when my brother in law is bringing the dog over and last time he came over he peed on my wall so let’s hope NOT for that. :-/ The good thing is Snoogins (the dog) is really nice and after the brainless peeing on the wall moment he was pretty much an angel. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my wow, this is beautiful! I love how the two colors compliment eachother so well. And, of course, I always love seeing Goldeneye xD Very festive! And your free handed lines are straighter than my tape lines. Envy!

    Happy saint Patrick’s day to you! Although I’m not Irish I’ll be celebrating by trying to find a bottle of Green Ocean (I passed it by last week without realizing what it was *Dramatic crying).

    I’ve never in my near twenty-five years been drunk, but honestly the descriptions make it sound one step away from a stomach flu o.o

    • First off thank you about the nails! I, too, love those colors together and yes- Goldeneye is a beauty. πŸ™‚ I hate waiting for my polish to dry to use tape so I just started doing the diagonal tips w out tape and they’re actually pretty easy. You should give it a try sometime. I just paint the lower half w whatever color, then go back and paint the upper half so I don’t even have to have the double layer on the top. I’m not sure that’s making sense… anyway.
      I actually didn’t know what Green Ocean was and had to google it!! Shame on me. I don’t follow SC that much tho so let that be my excuse. It looks really pretty tho so I hope you can find it!! And your description of it being like the stomach flu is right on. Except you know you did it to yourself so depending on how fun the night was it either makes it a little worse or a little less bad. And it goes away quick, thank goodness. πŸ™‚

  4. Oooo, I like this combination of the two glass-flecky, foily colors! I think I like it better without the stamp, but I still like it overall.
    I did what I said I was going to do yesterday (visited my friend, met her dog, had lunch, shopped around). She suggested getting a green beer and I was like, eh…no. We did, however, get frozen yogurt. πŸ™‚
    Man, I don’t drink much, but reading the comments makes me feel like a rager, haha. I can definitely say that the amount of seriously painful drunk evenings has decreased greatly in my adult life…the last time I remember being hungover was my birthday in August (and I didn’t get sick…was just hungover). College, however, was another story (reference the “efficient drinking”).

    • I liked it better before the stamp too. These colors just go together so well! It’s the identical finish, like you said. πŸ™‚
      I don’t drink a lot, but when I do I still believe in the efficient drinking strategy! It’s the only way to go if you ask me. πŸ˜‰ I don’t really care that I can’t drink now, but I am going to be sad when we go to the beach next month and over Memorial Day camping in May! I think I’ll still make some Jell-O shots and just distribute them, haha.

  5. I like your by-hand clovers. Not that these are ugly, they’re fab but I love the hand ones.
    Other than that, this mani does rock and I love the colours as well!!!

    Omg! The spins are THE worst! Last time I prayed OUT LOUD to God that he must PLEASE just stop the world. I may or may not also have been praying this while hugging the loo. That’s the last time I drank heavily. I’m the 3 drinks girl now and then I’m done.

  6. Duuuhhhdddeee! I am like the most horrible drunk ever. Not only do I become obnoxious (more than I already am), but I also become very affectionate right before I puke. And me puking is like this spectacle because I cry so much when I puke. It just feels so horrible that I start bawling. However, right before I’m too drunk to function, I am tons of fun. I don’t drink all that often either and I know that when I do drink to excess, it’s usually because I’m depressed or whatnot. I will have one cocktail here and there but usually not more than one. I went through this weird almost alcoholic period where I was drinking every night just to be able to pass out and not stay up worrying about stuff. That lasted a few months and then I realized I was on the fast track to alcoholism so I just quit it. It was kind of hard at first but then I was ok. Then the whole almost getting fired at work for my drunken debacle at a work function and that pretty much cured me of wanting to drink. haha Anyway, I think your SPD nails look adorable. Good color combo and great stamp. Btw, I just ordered a new stamp set from Winstonia Store. I hope they’re good!

    • Hahaha!! Obnoxious is good if it’s your usual obnoxious-ness cuz that’s my style! Haha. The affectionate thing I could probably deal w too. I know this girl who gets mean when she gets drunk and think she’s soooo funny and guess what? People don’t like her that much anyway so then when you start being mean to the few who actually tolerate you… it’s not a good look! Puking is just awful and I cry when I throw up too. It’s just so gross… I can’t help it. Speaking of weird puking styles (is that a thing??) oh my gosh, on my brother’s 21st bday he came and met Daniel and I at a bar. Well he matched me in tequila shots and he’s a lot bigger than me but he seriously NEVER drank before so he got so sick he was sick for like 24 hours straight. I was the worst big sister EVER!! I was so ashamed! Haha. And he is SO LOUD when he pukes!! He’s like wake-the-dead, cause-an-earthquake loud- RAWWWRRRRERRRRR!!!! when he throws up. We call him the pterodactyl now cuz that’s what it sounded like. Yuck!

      About the plates… They sound familiar so I’ll be anxious to hear how they work. I think I liked then when I saw them before. Maybe you’ll sell them on your blog sale and I’ll buy them! :p Jk. Sorta. Thanks about the nails!

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