Street Art Style Valentine’s Day Nails

Hey There Polished People!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! I know some of you (Maria!!) are excited for it! I don’t hate Valentine’s Day or anything, so I’m kinda excited, too. When I worked earlier this week during my prep time I cut out silhouettes of the kindergarteners and mounted them on colored paper to get them ready for a Valentine’s Day display and present to take home to their parents. The kids’ little silhouettes were so dang cute! Oh my goodness, it’s funny how even though I don’t see this particular class every day or anything, when I saw their cutouts I was just LAUGHING cuz you could tell exactly who each one belonged to. Kids that age just crack me up. If I could get a job teaching AM/PM kindergarten it would be my perfect, ideal job.

Anyway, today I have some street art style Valentine’s Day nails to share with you. I don’t know exactly why they remind me of street art but they really did. At least in my city, there’s quite a street art movement these days. Particularly cool, at least in my eyes is the whole sticker movement. People are drawing/painting/decorating stickers (any kinds of stickers really, I’ve even seen just, like, postage labels) and sticking them all over the place. I didn’t realize it was quite so organized and an actual “thing” till my husband watched this documentary called Exit Through The Gift Shop. I didn’t even watch it but he’s told me about it plenty. Also- his cousin is apparently really into it and I see some of his favorite street art cuz he finds it and posts it on Pinterest and Instagram. If you’d like to follow him and see some of the street art that he’s into, you can follow him on Instagram here. Anyway, these nails pale in comparison to some of the cool stuff artists are doing out there but I still actually really liked them. Ready to see em?

Street Art Style Valentine’s Day Nails


How To Get These Nails

  1. Start out with the Acid Wash Nails that I posted earlier this week. You can see the Acid Wash Nails post and the tutorial here.
  2. Use stamp BM 311 and SH Rapid Red to stamp the heart and “love” design onto each nail.
  3. Allow your stamp to dry a little, then apply your topcoat. I used SH Mega Shine.
  4. Show your friends your black and white and red Valentine’s Day nails. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

Do you guys know if there’s much of a street art movement in the cities where you live? There’s just something cool about these kinda avant garde artists who are kinda outside the norm but creating these unexpected exciting bits of art around town. It just kind of appeals to my creative side. 🙂 Also- let me know how you like these nails. They’re Valentine’s ish but not too pink and sweet, which I like. As always, thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

20 thoughts on “Street Art Style Valentine’s Day Nails

  1. i love how these turned out.. they do look like street art, when they paint the wall white and black to erase the design after and then comes another artist to draw something over it again

    in my city is the same, there’s a lot of people doing real art in the streets.. i mean, some stuff is beautiful.. but there’s also a lot of punks who just want to “play cool” and write sense-less stuff like my three personal favorites:
    Bamos Vien (making fun of the president, it means: we’re doing ok, but misspelled)
    martinelli es cueco (martinelli is our president last name and it means: martinelli is gay)
    martinelli deja el pichi (martineli quit doing cocaine)

    these “masterpieces” tend to be erased and then someone goes back and re-write it.

  2. I don’t really know much about street art…I’m usually not keen on people defacing private property even it is cool to look at. These nails kind of look like anti-Valentine’s day nails. Me likey.

    • Well, when you put it that way it sounds awful, haha. I usually see it in small amounts on like telephone poles where people hang all sorts of crap anyway so I never really consider that somewhere someone is defacing property to do it. I liked these nails, too. They do look kinda anti-Valentine’s Day 🙂

  3. That silhouette idea sounds cool! I think it’s great that your ideal job is a job that seems attainable for you.
    I LOVE YOUR NAILS! They’re fab!
    I don’t really know anything about street art, so I can’t contribute to that portion of the conversation. Seems like a rather “Oregon-appropriate” topic, though, no? 😉

      • My brother had a cold for a couple of days and was marathoning Portlandia. I said that you said that show is rather accurate and he said it’d be the perfect place for him to live, haha.

        • That is funny!! Yeah there is definitely some truth to that show! That’s what makes it so funny. Daniel and I just watch and laugh in embarrassment half of the time. We aren’t the Portland hipsters or anything but it’s still funny.

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