Kiss Nail Dress Wear Test and Final Review

Hey There Polished People!

A while ago I posted a mini review of my Kiss Nail Dress nail strips when I used my first one on an accent nail (see that post here) and today I have my final review after I wear-tested them and got a true feel for the strips by using them on a full mani and wearing them till they needed to come off. I was a little intrigued with these strips because although I can do nail art myself, who doesn’t like an easier way to still look awesome?? I certainly do!

Kiss Nail Dress (full mani)


Kiss Nail Dress Day 6

KissNailDressFullMani (2)

When I used the Kiss Nail Dress decals for one nail, I loved them. They were easy to apply, came off cleanly after a couple of days and wore perfectly. When I wore them for the most part of a week, it changed my mind a little. Let’s take it day by day and I’ll tell you what my thoughts were:

Day by Day Wear and Thoughts

  1. The first day I applied them I was impressed with the ease of application. The multiple sizes makes it easy to find a size for each nail. I stuck em down to my clean natural nails, pushed down with my fingers, filed off the excess and was good to go. The only extra step I took was to add a little topcoat to the free edge to prevent that rough edge feeling that I despise so much.
  2. On day two my nails still looked great. Strips are holding on perfectly, nails look great, I got some compliments on them and people didn’t even know they were nail strips. The funny thing is that when I do nail art on my own either stamping or free-handed people always accuse me of using strips, now that I use strips people assume I did it myself. πŸ˜‰
  3. Day three was just like day two.
  4. Day four is just fine, I’m impressed that the strips are holding up so well through cleaning and dish-washing and showering and everything else.
  5. Day 5 I notice that some of the strips are loose at the cuticle or at a side. I start to notice when I’m doing my hair it gets pulled a little at the edges where the strip has raised up.
  6. By day 6 the strips were pulled up enough that I knew I needed to remove them. By nighttime my hair was getting stuck in the side of the strips every time I touched my hair and it was driving me nuts. Some strips were stuck down perfectly still, but for the most part they were peeled up a bit at the sides or cuticle and one nail was peeled up about halfway from one side to the other. I decided it was time to remove them.


Until I removed them I was thinking these are an EXCELLENT choice for anyone who wants nail art but maybe doesn’t have the patience to do something all leopard spotted, blinged out and gradient-y. When I removed them I decided that they’re best just for special occasions when you might get fake nails, but these would be a cheaper, less damaging alternative. I removed the nails by gently peeling them up from the cuticle where they were loosest and peeling them toward the free edge of the nail and off. When I removed the strips, I had a lot of residue left on my nails. That didn’t bother me too much, I figured I’d just use some acetone on a cotton ball to remove it if I needed to. Here’s what they looked like immediately post-removal:

NailDamageFromKissNailDress (2)See all the gross, sticky residue left behind? It peeled off really easily though, I ended up not even needing to use acetone. I just rubbed the pad of my thumb over them and kinda rolled the residue up and off. The problem was that even once I was all cleaned up, I was still left with the following:

Kiss Nail Dress Day 6

See all that white peeling and damage???!!! I was not thrilled. Especially look at my pinky nail! It’s all tore up!! I don’t remember if this photo is before or after I buffed my nails to try to remove some of the white spots but even when I was done they were still there. I ended up buffing them, oiling them really well, leaving them overnight and then applying Essie Feed Me base coat and painting them like usual. The good news is that the damage didn’t leave scraped marks or indents in my nails once they were painted, but as you can see the removal of the strips definitely damaged them.

Final decision- Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Despite the damage, if I wasn’t able to do my own nail art, and I wanted super-special nails for a special occasion, I would still use these once in a blue moon. The damage is much less than artificial nails cause, and when I removed them I would probably drip some cuticle oil in between my nail and the strip as I removed them to try to ease the strips off a little more gently. Would I use these every other week just for fun? No. So I guess these are mostly a no thank you, EXCEPT as an alternative to the much-more-damaging acrylic nails.

Have you had this type of damage to your nails after using press-on nails or strips like this? I would like to try some real nail polish strips next and see how they compare. Obviously those wouldn’t damage my nails because you remove them with remover like regular nail polish, but I’m curious how they look and feel. Let me know what you experience has been in the comments below. Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€

40 thoughts on “Kiss Nail Dress Wear Test and Final Review

  1. The problem that I’ve found with the nail strips is that my nails are larger in width than the supplier strips. When I tried them long ago, the strips did not cover my entire nail bed, I had strips in the middle & nail bed showing on either side, crazy look!

    On a side note, I could just imagine your hair stuck in the strips, or vice versa, the strips stuck to your hair. Funny thought!

    • Oh you don’t like the Mohawk strip look?? It’s all the rage. :p Jk! And yeah it was so annoying when then were getting all caught in my hair, that’s how I knew “ok last day of wear test!!” Haha.

  2. Wow, the damage sucks! ): That’s really disappointing because I always stop to look at them and think that they look so incredible with all of the little rhinestones. I guess I won’t be trying out these then- thanks for the informative review! πŸ™‚

    • At first I was like, ehh these aren’t for me, but then I thought of how long it would take to place all those rhinestones and how well they really did stay stuck down for the first solid 4 days and I really liked them. Then I removed them and well… you know the rest. Haha. It’s not like they’re as bad as acrylics or anything but more damage than I want on my nails, that’s for sure!

  3. I tried the Kiss dress wear last year & they tore up my nails really bad. Since then I have been trying lots of different products to stop the peeling issues. I would not use them ever again, sorry to say. I did like how they looked. I have just recently got the peeling to stop with Nail Tek II and will not risk peeling for the look

    • You’re still having issues w peeling from wearing your strips?? That’s terrible. I felt exactly like you- liked em till I removed em. I don’t see myself wearing them again either. :-/ Thanks for adding to the conversation. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah isn’t it cute w all the rhinestones?? Too bad peeling isn’t cute. And my nails are pretty healthy. I can only imagine what would happen to someone’s nails that are already prone to peeling and stuff. Yikes.

  4. That’s so odd that the adhesive ripped up some of your upper nail plate. Or maybe not; I’m sure they have to achieve a balance between sticking them good and being removable. They prolly erred on the side of good stickin’.

    Poor nails. Do take care of them, eh?

    • Yeah I’m sure you’re right- finding that balance is hard. I definitely appreciated how well they stuck down while I wore them but when I removed them (when they were definitely ready to be removed, might I add) that was just too bad. 😦 Im taking care of them and staying away from any hard to remove polishes until they’re all better. πŸ™‚ Poor nails.

    • I used some Essie Feed Me, but now I’m mostly using regular base coat and just sticking to creme polishes so I don’t damage them any more trying to remove big glitters or anything.

  5. Oh man that sucks it left so much residue and damage :/ I’ve only used the Sally Hansen ones and those are more like actual nail polish rather than stickers. Do they kiss ones have an adhesive on the back of them? My friend used Kiss once before and they looked really awesome cause they were black and multicolored jewels, but I can’t remember if she had damage to her nails after :/ I kinda want to say she did have some issue, but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve been wanting to try one of the Essie one’s that just came out, but they’re even more expensive than the Sally Hansen strips so I’ve held off. I like wearing strips if I’m going away for a week or so and won’t be able to do touch ups and such. I haven’t in a while though…because I’m poor and can’t afford to go away anymore. Maybe if I stopped buying polish…it’s a vicious circle.

    • These are like stickers- they have an adhesive back and you have to peel them up, cuz nail polish remover wouldn’t remove them. Are the Essie ones nail polish strips or stickers? I would think they’d be polish, but when I saw them on another blog they looked like stickers cuz they had little studs and stuff on them. These wouldn’t be a good choice for wearing whe nyou go away for a week because they start peeling up before a week is up and then you’d be left with this nasty damage to contend with. 😦 If you think about it, ask your friend what happened with her Kiss nail strips and let me know. I haven’t heard about too many other people having problems like this, so I’m curious about other people’s experiences.

  6. Wow, that is pretty darn horrible. I don’t think I would ever try these after seeing what they did to your nails–plus, you know I never wear anything for more than a day or two. lol While these are cute, I am definitely not interested in messing up my nails that bad. I hope that maybe it was just a fluke…for the sake of other people.

    • Yeah I don’t know!!! The damage wasn’t anything competent to like acrylics of course but who’d want to use stickers that do this to your nails??? And my nails are healthy!! Can you imagine what these could do to someone’s nails that are already brittle and prone to peeling? Yikes. I’m not going to be wearing these just for fun anytime soon. I still would for a super special occasion though, maybe. Only cuz they’re a better alternative than acrylics. But yeah- suckyyy!!!

  7. Thats a shame, because they are so darn cute. I dont think i could keep the same waign on for almot a week so super kudos to that.. Lol i totally know what u mean whe. It gets caught on your hair, drives me nuts. Thats preciseley when i change my mani every 2to 3 days ehen it starts to peel at end from the shrinkage fromseche originally and pulls, a mo time to come off.. Lol

    • Yeah the getting caught in my hair business was ANNOYING!! Usually I would never wear nails this long but I was trying to see how long they’d last. It was a sacrifice I had to make. πŸ˜‰

  8. I tried dresses from Loreal and did the same thing!
    It made my nails dry, it literally removed a layer of nail I swear because it looked as if I had left my nails in a vat of pure industrial acetone and I only wore mine for an hour. I took it off soon after application due to the bubbles I couldn’t smooth over.

    I DO HAVE dresses to remove with acetone but after that initial experience, I haven’t tried them hey.

    • Yeah it was so disappointing!! I will try the nail polish strips that remove like regular nail polish but I don’t see myself using these again. I can do my own nail art, the more I think about it the more Im just like nahhh I don’t need these. Ever.

  9. I’ve used the Sally Hansen strips, here’s how I removed them: tin-foil method to soak most of them off and then used felt with acetone to get the rest of the residue off. It’s a job but it didn’t hurt my nails. Once time I did peel off the SH ones and wrecked my nails like what happened with these ones for you. I’ve been using Nailtiques Formula 2 underneath all polish for a couple months now. It definitely helped AND my nails are getting stronger than ever! I haven’t tried the Essie ones, but it looks like they are gel-polish and soak off. I would pass on any that required me to peel off since this review now.

    • Oh yes that would work well w the nail polish strips. Unfortunately these aren’t nail polish strips- they’re actually stickers so acetone won’t dissolve them. I would definitely stay away from the non nail polish ones in the future. The more I talk about it the more irritated I am w the damage. :-/ Thanks for the advice tho!

  10. Aw, bummer about the damage! I guess the positive was that it could have been worse and it may be more avoidable if you tried some tricks while removing them (which you won’t, ’cause I think you’re over them, haha).
    I haven’t noticed this type of damage with strips, but, I did notice it once after I got a gel manicure and took it off pretty quickly. I haven’t had much of a problem with other gel manis I’ve done, so I wonder if it had something to do with removing it after relatively short wear time.

    • Yeah the damage was annoying and I wasn’t pleased but it could have been way worse and since my nails were so short it’s not like it ripped off the tips or anything.. thank goodness for that! I am currently wear testing some jamberry strips, and their removal instructions are to heat them up and then soak them in acetone before you work at removing them. The KISS strips just said pull em up! I think these should remove much easier. And I had the hardest time filing off the extra at the tip, but then I read a review and they said to file DOWN, not side to side and it helped a lot. Next time (if there is one) try that and see if it helped you. These were driving me CRAZY until I filed down, cuz the edge was so rough I was like scratching the heck out of myself!!!

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  12. I use the Kiss ones all the time. I have no problems with the application or the length of time they last. When the stickers are on my nails get so long and the decal seems to hold them together more for strength.
    But I have noticed that after I have peeled them off my nails are turning white? My tips are already white but I’m talking about the whole nail.
    I would upload a photo but I don’t see the option.
    I hope it’s not long lasting.

    • Hmm that’s kind of interesting. It makes me think it’s a dryness issue. Maybe use some extra lotion/cuticle oil/cream and see if that helps. I hope it does cuz that doesn’t sound too good! I love the kiss designs, just not the removal, or at least not how they recommended removing them.

  13. Can’t you use a base coat to avoid the damage? Would that affect the adhesive much? I think I’ll try them with nail envy and no chips ahead.

    • That might help. I tried some other strips and used base coat and had better luck w removal but used a whole different process so I’m not sure. For my first go I was just trying to follow the directions word for word… I should have tried that. πŸ™‚

  14. I find it helps to do a clear base coat, let it dry, then apply the stickers. The Polish is clear so it doesn’t affect the design, and the stickers apply easily to the polish, without damaging my nails themselves.

    • Thanks for the tip. I tried that at one point and it didn’t seem to help me, but maybe a different base or thicker or…? will help someone else out. No one wants peely nails! πŸ™‚

  15. Are any of you using a coat of base polish first? I used OPI nail envy as my base with no problems or discolored nail. There was no residue, only the old base coat. I didn’t have any problems with the sticker coming up or loosening to early. I had them on for a week.

  16. I just had this happen to me with Jamberry Nails too. I learned the hard way that you are not supposed to peel the stickers off but rather loosen the edges and soak them in nail polish remover or lemon juice for 30 seconds to disolve the adhesive and prevent from lifting the nail plate. I’m curious to try again once the peeling has healed.

  17. Why didn’t you soak your nail strips off? They are essentially gel and the glue bonds them to your nails the same as a fake nail. Adhesive may be in a more convenient form but the chemistry is the same. You wouldn’t remove your fake nails without damage unless you totally soak them off?

  18. I’ve used Kiss brand many of times. I’m you got a 6 day wear. I use th.wothput a top coat and get only 4 days. I have yet to experience that removal residue from the strips. I do like them a lot because the designs are eye catching and it’s quick to apply. And they are super cheap here. $3 a pack at the Dollar General! Also I am.posting in 2015 so things may be different.

  19. I have used kiss nail glue, along with their fake nails. The glue is extremely weak with fake nails, they peel off almost immediately. Leaving the same disgusting glue marks on my nails, it damages your nails A LOT. They might luckily stay on for 1 day, i might just wake up and another nail is gone, or when i put my pants on for example, pulling them up can make my nail come off as well. I think their brand is really bad.

  20. I am a licensed manicurist and I tried these on myself. I really liked the ease of putting them on and the fact they didn’t chip like nail polish does. I have worn acrylics, gels, silk, fiberglass and regular manicures. I found these appliques do the least amount of damage than all of the other alternatives. My suggestion is to soak your nails in a small bowl of nail oil for about 20 minutes and then slowly and gently peel the appliques from your fingers. ( If you applied a clear coat to the applique you’ll want to remove the clear with non-acetone first). Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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