Jamberry Nail Strips Review

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I’ve been a little busy lately but of course I can’t have my nails looking all busted so when I got the chance to review some Jamberry Nail Strips I was pretty hyped! I love the idea of nail strips and recently tried the Kiss Nail Dress strips and pretty much hated them. I was anxious and a little nervous to try these out. Let’s have a look and we’ll see how they fared.

Jamberry Nail Strips

JamberryNailStrips (5)

JamberryNailStrips (4)

This is what I had left after completing both hands.

This is what I had left after completing both hands.


Jamberry can’t be beat in the color/design department. There is seriously an entire booklet of designs to choose from and they’re all just ADORABLE! I think we can agree that the design I got is super cute! πŸ™‚ Also worth noting is that the colors are vibrant and the strips themselves are super shiny.


This is where I had a little trouble. You apply the Jamberry strips by heating them up with a hairdryer, applying them to your nails then heating them up again with the hairdryer, cutting the strip off just past your nail tip and finally filing the excess off the tip. I had a little bit of a hard time with the sizes of these strips, as my nails aren’t all that wide and these strips really would benefit a wider nail. Luckily, there are plenty of sizes and each strip can do two of my nails (length-wise) so I found enough strips that fit properly. If you have wide nails, these are definitely the strips for you!! I could always trim down the width with scissors if I had needed to but luckily I did not. Anyway- immediately after I filed the excess tips off I was not exactly loving these because the tips were so jagged!! I was seriously like “Whyyyyy do all nail strips hate me??!!??!” and I emailed Cynthia to ask her what I should do. She suggested checking out some existing nail strip reviews to see if there were any helpful hints and lo and behold- AHHHHHH (angels singing) one simple tip turned it all around for me. What was that tip, you ask? File the edges off in a downward motion. I filed mine off side-to-side and it made it soooo ragged and jagged. They were seriously driving me CRAZY! Filing them down fixed the problem in a matter of minutes. Hallelujah!! The other tip I would stress is to heat them up really well before you apply them. I only warmed them a tad and I think that’s why I have some rippling. The rippling on my index finger has nothing to do with the strips, though, because that’s where I cut my nail with a knife (oops!) and patched it up so it’s a little imperfect anyway. You’ll see on the other nails that they stuck down pretty well. I was happy with the application after reading the filing down tip.


For whatever reason my nail strips were peeling up at the tips by about the 4th day, so they did not last two weeks plus like advertised but that may be due to me not heating them up enough upon application. I’ll update this post when I try the rest of the Jamberry nail strips I received and heat them up more before applying them.


This is the most impressive part of my Jamberry experience. Remember how the Kiss Nail Dress strips tore up my nails??? Well these give instructions for a gentle removal in which you soak your nail in acetone for a few minutes and then peel up/wipe off the nail strip. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! I soaked my nail for about a minute, used tweezers to pull off the plastic piece that will separate from the strip, use a cotton ball to wipe away the color and you’ll be left with a plain white, stretchy plastic piece on your nail that you can fairly easily remove with the tweezers. You wouldn’t NEED tweezers, but it keeps the sticky residue off the rest of your fingers. They took about 10 minutes or so to remove and left exactly ZERO damage behind. None. YAY!

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

If you like nail strips, I would definitely give Jamberry a try. I have only tried these and the Kiss brand and these are way better, mostly because of the variety of patterns and because of the gentle removal. Also they were perfectly opaque whereas the Kiss strips left a bit of a VNL. Some people may not like that you need to use heat to apply them, but that didn’t bother me. I do wish they lasted longer, but like I mentioned above, my experience may be due to my own imperfections in the application. As it turns out, I, personally, am not the world’s biggest fan of nail strips, but I appreciate that these didn’t damage my nails at all and they were above and beyond the Kiss nail strips.

If you’d like to get your own Jamberry Nail Strips or if you’d like to become a salesperson for Jamberry and have nail art parties and make a little extra money, please feel free to contact:

Lisa Eriksson Star Director
e-mail: Β wraps2you@aol.com
Also- starting March 1st (this is happening right now!!) you can design your own Jamberry nail strips!!! Contact Lisa and she can walk you through the process. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like something I’d be interested in!! Custom nail strips- yes, please!! πŸ˜€
***These nail strips were provided by a Jamberry consultant for honest review. Please see my disclosure page for more information.**
Are you a fan of nail strips? Have you tried Jamberry? Let me know what your overall impression is in the comments below! As always thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€

97 thoughts on “Jamberry Nail Strips Review

  1. I really don’t like nail strips.. I’ve tried Jamberry once and I think they lasted maybe an hour. I hear they’ve improved their product since then though, so hopefully these are new and improved ones?

    • They must be, cuz they definitely stuck well at first. I think they’d have worked even better if I’d really warmed them up well prior to applying them instead of just running the blow dryer over them real quick and sticking them down.

  2. These seem to be just as much trouble as the Born Pretty Store ones since you have to heat them up. The design is really cute though! Sally Hansen’s are my favorite! I’ve tried the Kiss ones too and hated them!

    • Yes that’s true, the heating adds another step, but the good thing is that the strips themselves are durable. I really want to try the SH ones… you’re talking about the nail polish strips, right? And yeah.. ughhh the Kiss ones were terrible. Cute and all, but I HATED that they tore up my nails.

  3. I loooove this pattern on you! I’ve only used Sally Hansen nail strips, but all their patterns seem so boring to me now and are always pricey. How much are the Jamberry strips? Also I don’t mind the heat for application, it sounds interesting.

    • Thanks! I LOVED the pattern, too, and mannnn… they have SOOO MANY cute patterns! A set of strips that you can do probably 3 full manis with if your nails are the right widths or if you trim down the wider strips (or do a pedi instead) costs $15. It seems a little expensive but considering the Kiss ones are almost 10, these are not too bad of a deal. More expensive than polish tho.

  4. I love this design! I like the colors and it has an impact. It’s also great to hear about the removal.
    I’m just not sure about the overall “worthwhileness” of nail strips. They take just as long to do as a mani, and I (usually) am not expecting or wanting to get longer wear out of them than nail polish, so it’s kind of like, eh. I could, however, definitely see using them for accents, though.
    I’m also not a huge fan of these types of sales set-ups, where you have a salesperson and buy through them. I went to a Stella & Dot party and I had fun, but the sales contact is asking me if I want to host a party (I do not). I also hesitate to buy stuff because I have to go through her and will feel bad if I want to return it or don’t like it. It’s not a deal-breaker…I just find it a little unconvenient sometimes. Point & click for me, I guess, haha.
    I got some of those Kiss ones in that overpriced and kinda lame Nail It magazine I bought. At first I was a tiny bit excited, and then I was like, ah, crap, these are the ones Nicole didn’t like!
    Man, I sound grumpy today, although I don’t feel grumpy. I didn’t sleep very well, so maybe it is manifesting itself in my nail blog comments, hahaha. To end positively, I will re-iterate that I like this pattern a lot and think that they look good on you!

    • Yeah I agree about the worthwhile-ness of the strips. I think they are much better for non-nailphiles not like ourselves who can do designs on our own nails and like to change up our nails all the time. And the sales thing being all Avon style isn’t too bad in my opinion as far as ordering goes, like it doesn’t really bother me as long as people don’t hound me for orders, but I would never want to be a saleswoman and have parties and if someone pressured me too it would totally turn me off. I’m so NOT a salesperson so it would be terribly uncomfortable for me. Have you tried the kiss strips yet? They might work better for you, and I didn’t HATE the design or anything, just the removal and maybe if you soak your nails in acetone before trying to remove them they’ll come off easier. If you try them, let me know how they worked. Sorry you’re grumpy! πŸ™‚ Hopefully you get some rest tonight and have a relaxing weekend ahead of you. πŸ™‚

    • One good thing about jamberry is that you do not have to go through a “personal jamberry consultant. You can order them straight from the jamberry website and skip the middle man. That is what I did, and for that exact reason. I didnt want to deal with a consultant wanting me to host parties, etc

  5. Nail strips or no these are so pretty on you! I have had one experience with nail strips – Which where the Kiss Nail Dress ones xD I was so enthralled with the pretty lace design I had to try them. Ok. Two as accent nails, and I continually found myself picking at them as I hadn’t applied it just right and the sides poked up under my topcoat ._. And they were an issue to remove, even though I used polish remover.

    I say that if I wanted to go through all that trouble I’d paint the nails by hand xD but these *are* pretty.

    • That’s too bad that they were such a pain even when using polish remover!!! I thought maybe if I ever tried them again that’s what I’d do and it’d work better. Now I definitely wont be trying them. Plus, they’re kinda expensive. At least these give you enough for at least a couple manis (more likely three, I bet) so the price is a little less per mani.

      I agree with you about going to all the trouble and how you’d rather just paint em yourself. I thought these were fun once I cracked the code, so to speak, about filing down, but for those of us capable of doing our own nail art may not need products like this. πŸ™‚

      • I may be giving em a bad wrap (Ha, pun!) unintentionally. At the time I was using an acetone free remover. Maybe pure acetone would make it easier? I’ll have to try it out ^.^ I love the lace design on mine, but it’s something I could recreate if I could find a lacey stamping plate that didn’t cost out the bunghole.

        Also, yeah, I tend to see these types of products as being PERFECT for people who like pretty nails but are either intimidated by attempting it themselves or need the pretty to be fast.

        • Yeah pure acetone should work better I would think but if the instructions don’t even say to use anything, they need to remove easily without it, yknow what I mean? Idk what price you’re looking for but if you’re looking for a lacy stamp I’m pretty sure bundle monster has some. They’re in sets, which may not be what you want but if you’re interested you may check them out. They’re my favorite stamps, personally. People like us who aren’t afraid to try some nail art and who have the time to practice a little don’t have to use strips. πŸ™‚ Yay us! :p

  6. These came out really nice! I haven’t used nail strips in a long while…I like that you were able to remove them easily! Thes design looks great πŸ˜€

  7. The jagged ends and rippling is what happened to me when I tried my Loreal wraps.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m just too stupid for all of it because regardless of what I did, it didn’t come out smooth.
    However, I love how bright your design is and I think it looks really good on you Nics!

    • Yeah strips are kinda hard. They definitely take a special touch and a specific type of person who wants to wear them instead of do their own. I liked the pattern a lot, too. Thanks!

  8. these were definetly not worth the effort for me, I tried them a while back too and plus I change mty nails every couple of days, It was driving me craxy to have the same thign on… lol. But another trick to really ‘seal the deal’ is to take a ziploc baggie and once you blowdry it the first time and it’s mostly adhered…. pull the baggie very tightly overtop of the nail and the strip and re-blow dry this will make sure that the seal is as tight as it can go. Hope I explained that properly, there are you tube videos on this too I think. but maybe that will help with the wear. I really like the design on these, super cute! and yes, downward motion! and sometimes I even buffed it a tiny bit becuase it was still rough! best part I loved was no top coat needed πŸ™‚ fine by me.

    • Yeah you know, for those of us who do our nails several times a week the strips just don’t make that much sense to use on any sort of regular basis. Plus, we can probably do the designs on our own, too. I liked these a lot for what they were though, and when I try my other set sometime in the future I’ll give that plastic baggie technique a try. Thanks. πŸ™‚

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  10. I am a Jamberry Consultant as well…and I have found that using a rice bag that you pop in the microwave works PERFECT!! The key with the application is heat and pressure. I have been selling for three months with no wrinkling or tip lifting! Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  11. Application is key! Mine lasted 2 weeks! Also the better way to remove them is warm up some baby oil in the microwave and soak your fingertips for about a minute. Break the seal a l and soak them and they come right off. Acetone is very hard on your skin and nails plus baby oil smells much better!

  12. These are a great idea…on paper. I have used them for a couple of weeks and ever since I stopped, my nails have not stopped peeling. And I’m not the only one. My mom, sister, friends, etc. are having the same problem. My mom’s nails are peeling so deeply that she is concerned about getting nail fungus – not cool. I would say that if you want to do something cute like this with your nails, go get them professionally done. It’s no fun having nails continue to peel without showing signs of stopping.

    • Oh that sounds awful!! That sounds like my experience with the KISS nail dresses. It was terrible. These were easier on my nails, only because I soaked them off. I was glad they suggested that for removal, but I’m sorry to hear you guys still had damage from them! I agree with you- I think just doing straight nail art on your nails is probably a better bet, peel or not, really. πŸ™‚

  13. I followed the directions on the back of the package, and they seemed to seal really well, and were smooth. A few hours later, they were rippling. What did I do wrong?

    • I have the exact same problem! Put mine on using rice bag technique and looked ok Saturday, but yesterday realized there are ripples on the sides and tips are peeling up! Help!

      • I hope someone else chimes in because I don’t have any different ideas. It must be a problem w adhesion but I don’t know how to alleviate it. I’m assuming the strips weren’t super old or exposed to fluctuating temperatures or anything like that… Right?

        • I know this is an old post but for anybody who may be having the same issue, I LOVE jamberry since I can’t do fancy designs myself and cant afford to go to a salon, but at first i was having that problem. Look at your finger from the side, if it’s curved inatead

      • The Jamberry nails specify to use rubbing alcohol to clean the nail before application. I am on my 6th day wearing these and they still look like the moment my son put them on me. I removed my old polish first, then washed my hands. Then used a rubber cuticle pusher to push my cuticles back. Then cleaned with rubbing alcohol as instructed. He heated them well and placed them on my fingernail and pushed down immediately. I then ran the rubber cuticle pusher down the middle to the bottom and from middle to sides to make sure it was completely sealed down. We then trimmed them with a nail scissors, filed them in downward direction and finally heated them a 2nd time for complete adhesion… perfect results.

    • Hmm I don’t know for sure so maybe someone else will chime in and help but just guessing I would think maybe it was due to some oils on your nails. Did you wipe them w vinegar or remover first? Other than that, if you heated them up prior to application and also during application I can’t think of why they’d do that.

    • check your nail polish remover! some of them are enhanced to be “good for your nails”. it needs to be straight up acetone. and do NOT let them touch skin or cuticle.

  14. Hi Nicole! I was wondering did any of the nail strips that you’ve tried out, smell like nail polish and can I heat all of the other brands or is it just Jamberry? I bought a set of nail strips from another brand and I had opened them to take a closer look and then closed them with the resealable flap at the bottom of the package…but…when I checked up on them during the second time around…they had become flaky…and…after randomly reading some posts about these…had I realized how I should only be opening them to be used immediately…which is too late now…maybe…=( I thought that the application is pretty much like nail stickers (which would seem to make sense)…but I suppose not…=( I have Asthma, so it sucks really badly for me…like things that normal people can do…like being able to paint their nails and own furry pets…I simply am unable to do…='( I tried using fake nails once, but when I had to remove all of them, since one of them had cracked, my real nails underneath, were all rigid, so I didn’t use them anymore…=( I also tried using nail stickers once too…but they fall off after washing my hands too much…lol…in which…I really do though…=( So, this is the main reason why I’m waiting it out to possibly try out the nail strips myself…=(

  15. Oh! I forgot to ask, as well, you heat up the nail strips out of the package rather than in the package, right? I know it’s kind of a dumb question, but I like to take YOLO as, better to be safe than sorry! LOL! =D

    • I think the application differs with different brands of nail strips, and you’d only want to hear the adhesive type strips, not the nail polish strips cuz that would probably dry out the nail polish and make them brittle and not easy to use. The Jamberry strips do not smell like nail polish. If I remember correctly they didn’t have any odor at all. As far as when you heat them, I heated mine up w a blow dryer while they were on the plastic backing, and then again once they were removed from the backing and on my nails. As far as them peeling up after washing your hands, I don’t think that should really happen so long as you clean your nails before application (maybe wipe then w remover or with vinegar and make sure you allow them to dry thoroughly) and use the heat to get good adhesion. If they still don’t work for you, maybe your nails just don’t cooperate with them and you could try the “real nail polish strips.” I have used Sally Hansen brand and they worked wonderfully. Once you open them though, do make sure you use them right away, or at least rezip them up in a ziplock or something because they will dry out. I hope this was somewhat helpful to you. Feel free to follow up w more questions if you need clarification. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  16. The application definitely is different from brand to brand. I have very curved nails and Salon effects are really hard for me to apply. I have much better luck with OMG Nail strips but I have also had success with incoco products.

    • I’ve just recently seem some incoco reviews on Of Life and Lacquer and Lacquer Me Silly and ooohhhh they look so cute and sound good too! I’ll have to give them a try sometime.

    • I have since stopped using Jamberry and have gone back to nail stamping instead. My nails were growing so nicely but then they started peeling and now I barely have nails. I don’t recommend using these any longer. I really think the adhesive they use is way too strong and is damaging my nails!

      • Did you peel your strips off or soak them? When I soaked them I found them easy to remove. I can see if you peel them at all they probably will tear up your nail. I had that problem w the Kiss Nail Dressed and I’m never using those again!

        • I soaked mine in baby oil I’m actually the one Ho recommended soaking them in baby oil. In my opinion they are too thick to allow your nails to breathe. Now my nails are brittle 😦

  17. To avoid the lifting and peeling I file my Jamberrys down to get all the excess of and the I do just a hairline strip across the nail. Keeps them from lifting. Also I have found that it is always better to go just a tad smaller than needed. If you go large, and they are touching skin, they will peel. BTW, I am not a rep. I just like my shields.

  18. I have been applying Jamberry now for four months. I am absolutely in love with Jamberry. I also had a few problems to begin with (rippling at the sides, tips coming up etc). The main thing you have to do is talk to your consultant! They are totally there to help you and teach you how to put them on right. I never used to do my nails and Jamberry has actually helped me grow them out because my brittle nails always break off. These shield and protect them. It took me a few applications to realize that the best thing to do 1. Wash my hands with Dawn soap 2. Clean well with alcohol 3. Buff the nail and 4. Size down. Whenever I size up I always have a problem. Size down a little and they are great! I have become so addicted that I never have mine on for 14 days…I am always wanting to change them out πŸ™‚ Hope this helps anyone! It really is a product that takes more time but it is totally worth the results.

    • That sucks!! Have you tried other brands? I find them all to be a little more effort than they’re worth for me since I’m able to paint my own nails in somewhat elaborate designs.

  19. you do not need to buff the nail if you’ve washed with dawn and/or used the alcohol wipe. also, LOOK at your nail polish remover. if it has any conditioners for your nails or anything other than acetone; your shields will not adhere correctly. and the peeling nails issues sound like excessive buffing to me! i’ve been wearing these for almost a year now and the only application that did not last 2 weeks was the one where i used a friend’s nail polish remover and discovered it had conditioning stuff in it. the first few applications took a while (about as long as doing two coats of polish and sitting around waiting for all of that to dry) but each time it got easier. i can now do a complete jamicure in @ 20 minutes. i know which ones fit which nail and have all my supplies ready and right there.

  20. I love my Jams! I have started using a nail dehydrator that I picked up from Sally’s and now I don’t get lifting! I love the variety of colors, and that it basically breaks down to a little over 3 bucks a mani or pedi since I can get one of each out of a half sheet. I even normally have a strip leftover that I can include into another mani as an accent nail. I was always in envious of women that can do the funky and fun nail art. I could never keep polish on for longer than 10 mins, it would always start to chip and peel off. With Jamberry, I have been able to have the super cute nail art without the chip or drying time. πŸ™‚

    • Awesome! Sounds like they work perfectly for you!! I have heard a lot about being careful w the prep before applying them… Like to use pure acetone or a dehydrator like you mentioned. I’m glad you figured out how to get them to work well for you!

  21. I tried jamberry nails twice and both times they all were coming off my nails within an hour and followed the directions to a tee both times. I’m kind off upset because they were not cheap!

    • I guess it’s really important to use pure acetone as a remover beforehand. I didn’t do this and mine peeled, but lots of readers have commented that that makes all the difference for them. If you want to give them another try, I’d try that tip. If you do- I hope it works for you!!

  22. It took me 2hours for me and my daughter. Nails. I was really excited to use them but they Didn’t. Last more then a couple of hours.

  23. Heh. I loved reading all these comments. I’m a fairly new Jamberry consultant. I started using them back in October and didn’t really think they were anything special. I had a lot of rippling and whatnot and I thought it was really time consuming. Then the more I used them the more I figured out a bunch of tips on how to make them work best (always file down, wash the hands first and wipe down with acetone or alcohol, get them really hot, let them cool a bit before trimming and filing, etc.). I’d been using gels (I have a gel kit) and they always ruin my nails no matter what method I use to take them off. The Jamberry nails have never torn up my nails, luckily, but I do have brittle nails that break easily, even with gels on them. By wearing the Jamberry nails consistently I’ve been able to grow my nails long for the first time in like two years (it’s my workouts that break my nails). Anyway, I didn’t realize that a lot of regular polish removers have conditioners in them (I’ve been obsessed with nail polish and nail art since I was 4 — how I missed this fact I don’t know). I was puzzled as to why my current application has a couple more ripples and now I’m 100 percent sure it’s because I used polish remover on them and didn’t wipe with alcohol. Haha. Duh moment here. Anyway, *usually* I have no problems with them, they stay on my nails 7-14 days easily. I wish they still made the design you used in this post! I’m obsessed with blues and teal especially.

    • I’m sure like with most things there is a definite procedure w these that make them work best and lots of tips and tricks you learn along the way. I do like this design, but I think for me the strips are just too much work. Thankfully I like my natural nails so I think I’ll just stick to painting them. Thanks for all the tips!

  24. I use a hot rice bagt, the kind you use for sore muscles. I put it on my nail for about 10 seconds, then smash/rub it on really good with a pencil eraser. Then I file in a downward motion with a nail file. Viola, they are fabulous! I’m a nurse and am constantly washing/alcoholing my hands. They last about 13 days.

    • Thanks for the tips. For some reason I thought nurses weren’t allowed to have their nails painted/decorated. Not sure where I got that idea since I’m not a nurse but surprise! Apparently you can have cute nails! Haha.

  25. I applied Jamberries for the first time on Saturday and then spent four hours in the ocean and three days later, they are still looking good. My fingers are also slender so I had to cut down the size as well as the length. My sister is a new consultant so I really tried them on to please her, but I found that I like them and ordered four sheets.

  26. I tried Jamberry and hated them. So many of my friends are selling them and I really wanted to like them. I had issues with the ends lifting, no matter what I did. And the nail damage they gave me is finally almost gone. I’d never use them again.

  27. There is an awesome application called the Baggie method. It gets the sticker super warm and it adheres very well. All methods are on YouTube.

    • Thanks! For me thought all these rice bags, Baggie method, stand on your head while soaking your fingers in warm rubbing alcohol while humming the battle hymn of the republic in Japanese… It’s just too much work. Hopefully someone who is having trouble with them will see your tip.

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  30. I am a Jamberry Independent Consultant. Two tips for a great experience are to make sure the edges of wrap are not near your skin or cuticle, in otherwords make sure they are small for your nails. If they are too close to skin the oils from your skin often lifts or bubbles the edges. Always file in downward motion to avoid forcing debris under tip of wrap. I like to finish with a buffer block at 45 degree angle. For removal I put a drop of baby or olive oil on my cuticle and use one of those cheap dental floss picks. Use the pointed edge to gently lift cuticle edge the use the floss to gently saw the oil under the wrap dissolving the adhesive as you work your way down the nail. Comes off in one piece every time! Nails left moisturized by the oil.

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  33. Jamberry is all about nail prep. If you dont clean your nail first they wont stick or last because of your nail oils. Mine last 2 weeks. Longest was 17 days. My friend had some one for 5 weeks. I wash mynails with dawn, alcohol wipe, then apply. Heat, apply, heat & pull on excess, trim. Done & done.

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  35. I went to take off my wraps that were on my toes and they are brown under the nail. Looked online and it’s nail fungus. I contacted JAMBERRY to get a refund and they refuse because it’s after the 30 day period. Well of course it is. You say I can leave these on my toes for 4 weeks and then tell me I can’t return them after 30 days?? Never again will I recommend these or have a party. WORST customer service experience ever? I applied these correctly. How can a company making so much money, be so terrible. Ugh. Never again. I am glad I did not become a consultant.

    • That sounds ridiculous!!! I am really sorry you had such a bad experience with them. That’s disgusting and just horrible. And the 30 day thing doesn’t really make sense, now does it? Hopefully this is not the normal customer service reaction and you just got someone who hates life but man… Sure makes you wonder.

      • It took six weeks to get a mini heater (which arrived too late for Christmas and I already have one), it arrived broken, and when I called for a refund, the rep said because it had been more than 30 days since my order was PLACED, I could not have a refund. She was so rude to me that I cried.

        Also, after some research, I found evidence that many of their “made in the USA” products are shipped from China. I found shipping manifests in a database, plus “Made in China” hidden on the items. It’s a disappointment because the reps advertise all of the products as being American made.

    • I am having the same issue. I am thinking about starting some sort of group to see if we can get enough people to perhaps make them listen. Interested?

  36. I’ve applied three sets and here is my feedback. The first set I went through all the alcohol cleaning, heating, etc. Kind of not fun. The second and third sets I merely put them on (no prep) and rubbed them for a minute or two with my fingers (no dryer!!). They each lasted two weeks or so with no problems and lots of compliments. Life doesn’t have to be so complicated. Try my method and you will see.

    • What good luck you must have! I don’t think anyone is going through all the hassle just for fun. I’m glad they work well for you though… You probably just have a little different nail chemistry or are able to treat your nails a little more gently in one way or another. Lucky you!

      • Give my method a try with a leftover nail strip. You may be pleasantly surprised at the result. I took off my Christmas/New Years strips yesterday and will put something else on today. I’m thinking of sparkly light blue on one hand and sparkly gold on the other.

  37. I just recently started using Jamberry nail wraps and really like them so far. It does take practice mastering the application process and I agree that I probably did not hear mine up enough the first time. I have found some great tips to try on Pinterest that really helped me out like the plastic bag trick when applying them to using olive oil and a floss pick to remove them. Those tips were really easy and very helpful for the second application! I also borrowed one of the heaters they sell and that made it so much easier. πŸ™‚

    • I hope they continue to work well for you. I have read about cases of nail fungus associated with the wraps so now I feel a little conflicted about having reviewed them.

  38. Horrible came off within hours for my friend and the consultant did them. If you have to leave a bare nail beside them it looks cheap n the pics don’t show that!

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