Copper and Mauve Stamped Nails

Hey There Polished People!

The polish that I used today is one that I got quite a while ago when the ChG Hunger Games/Colors From The Capitol came out. When I got it I remembered thinking it was really pretty and even though it wasn’t a color that maybe I would run out and get just based on the color alone, I was really happy to have it as part of that collection and I just thought it looked pretty nice on my skin tone. Here is my initial review of Dress Me Up. Well, I used it again recently because I thought it would be a nice neutral to wear for a few days and guess what? It looks like a bruised albino turd!!! Yuck. For whatever reason it is just, like, NOT doing anything for me now. Instead of removing it and trying something else, I really wanted it to work so I stamped over it. Well, that was kind of a disasticure. Ready to see?

Copper And Mauve Stamped Nails

Design attempt one from CH50 using Essie Penny Talk.

Design attempt #1 from CH50 using Essie Penny Talk.

ChGDressMeUpEssiePennyTalkCH50 (4)

Design attempt #2 using a different flower design from CH50 and Essie Penny Talk.

Design attempt #2 using a different flower design from CH50 and Essie Penny Talk.

ChGDressMeUpEssiePennyTalkCH50 (3)


How To Get These Nails:

  1. Basecoat.
  2. Paint your nails with ChG Dress Me Up.
  3. Apply a coat of Jessica Brilliance and allow your nails to dry thoroughly.
  4. When your nails are dry and hardened (we don’t want any squishing!) use Essie Penny Talk and CH50 to stamp whichever flower pattern your prefer on your nails. I think I like the first one the best…?
  5. Apply a final coat of Jessica Brilliance and call it macaroni! Hopefully you like your nails more than I like mine. :-/

I kinda hated these, now that I’m looking at them again. The color was puke-tacular, the stamping didn’t cooperate very well and I just was not a fan. However, they can’t all be winners so I didn’t want to hide them away. I have had some trouble using my Essie Mirror Metallics when stamping with my Cheeky plates. I’m not sure whose fault it is (mine?) but it’s annoying. You can see that my stamping doesn’t look that great. Eh.. whatever. You win some, you lose some, right? πŸ™‚

Let me know if you have had the same thing happen to you where you like something in the beginning and then upon second/third use you’re like, “EW!!! What was I thinking?!” I don’t know what changed but I don’t think I’ll be using this color again… we’ll see. As always, thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€

16 thoughts on “Copper and Mauve Stamped Nails

  1. Uhhhh I like these and I’m not even saying that because I’m super awesome and nice. I actually mean it πŸ˜› I’ve had a few manis that I did and liked it, but soon after changed my mind. Some made it on my blog and others are still sitting on my computer awaiting their fate. Maybe try doing the same mani but with a different base color or maybe a different stamping polish too since you had trouble. I like the stamp so maybe it just needs brighter happier colors to satisfy you πŸ™‚

    • Hey Super Greek! If you’re so nice and wonderful, who was it that called me a name the other day on Instagram?? Hmm?? She had Greek food for lunch practically all week, has brown hair, has great nails and one time she signed into my blog as FrossoRosso by accident and now that’s her nickname in my head. Dang if only I could remember who it was…. :p

      Thanks about the nails. πŸ™‚ I think I will give it a try w another color sometime. I really don’t hate flower prints I just can never ever seem to pair them up right. I gotta work on that.

  2. “Bruised albino turd” <—best phrase I will read today.
    I remember not being that impressed with this color among the others in the collection. I think it's OK, but your hatred of this manicure is kind of making me dislike it, too, hahaha.
    I do like the first stamp better. I think I like the color combo, too, it's just not a "POW!" mix.

    • Yes!! My hatred infiltrates and will next take over the universe!!!! Bwah hah hahhhhhhh!!!!

      Seriously tho these just don’t do it for me but that’s ok, cuz you know what does?? Doing my nails. Time for a new manicure!! πŸ˜‰ Oh and- I’m glad you appreciate my twisted sense of humor. This isn’t twisted but just as an aside- we were looking at cars today and came across a Dodge Nitro Heat. It was super slick looking, all black, silver rims, pret-ty! Anyway I knew it would be out of our price range and Daniel asked the salesman, “Why’s it called “Heat”?” And before the guy could answer that that’s just the trim or whatever I go “cuz your wallet’s gonna catch fire when you hear the price!!” Hahaha!! Sometimes I crack myself up ;p

  3. Design 1 is my fav. Nmr 2 isn’t working for me AT ALL!!
    Many times I do a mani and well it looks kak. The colours will go well but it doesn’t come out how my mind envisioned it. Then I’m like ja kak!

    • Ugh I know the feeling, my friend. I especially hate it when it’s like some design I’ve been thinking about for a while and then it’s just like YUCK! when I do it. I’m kinda wearing one of those looks now. I saw some awesome nails on IG that I wanted to copy. So I thought about it for a few days, when bought two new polishes cuz I thought they’d be perfect and now that I’m wearing my creation I’m like ehhhh this kinda sucks. Definitely pales in comparison to the original. :-/ Oh well- it happens!

  4. I don’t think these are ugly. You on crack, gurl. I think I actually like the second design better. And I agree that the phrase bruised albino turd is the best phrase I’m heard all weekend….well, besides “yes, these illamasquas are 50% off.”

    • Oooh 50% off is nice!!! Especially w such a pricey polish! I’m assuming you showed restraint and only bought, hm, maybe 15? Haha. Thanks about the nails, you know how it is when something just doesn’t come together. :-/ Oh well tho. There are worse things. Like buying a car and dealing w salesman. Oops- I’ll tell you more about that later. :p

      • I bought two because there were only 3 colors available on sale and I already had one of them. lol If there had been more on sale, I probably would have gotten them–who knows where that would have ended. I’m supposed to be sleeping already but I can’t fall asleep thinking about going to my horrible job tomorrow. I am seriously hating my life right now.

        • Ohhh I am so sorry!! Are you looking for a different job? I hope you find something cuz that’s just terrible dreading work every day. Maybe you could just think of it as kinda a blessing if you lost this job and not care and just do what you need to do and not worry about anything else. Much easier said than done, I know. 😦 Well… I hope you’re asleep by now and hopefully tomorrow is not TOO bad!

  5. I definitely like the color on color stamping but super not plussed by ChG Dress Me Up. I didn’t think much of it since the stamping really brightens it up but when I clicked through the link… Yuck. I remember why I didn’t buy it! You say puke-tastic, I say barf-o-rama!

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