Acid Wash Nails

Hey There Polished People!

Remember the radical 80s and awesome early 90s?? The days of hammer pants (can’t touch this, or rather, you shouldn’t!), leggings with scrunchie socks pulled up over the bottoms, hair scrunchies and tacky perms? Ohhhh yeah those were the days! I had all of those things at one point or another. One thing I did not have was acid wash jeans, but unfortunately for me I do know what they look like and when I was playing around with my nails the other day I ended up with what I’m calling Acid Wash Nails. Ready to see these totally tubular talons?

Acid Wash Nails



AcidWashNails (2)How To Get These Nails

  1. Use your basecoat.
  2. Paint your nails with FP Black Expressionism.
  3. Allow that color to dry to the touch.
  4. Using OPI Alpine Snow, wipe most of the polish off your brush so it looks pretty dry, then start at one side and start swiping the nearly-dry brush sideways across your nail. Focus on the area right next to your skin first, then fill in the middle a little. When absolutely NO polish is coming off your brush anymore, re-dip and wipe it so there’s just the tiniest amount on the brush again.
  5. Repeat step 4 for all your nails.
  6. Cover your nails with a coat of SH Mega Shine.
  7. Impress your friends! They won’t know what’s up with your nails. 🙂 

I did these as a potential base for some Valentine’s Day nail art so you’ll be seeing that soon enough. 🙂 I really liked these nails, though, I think I’ll do them again sometime with different colors and maybe even a third color. Let me know what you think and if there are any 80s/90s trends you particularly “enjoyed” in the comments below. Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀


28 thoughts on “Acid Wash Nails

    • Oh yes I forgot that was acid wash too! I bet some people are lead here and are like hey… I didn’t mean this!! Oops! I just thought these looked so much like acid wash jeans! 🙂

  1. LOL…oh the 80’s. All that stuff was atrocious but we all wanted to sport it to be cool. I did have acid wash jeans with a matching acid wash jean jacket…BARF! You know, what’s NOT barf-worthy? Your nails! They look pretty darn cool. I’m having nail envy right now since I can’t even main my mangled nails so I’ll just look at yours. I also want to complain right now: I went to a local mexi place and ordered two tacos. I brought my food home and when I opened up the bad, there was a burrito in there. 😦 That ruined my night. Just thought you’d like to know. hahaha

    • Oh my goodness!! You were STYLISH!! :p You know what makes me extra mad about bring mexican food home? When you get tacos and by the time you get home they’re either all broken or all soggy and gross. This doesn’t happen with the good street style tacos (mmm like the ones we actually had in mexico… there are very few places around here that have tacos that even come close to those.. ahh they were so good!) but when I get crunchy tacos like from fast food that infuriates me. Hey, at least they aren’t burritos tho… that’s worse although- what kind of burrito was it? Burritos sound good! 🙂

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  4. “Totally tubular talons” (falls over laughing).
    Cool idea and I think even I could manage it (*gasp*)!
    LOL at Cynthia’s taco/burrito story! Sorry, girl.
    I did not have acid wash jeans, but I remember being particuarly proud of my neon outfit in 5th grade. It was like neon orange and neon pink and I think it involved bike shorts and a matching t-shirt. Also, remember those flat kinda clippy things you’d “knot” your shirts with? Yeah, I had a black one with neon print on it. And a Hypercolor t-shirt my aunt gave me. And oh, good God, way too many bodysuits and choker necklaces in junior high. I’d better stop now before I remember more atrocities.

    • Wow… you were STYLIN!!!! Haha! I remember those shirt tie thingies although I don’t think I had one… maybe. I did however, have a hideous denim boater-looking hat in like 4th grade that I wore in some family pictures. Shame on my mom for letting me out like that! Haha. I choker necklaces were big for me too… maybe middle school or like 6th grade.. I had this ridiculous velvet banded one with like a little metal heart that dangled down from it. Oh and some little granny boots which, ironically are back in style now!! I know that was 6th grade. By middle school I was pretty plain and hanging with the skaters and playing basketball and stuff and then HS I was still a tom boy and didn’t ever wear heels or dresses or anything like that. I bet I wasn’t even concerned with trends, cuz I don’t remember any. :p It’s probably for the best!

      • Oh, no, you are jogging more memories! Your denim hat just reminded me that I totally had a periwinkle Blossom hat (although that was more grade school). It also reminded me of a photo of my brother and I (also when we were very young) where I INSISTED on wearing this crazy huge pink, orange, and yellow hair clip. My mom didn’t want me to, so I can only blame myself.
        I used to have a huge collection of hair bows that graduated to a huge collection of hair clips in junior high. The original collection is gone, but it’s been replaced by my new one…guess I’m never outgrowing that. 😉 Hair accessories, vintage dresses, and nail polish = Lesley’s hoarded objects. 😉

        • Oh yes that’s the kind of hat it was. I just forgot why on earth they were popular. And I think I even wore a denim jacket w it!!!! I’m sure I’ll dress my child horribly some day, but I won’t do the whole Canadian tuxedo look, for sure!! Haha.

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