Easy Striper Nail Art Mani

Hey There Polished People!

I had a job interview last week. It doesn’t sound like it’s exactly what I was looking for, nor does it sound like I was exactly what they were looking for but even still it was kinda nice to at least get an interview. I don’t know how many of you are currently looking for work, or have looking for work in the recent past, but all this business with online applications and stuff is just a bunch of garbage if you ask me. While I appreciate the convenience of being able to apply online and not having to drive all around town looking for “Now Hiring” signs and filling out paper applications everywhere, I really hate how you just like send an application or a resume/cover letter via email out into cyberspace and you never really know if anyone got it. Most jobs state “No Calls About This Job,” so you can’t even call anyone and see if theyΒ receivedΒ your application. When I applied to jobs before, I still called places even if it was hard to figure out where I was supposed to call, and half of the time the people I talked to didn’t even know there was a job posting up and couldn’t tell me ANYTHING. When I finally did get a hold of someone who at least SHOULD know what was up, they were just like, “We’ll call you if we want an interview.” It was so frustrating. I know you’re not supposed to “judge a book by its cover” and all that business, but if a book walks into your office to turn in a resume and they’re dressed nice, look friendly and can speak politely it DOES give you a little more information and give that book an edge over the person.. er, book… that comes in wearing a ratty outfit, looks like they don’t give a care about their appearance and who just kinda grunts and throws down a mistake-laden, crumpled resume. Sometimes I wish they still accepted resumes in person and had you come in to fill out apps because at least then they’d see I at least LOOK like a capable human being. But whatever… it is what it is, right?

Coming back to the nails, I painted my nails red for my interview and then later that night I was just playing with my white and black Stripe Rite stripers (find them at Sally’s, or find every color of the rainbow at Big Daddy Beauty) while I was watching American Idol and this nail design is just something I ended up with. It’s a little weird, a little cool and.. uh.. just take a look.

Easy Striper Nail Art Mani

Femme Fatal and stripers (4)


Femme Fatal and stripers (2)


How To Get These Nails:

  1. Paint your nails with Essence Fame Fatal.Β 
  2. Using a black striper just go crazy drawing little sunburst lines at one corner of your nail, outlines around the rest and a tiny little upside down V in the corner opposite the sunburst.
  3. Copy over the black lines with a white striper to add a highlight.
  4. Top off your nails with a coat of Jessica Brilliance.
  5. Show your friends! πŸ™‚

So… what do you all think of these? They’re a little different but I ended up liking them. They look a little nail-arty (like the kind you’d get at a salon over some awful duck nail acrylic nails) but not too much. Let me know what you think! As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€

24 thoughts on “Easy Striper Nail Art Mani

  1. I think these are nice! They remind me of the little drawings I make in the corners of my college blocks πŸ™‚ And I know exactly what you mean by the salon nail-arty stuff πŸ˜› The typical weird curly lines and ‘flowers’ in ugly colours blehh! I think yours don’t look like that because you made sort of a border, the salon would never do that haha πŸ™‚

    • Yeah! You know what I mean!! And you know what? I draw this type of things in the corners of my books and stuff, too. I guess that’s why I drew this on my nails while I was half preoccupied! πŸ™‚

  2. Very cool!! What skill! πŸ˜‰ I agree that going on an interview is a good experience, even if it doesn’t end up being a perfect match for either party. It’s still practice!

  3. “…but all this business with online applications and stuff is just a bunch of garbage if you ask me.” YES. You spend so much time and effort working on the application and then…nothing. It’s so frustrating.
    “They look a little nail-arty (like the kind you’d get at a salon over some awful duck nail acrylic nails) but not too much.” This was sort of exactly my impression, hahaha.

    • I swear… we are just two peas in a pod. Then we have to add Cynthia and Frosso, too, among others, so I guess we’re like a complete pod of peas. I wonder how many peas can be in a pod? It’s kinda like “How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?” but still an answer I’d like, nonetheless. :p

  4. I know exactly how you feel with the job search. In the first year I was unemployed I had applied for over 70 jobs and got only one response to any of them. It was frustrating because the employment office didn’t care that you couldn’t just call these people nor did you have the money from unemployment to spend on gas to go combing the streets every day for a job.

    As far as the nails are concerned I think they are super cute. The design with the stripers are different, I like the uniqueness.: )

    • Ughhh yeah, I know you feel my pain. It’s so annoying! I would so much rather go talk to people and have an idea that a) they got my resume and b) see if THEY’re crazy or not and have them see that I am NOT crazy. Whateva tho. :p Also- thanks about the nails! πŸ™‚

  5. What I HATE about applying for work is applying and the company doesn’t let you know if you were successful or not. It doesn’t take 5 minutes to reply back and say “your application was unsuccessful”.
    Also no one here dresses up/neatly for interviews anymore. It’s holy tops and faded, holy jeans. Like UM HELLO??? I don’t get it. I don’t.

    And the nails are AMAZING Nicole! They’re your best work ever! I adore them x10! Love love love!

    • What?!?! They wear holy jeans and stuff?! I guess I’ve seen some people like that too, but it’s just like “where is your respect?!!” Even when I apply for jobs with a casual uniform or none at all, I still (OF COURSE!!) dress up. It’s ridiculous when people don’t even care.

      About my nails- thanks!!! I am so glad you like them that much. I was just kinda messing around and this is what happened! I’m seriously thrilled you think they’re that great! Thank you!

  6. Ooh this is different, but it came out so nice! I really like it!
    Ugh I know what you mean about job hunting like that. Luckily the place I found actually wanted people to come to fill out an app and actually see what you look like and to see how you were in person. Good luck with the hunt if you’re still looking πŸ™‚

    • I am still looking, so thanks πŸ™‚ Also- thanks about the nails. πŸ˜€ I wasn’t sure if everyone was gonna like them or hate them so I’m glad to see it’s mostly positive!

  7. I thought I had commented on these, but apparently not! I like the design–it looks kind of feathery and kind of whimsical. Ok, this is going to sound weird, but I keep thinking about the movie The Neverending Story when I see your mani. Weird, huh? Anyway, reading about applying for jobs is making me dread doing that again but I know I have to or else every single blog post from now until eternity is going to start off with “I hate my job.” I bet that’s going to get old real fast if it hasn’t already. lol

    • I’m sure it’s old for you!! We just have to read it! Even thought it’s annoying when you get a job it’s worth it… I mean, you can’t get a job without jumping through the hoops. :-/

      I haven’t seen The Neverending Story for approximately ever so I don’t know why these remind you of that movie, but Minnie looks exactly like the dog that the main character rides so… let’s just say that influenced me. :p

  8. I thought I commented on this, but I guess I didn’t. My apologies! I like them πŸ™‚
    I totally read this as Easy Stripper Nail Art. Until I started reading further I then realized ohhhh striper…cause I was all “what constitutes stripper nails?” “why is she doing stripper nails?” “why would she do stripper nails for a job interview??” “what is she not telling me?” πŸ˜› Now I get it…I’m illiterate.

    • How rude!! You didn’t comment on one nail design?!? :p Jk.
      Yes I don’t generally talk about my line of work but it involves tall clear heels, tassels where they don’t belong and lots of dirt baggy guys. :p SIKE! Ew. You MUST have strippers on the mind, cuz when their is only one consonant after the “I” the “I” says it’s name. Str-eye-per nail art, just say no to the pole! πŸ˜‰

  9. I agree whole heartedly. When we lived in TX I worked for the Temp Agency and you wouldn’t believe some of the people the way they were dressed, and the attitude they had when we called them in, and they had good resumes! it’s a shame. Employers really need to see the good resume to match the good clothing and attitude… :/ Well I love these nails!! πŸ™‚

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